Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Boy or a Girl?


I am standing infront of the dressing mirror touching my enlarged belly naked. Fred has already felt for work on this chilly Tuesday morning and I am all alone in the house. I wake up very early this days. I only sleep for about three or four hours a night before I am up again.

I touch my belly again. I'm thirty weeks along now. It has been a journey guys! A long one. This baby is a real kicker. Every morning and evening she moves around and kicks. At first, I was so happy to feel its movements but lately it has been too much. It has become a bit painful especially when I wake up in the morning. Is it because its hungry?

I sleep on the side these days. With the tummy as big as a watermelon, you can imagine how difficult it is to sleep on my back. The doctors had asked me to sleep on the left side since I was twenty weeks but it's still difficult. I had also developed the notorious black line down the stomach. It cut the tummy in two halves. I am not a big fan of it but hopefully it will disappear with time.

I get tired a lot too. I have been taking a break from work and only work on important matters at the comfort of my home, but I still get tired. I am also a bit clumsy too. For far, I have broken three water glasses and a glass vase. I cannot tell you how I break them. Mostly I knock myself on the tables when walking around the house.

My cravings have stopped. Man, those things are tricky. I remember most nights waking up at three o'clock and going to the kitchen to help myself with snacks. One day, in my usual ways at around 4.15am, I found the lemon chilli favour crisps over. I cried and went to wake Fred up for him to go buy. The look that he gave me was so bad! I was so thankful to the twenty four hour stores that had them stocked.

My cousin, Trisha, came by the house in the afternoon and kept touching my face. She had the nerve!

"Why are you so much interested with my face?" I asked a bit annoyed.

"You are really glowing!" She replied still looking at my face.

"I am?" I asked.

"Yes. I had always heard about people glowing but never seen it. I am now experiencing the fascination. You are so smooth and bright and....."



"Don't  be silly."

"It's true. You are glowing. You must be carrying a girl in there."

I laughed. "Now where did you get the idea?"

"I have read from couple of magazines. This glow you have must be for a girl. I am hoping for the same. Do you know the sex of the baby?"

I shook my head.


"Because I want it to be a surprise."

"Yea right. You gonna get a girl." Trisha said confidently.

What do you guys think? Is it a boy or a girl?

Friday, January 16, 2015


I left the hospital two weeks later. I had fully recovered but I was so scared for the baby. Fred had organized to come pick me up and was met with familiar faces waiting for me in my house; Mike and Ann.

Ann had taken time to clean up the house and even prepare a meal for us all. We talked for a bit then food was served by Mike. It was lovely. I noticed that Fred kept glancing on me every five minutes. He was so worried about me. I nodded to him when we caught a glance of each other and he nodded back. He understood.

We had fun that day. Mike and Ann even spent the night over. It was like a mini reunion. There was drinks and lots of food for us. Although I did not dance as the others, I enjoyed every bit of it. The fruit cocktails that Ann had prepared were really sweet! I drank couple of glasses.

Mike and Ann slept on the other bedroom while Fred and I went to ours. Fred was so scared for me that he held on tightly to my body the whole night. I was happy he did it. I felt safe.

The next day, my mother alongside my mother in law came to visit me. They were holding each other hands like two little children. Although they didn't talk about my issue directly, they gave me advice on what to do to be able to maintain a healthy pregnancy to the end. They assured me that I should call any of them incase I need help.

Fred's mum, God bless her, she had done shopping for me to last me several months. I was really surprised at her gesture that I couldn't hold my tears back. This woman has been a blessing to my life ever since I met her.

The festivities came and the city was beautiful with all the Christmas lights. Although I could not get out more as I used to, I enjoyed the trips I out at night with Fred. He took me to various place to admire the lights. He even got me a Christmas present. It was a matching set of dresses for me and the baby. I was a bit surprised at his selection and upon asking him, he said that he was hoping that the baby would be a girl!