Monday, November 29, 2010

Morning After

The following morning, we rose up early and went to check up on Fred. He was released and given some medicines to take in order to keep his condition in check. From the hospital, Mike took us to a restaurant to get some breakfast since we all skipped it in the morning.

We took a seat at the balcony and immediately a waiter came and took our orders. Mike ordered a burger with Passion juice, Ann had tea with croissant, Fred took coffee and pancakes and I settled on Passion juice with marble cake.

The waiter brought our orders and we all dived in. After a couple of minutes, Fred asked us what had happened as he could not remember every single detail of the incident. Mike offered to tell the story. Fred was clearly in shock as he could not believe he went through all that. I looked at Fred and I noticed how frail he was looking. He looked tired and worn out.

Ann’s phone rang and she excused herself to go answer it. I got a chance to move close to Fred and asked him how he was feeling.

“I’m okay. Just tired” he replied.

“I’m really sorry about yesterday. Thank God you were not really drunk.”

“Yes. The doctors told me it could have been worse.”

Just then, Ann came back to the table.

“I got the job!” she screamed.

“What job?” Mike asked.

“The PR firm that I was telling you guys. I got the job.”

I now remembered! She was expecting a call today from the company regarding the interview she had done yesterday.

“Congratulations.” I said hugging her small frame. “This is good news.”

“We have been waiting for a job for a long time and God has answered our prayer.” Ann said.

“You are lucky.” I said sitting down. My prayer request had not been answered yet.

Mike and Fred rose and hugged Ann.

“So when do you start?” Mike asked.

“I have been asked to start next week on Monday. I have to be at the office by 8 o’clock.” Ann replied.

“Wow, all the best girl.” Fred added.

“Thank you Fred.” Ann noted.

After breakfast, we took Fred home to get some rest while Ann and I decided to go do some shopping on clothes she would be wearing at work. Mike dropped us in town and took the car back to his parents.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Follow Up

After an hour or so, Mike and Ann joined me at the hospital. They came panting through the door shouting my name. A nurse quickly shut them down reminding them that they were in a hospital. She then directed them to where I was seated and they came and sat next to me.

“How are you doing?” Mike asked.

“I’m okay. I’m just concerned about Fred. I haven’t heard anything yet from the doctors.” I replied.

“Kate, everything will be alright.” Ann said wrapping herself around me.

“I hope so. I just want to know what really happened and the stupid doctors are taking forever.” I replied.

“They will be here shortly. Don’t pressure yourself up.” Mike said.

We sat in silence for a few minutes looking at each other with nothing to say. I quickly remembered we were at a party and inquired what had happened after the incident. As expected, the guest had left the party to their homes after the incident. Mike had to take some of them home since it was at the wee hours of the night then proceeded to the hospital with Ann. His cousin had opted to remain at home as he has still high on booze.

One of the doctors attending Fred came into the room. He proceeded to let us know that Fred had Type 2 Diabetes and had fainted because of low insulin in his blood. Apparently Fred was not aware of the condition and had indulged in beer at the party without making sure he had eaten properly. He had stopped bleeding on his head when he injured himself when he fainted. He had been administered with painkillers and a jab of insulin to help him recover. He had to stay overnight for further checkup.

The doctor declined our request to see him so we had to head home and come back in the morning.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Accident

The party was great and I had a good time bonding with Fred. He was really fun to talk to and sure was a great dancer.

It was almost around two in the morning when I decided to go hit the sack. Most of the guest had already left and we were remaining only a few of us. I asked Ann if she was coming home but she decided to spend the night with Mike. So I went back and told Fred I was leaving. He offered to call me a taxi and ensure that I reached home safely.

I decided to go to the washrooms to check myself out while we were waiting for the taxi. I was just applying some lip gloss when I was interrupted by a call. It was Ann.

“Where the hell are you?” Ann inquired.

“What’s up?”

“I think you better hurry up and come back to the front yard.” Ann snapped and hung the phone.

I didn’t even finish with the lip gloss as I just picked up my clutch bag and ran out. My heart nearly sank as I found people milling over at the front yard near where I had left Ann and Mike. I forced my way to the front and saw Fred lying on the floor and Mike and his cousin were kneeling besides him.

“What happened?” I asked surprised.

“He just fell.” Mike replied not looking directly into my eyes.

