Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sam Between Us

Ever since we had the argument, Fred and I had been on the opposite sides of the world. He has never looked at me in the face directly ever since we had the argument. I didn’t care. It served him right knocking me on the wall. Although I cooked, cleaned and did everything as I was used to, talking to each other seemed like the hardest hurdle to do.

A week after our stupid argument, I came home late one night and found Fred standing on the balcony. He was in darkness except for the dim security lights that lit the compound. I didn’t say a word. I passed him and went to open the door when I heard him call my name.

“Kate.” He said softly.

I didn’t reply. I stood there looking at him.

“We have to end this. It has been going on for so long.”

I didn’t say a word.

“I’m sorry Kate about the whole incident. I was angry that you kept on contact with Sam.” He started.

“Fred, I told you that I have not spoken to him in a while. He was the one who was calling me and I didn’t pick the damn phone!” I said almost shouting. I was angry that he was still thinking that I was in contact with Sam.

“Sorry, and forgive me about slamming you on the wall.”

“I am so disappointed with you Fred. I never once thought that you would be that insecure about me. I would never cheat on you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I thought you assured me that you would keep your anger at a minimum. How dare you knock me over like that? I would have never imagined you doing something like that.” I said and walked into the house.

He followed me quickly into the house and held my hand. I was taken by surprised and pulled my hand away from him thinking that he would knock me over again. I turned back and looked at him. He also seemed surprised by my move.

“I said sorry Kate. Please let’s continue at where we left off.”

“And where was that?”

“You know, being happy once again. No more issues between us. I promise I would never do that again.”

I looked at him deep in the eyes and relaxed. I didn’t have an option.

“It’s okay.” I said.

Fred lifted up his left hand and touched my right cheek. He moved my face to make sure I was looking at him before he kissed me on the forehead.

“Thank you.” He said.