Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Am I....?

“Baby, do you think am fat?” I posed this question to Fred when I returned home that day. His parents had already left the house to their place.

He looked at me and continued watching football on the television.

“Fred, I am talking to you.” I said.

“Catherine, I am not answering that question.”


“You women don’t always want to know the real answer.”

“What? And what do you mean with ‘you women’?” I asked getting a little bit mad.

“The question is always a trick question. I am not answering that.”

“Fred, please. Just tell me.” I told him touching his shoulder.

“Okay.” Fred said. “It’s true. You have gained weight a bit.”

My stomach sunk in. It was not what I was waiting to hear.

“Where in particular?”

“You have started getting some love handles. Your ass on the other hand…”

“Okay, okay. You have made your point.” I said trying to shut him off.

“You look good dear, don’t let it worry you so much.” He assured me.

“Thank you.” I said. “Let me organize something for dinner.”

I walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was some fish fillet in the freezer. I took them up and placed them in the sink under running water. I then walked to the bedroom. The ceiling to floor mirror caught my attention. I moved closer to it and removed all my clothes. Standing there naked was a bit scary. I was looking at myself in a whole new way. I looked at my mid section and noticed what Ann and Fred had initially seen. I was bigger. No wonder my outfits to work were always a bit tight.

I turned around and looked at my behind and let out a loud laugh. It’s big. How comes I have never noticed this before? I look like I have undergone some kind of butt injections. But there was something else going on. I was glowing. I stood on my side so that I could see the side view of myself. My tummy was big, yes, but it was kind protruding in front. Could I be…..?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I'm Fat

After the lunch with my in-laws and husband, I called Ann and confirmed to her that I would be joining her we go swimming. She had already started her journey towards the swimming pool venue. I packed my stuff quickly then met her at the swimming pool.

The pool was big, much to my expectations. It was big; the same size as an Olympic size pool. The blue color of the water was so inviting. There were few people swimming already under the clear sunny skies. We went to the changing rooms and quickly changed to our costumes.

I did two laps before my upper arms started to ache. I think it was because it was a while since I did any kind of exercises. I lifted myself out of the water and went to lie down on the sun bed that had been arranged on both sides of the pool. I was shivering a bit. The sun was hot and soon after I started feeling the heat all over my body.

Ann was still swimming. Back in high school, she participated in swimming and had several times won medals for representing her school in regional competitions. Although she had taken some time out from competitions, she still loved swimming once in a while. Right now, she was doing the butterfly strokes in the water. She looked so happy.  

My skin was getting a bit dry so I got my sun screen from my bag and started applying myself. Soon after, Ann came and sat next to me on the adjoining sun bed. She was dripping wet.

“That was nice!” she exclaimed.

“Yes it was…and the weather is beautiful.” I added.

“By the way I can see you are really starting to add weight.” Ann said.

“Huh?” I asked surprised.
“Yes you are. Haven’t you noticed? Your tummy is getting a bit bigger.”

I looked down on my stomach and noticed the two folds of meat on the sides. I didn't like it. I had actually never noticed them. I looked at the rest of my body but the stomach stood out from the rest.

“Oh my God. I’m fat.” I screamed.

“No you are not!” Ann assured me.

“I can’t believe this. When did it happen? I have never noticed the bulging stomach.”

“Don’t worry, it will go away soon. You really loved going for walks. You should start doing it. Walking will do the trick.” Ann said smiling.