“He just fell? I left him with you guys and he was doing okay!” I snapped.

“He fell and hit his head. I thought it would be better if I call for an ambulance. It is on its way.” Mike said.

I just couldn’t understand this. I spend the better part of the evening with this guy and he seemed fine. Then all of a sudden he falls? This is not right. He wasn’t drinking as much as I was so he couldn’t be drunk. Ann was shocked from all of this and remained silent. I looked up at the crowd which had gathered hoping someone could give us some assistance. Most of them had bloodshot eyes which made me change about asking for help. The funny thing is I didn't know most of them despite having spent the better part of the evening.

I heard the ambulance siren from a distance and told Mike to go open the gate. In a few minutes, Fred was in the ambulance and I tagged along.

“We will be behind you guys.” Mike chipped as the ambulance started to move.

The Party

I had no idea how time is running out.

It was almost eight and we girls were still wondering what we would wear for the party. The thing is, Mike had not told us where the party was being held at or what the occasion was for. It was proving a little hard for us to dress for the occasion. I settled on skinny jeans and a purple sequined top. Ann was still deciding between two dresses she had picked earlier.

“I really like the black one.” I said to Ann when I noticed her staring blankly at the clothes.

“I like it also but don’t you think it is a bit short?” She asked.

“No. The Purple one is a little long. It will make you look like you are out of place.” I said.


Just then Ann’s phone rang. It was Mike. He was downstairs waiting for us to come out. I bet he was getting irritated we were taking a lot of time getting ready. He had arrived fifteen minutes ago to pick us up.

“Kate, lets go before Mike changes his mind.” Ann said picking her clutch bag and headed for the door. I followed and we met Mike downstairs.

After a few minutes, we arrived at Mike’s place to find people squeezing to enter the main gate. The front yard had been transformed into a dancing stage. The music was really welcoming with the speakers placed strategically at the edges of the compound. Drinks were being passed around by some skimpy dressed girls who kept their smiles in check.

“Ann, are you sure we are in the right party? This looks too good to be true.” I asked excitedly.

Ann started giggling and headed for the drinks leaving me still dumb folded. Mike came and took me to get some drinks. He explained the party was being hosted by one of his cousins who had just jetted in from abroad. His cousin had left the country eleven years ago and it was his first time back home.

“This is cool.” I said after being handed a cocktail.

“Yes. He wanted the best and we did it for him. Hope you will enjoy yourself.” He replied.

I thanked him and headed the direction Ann went. I found her dancing on one of the dancing areas that had been set up and joined her. I was doing my best moves when I heard someone excusing himself.

“I can see you guys made it?”

 It was Fred. I had been really anxious to meet him but the sight of him just made me go speechless. He gave us a hug and smiled.

“Yes. We couldn’t miss it. How have you been?” I said.

“Good I guess” Fred replied.

“Care to join us?” Ann asked smiling.

Fred laughed. “Definitely. Ill just grab a drink and join you guys. Give me a minute.”

As Fred was leaving, I couldn’t help smile. He really looked nice. I hoped we could spend some time together tonight. Just then Mike came and grabbed Ann from behind. She smiled and they started dancing to the music.

Damn, Ann and Mike can surely make one jealous.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Developments

I was just settling in the couch when I heard some noises outside. Ann was back.
She came in, gave me a weird look, threw her bag on the couch, and headed to the toilet. After a while, she came back and sat next to me.

“So how did it go?” I asked.

“Well I guess. I’m waiting for a phone call tomorrow from the company.” She said not taking her eyes off the screen. “What’s up with the dressing, Kate?”

I was still in my pajamas despite the fact that it was almost noon.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“What is wrong with it is that you are still in your pajama’s six hours after you woke up.” She asked concerned.

“It is not like am going somewhere Ann. I have been in the house since you left.” I said.

“Okay. So what you watching?” she mused.

“Nothing new. I was watching the last season of The Hills.”

“Kate, how many times do you have to repeat the series? Go and wash up. We need to buy some food. I’m starving!

“Can’t you go buy and come with it?” I said sheepishly


“Okay, can we just buy fries? I don’t feel like cooking.” I suggested.

“Fries it is. But you better hurry up or ill leave without you.”

“Give me five minutes and we will be on our way.” I said dashing to the bathroom.
We headed down to the fast food joint and ordered. Ann wasn’t in a really good mood. She told me that the interview didn’t go as she expected and was not optimistic that she will get the job. The interview was done in front of a four panel of crew who grilled her for an hour. She will have to wait till tomorrow to know if she has qualified or not.

We have been searching for jobs each day and it was getting tiring. Despite sharing the house and the shopping expenses, money was really becoming extinct and it wasn’t funny. This is not the life I wanted. I had seen myself climb the corporate ladder to a senior PR in the country. I had the paper, the confidence and needed just the basic experience which is also proving difficult.

Just then, Ann’s phone rang.

I decided to check my phone also as it was unusually silent today. I got one message. Damn, it is from the service provider. This is the only thing am getting this days. It is becoming too frequent nowadays.

Ann finished her call and beaming with delight.

“What’s up” I asked.

“It was Mike. He wants us to go to a party with him. Fred will be there too.” Ann said smiling.

Mike was Ann’s boyfriend. They met during our last year of campus but only started dating four months ago. Fred was Mike’s friend. I have been having a crash on him for the longest time but he was in a relationship.

“I won’t go.” I said.

“Why? I can’t go alone? You have been invited and you have to show up.” Ann demanded.

“But Mike is going to be there with you. I will be all alone drinking myself silly.” I admitted.

“Fred is going to be there. You will get to catch up with him. His girlfriend is out of town so he will be all yours!” She said.

“Okay. Where and when is the party” I asked.

“We have to be there at 8pm tonight.”

“Oh.” I signed.

“Yes. You better start thinking on what you going to wear.” Ann responded.

I continued with my food thinking how the night was going to be with Fred. We had met a couple of times though we didn’t get a chance to talk much. He seemed very talkative and outgoing. I didn’t know him very well other than he had been roommates with Mike in college and was a part time model with a local agency. I had always wanted to meet with him other than the usual ‘hallo’ when we met but this is already making me anxious.

What was I going to wear?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Wake Up Call

Gosh, the sound of my roommate alarm clock is driving me nuts. Its 6.30 in the morning and the stupid thing is ringing continuously while Ann is still in sleeping in her bed.

My roommate Ann has an interview today with a local PR firm in town at 9a.m this morning. If she does not wake up now, she will be late. Living in the outskirts of the city, one has to beat all odds to make it on time.

 I met Ann while starting out in college over three years ago in the hostels. She was a slender, 5’6, had long hair and was bubbly. At first I mistook her for a senior as she showed me my room in the hostels. Soon after, I found out we were indeed roommates and taking the same course. I had found her annoying at first because of her care free attitude. Despite this, she was a really caring girl. She always changed the negative aspects in life into positives. This made her unique.

“Hey Ann, wake up!” I called.


“Ann!” I repeated.

“What?” Ann said turning and covering her head with the duvet.

“You are going to be late for the interview. You better hurry up as it is raining and you are bound to get stuck in the traffic.”

She woke up quickly as if she was being chased and headed to the bathroom. Five minutes later she was back already dressed.  I think this is the second time I have ever seen her in a rush to get dressed like that. The first was when her parents decided to come and pay her a visit and didn’t inform her. Ann took less than a second to change from a midriff top and shorts to a long gipsy skirt and a t-shirt.

She sat in front of the mirror and checked her face out. She combed her hair, applied lip balm then proceeded to pick her documents and arranged them in a folder.

Life has been hard for us ever since we graduated in May. Ann and I were so confident on landing a lucrative job after finishing up on our studies but so far we have been met with rejections only. After applying for jobs to different organizations without a single feedback, it slowly drowned to us that life was not that easy.

“Now where are my shoes?” She asked looking at me suspiciously.

“I don’t know!”

“You don’t know and you were the one wearing them yesterday?”

“I returned them to you. Check in your closet or something!” I said firmly.

“I can’t see them!”

I was getting irritated. I dragged myself and started checking under her bed.

“You blind fool. The shoes were under the bed!” I said pissed off. The stupid alarm had woken me up and now I was being dragged to search for her items.

“Thanks Kate.” Ann said trying not to smile.

“It’s okay. Now you have to leave. You are going to be late.” I said.

Ann took her bag and an umbrella, gave me a hug and left. I stood by the door watching her go down the stairs. It was drizzling outside and could see people trying to cover up. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. I know how much she hates the rain and especially today when she has an interview. I really hope this day turns out to be good for her.