Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home

The following week flew past quickly. My workmate and head of HR reported to duty on Tuesday after the death and burial of her husband. Although she didn’t talk much, she seemed to be holding up well despite the circumstances. Since I had helped in on some of her work while she was away, she didn’t have much to do except overseeing of daily activities in the office.

Meanwhile, Ann and Mike kept on discussing their issues and it really worked well. Fred and I suggested we move in together while Ann and Mike stay back into our apartment. With this plan, each of us was assured of spending more time with the significant other. So on Thursday night, I moved my stuff over to Fred’s while Mike shifted back to my house. It wasn’t easy letting go of the first apartment I lived since joining college but sometimes letting go is the right decision. Ann and I both cried a little up when we said goodbyes, not because we would not see each other again, but because of the achievements we had seen each other go through.

The trip to my parents place was still on. I had communicated with them throughout the week on the arrangements and they were so excited. Fred and I planned to travel on Friday evening since it wasn’t that far then be back by Sunday afternoon. My mum was so glad he could get a chance to meet up with Fred since she had heard much about him.

When the clock struck 5 o’clock on Friday evening, Fred and I rushed from the office and got into the car that we had hired. Since we had earlier packed our clothes in one bag, we had put it in the back seat so all we had to do was just drive off.  The trip was without much drama except when the car broke down on the highway because of gas. Luckily for us, a gas station was nearby so Fred ran over with a five liter container and bought some fuel. The rest of the trip went well without any hitches.

We arrived home around seven thirty and packed the car under the shade before allowing ourselves into the house. The front door was not locked which was so unusual for them. No one was in the living room although the television set was on. We heard some noises in the kitchen so we went in. My dad and mum were around the cooker stirring up some stew. They didn’t seem to even notice that we were in the house.

“Mmmhh,  Mmmhh.” Fred loudly cleared his voice.

 Dad and mum quickly turned around surprised but they put a smile when they saw us.

“When did you children get here?” My dad asked while giving us a hug.

“We just got in.” I replied.

“Welcome home you two.” My mum said while directing us to some seats on the dining table. “You are just in time for dinner.”

“Thank you.” Both Fred and I chorused.

After a delicious home cooked meal, my mum went and started showing Fred some of the pictures of when we were younger. Although embarrassing, I didn’t object and chose to talk to dad.

“Where are the others?” I asked. “I thought we were going to find a full house.”

“That was the plan but your siblings promised to get here tomorrow morning. They had some matters they had to solve before coming.”

“Okay, fair enough. So how have you been?” I asked.

“I have been doing okay. I’m taking my medications as the doctor ordered and your mum has been a great deal of help.” 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


The trip back home was short but was really happy to get back the ring. It really meant a lot for me and it would have been sad if it went the other way.

I was walking towards the bedroom when I bumped into Ann. She was on the phone laughing out loudly and she seemed really excited. I walked past her and went to make my bed.  After two minutes, Ann came by and jumped into my bed. Apparently, she had been talking to Mike and he had agreed to support her in the pregnancy.  Thank God! This issue was really taking a toll on her despite her best effort to maintain a strong face.

“I’m going to see him.” She said.

“Right now?” I asked.

“Yea…we have a lot to talk about. I think the sooner we do that, the better for us.”

“True. I’m glad you guys are going to do this together.”

“Me too.” She replied. “I really hope we get married one day!”

“You will dear, just be patient with him. I also can’t wait for you guys to get hitched.”

After she left, I started flipping over a magazine while waiting for Fred. He had called early in the morning and asked if he would come over. Since I was going to be alone with him, I was planning to take advantage of this opportunity. Ever since we got engaged, our sex sessions have been on a downwards spiral. I missed making love to him. With the rise in work issues and wedding preparations, we have not been spending time together as we would like. The trip we made to see his parents and the oncoming visit to see my parents made things more complicated. I also planned to try and talk to him about us spending more time together.

Fred showed up a few minutes later. He was dressed in denim shorts, black leather sandals and a white tee. It seemed he had also taken time to shave his beard which gave him a clean look. After a hug and a kiss, I welcomed him to the house while I went to the kitchen to serve him some juice. I was just about to turn around to go back to him when I felt his body behind me. He tried kissing my neck from the back. Taking the cue, I turned around and faced him. We started kissing as he gently fondled with my breasts. Suddenly, he lifted me up and placed me up on the kitchen table. The glass of juice that I had just prepared was knocked over and spilled to the floor. We giggled and decided to continue the rest in the bedroom. It seemed like we were both hungry for sex as the intensity we had in it was so strong. We were both grasping for air when we were done. I looked at Fred and smiled. I slowly lifted my head and placed it over his chest.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Search

I didn’t really sleep well that night. I could not help but think about the missing ring and how Fred would react to the news. Thank God today was a Sunday. I didn’t have to stress myself by going to work. Lying in bed while listening to music, I tried to figure out where I could have lost it. We had gone to the park yesterday, so it might have slipped while we were having the picnic.

I ran over to Ann’s room and woke her up. Still sleepy, she readily accepted when I asked her if she could take me to the park and look for the ring. We prepared ourselves before calling a cab to take us to the park. I got a call from Fred while we were still waiting for the cab and I was so tense that my hands were shaking. He asked if he would come over later on.  I didn’t want him to know something was wrong so I told him it was okay.

“Kate, the cab is here.” Ann said while shaking me. My mind had drifted off.

I nodded. “Let’s go.”

The taxi took us to the park in record time as the roads were almost empty. We alighted and quickly ran to the spot we were seated.  I could only see two guys jogging away. Searching through the grass and twigs was not easy.  I got frustrated when after almost thirty minutes, we didn’t find anything. Ann started walking around the tree and the direction where we had come from. I got up and started to walk towards the pond. Fred and I had taken time to talk while walking around it so I assumed maybe it had fallen near it. Walking slowly while checking the ground, I went around it. Ann was still checking on the other side so I decided to check again at the edges of the pond. My heart was beating so fast with every step I took. I wished it would just appear miraculously.

The sun was getting hot so we went to a stand located in the middle of the park and took some lemonade. Ann and I started talking regarding the search when we were interrupted by the guy who was selling the drinks.

“Excuse me.” He started.

“Yes?” Ann asked. I kept quiet.

“I couldn’t help but hear what you ladies were talking about. Did you lose something?” he asked.

“A ring. We lost it yesterday evening.” Ann replied.

“What kind of a ring?”

“It is an engagement ring. Have you seen it?” I asked.

“I found a ring yesterday while closing up. It was near the huge tree. I wasn’t sure what to do with it so I 
kept it until I found the owner.”

I quickly rose up. “May I see it?”

“Sure.” He replied. He dashed back to the stand and came out with a ring on his hands.

“OMG! It is the one!” I shouted.

Ann leaned over and took a look at it well. “Thank you sir.”

“Glad I could help you out.” He said with a smile.


I have never experienced such a long journey as this. On our way back home, both Ann and Mike were not talking to each other. Fred and I found ourselves in awkward positions that we also chose to remain silent. They dropped us girls at our apartment before zooming off to return the car.

“How did it go?” I asked Ann when we finally entered the house.

“Bad.” She replied. “He was so shocked that he didn’t even say anything.”

“I’m sorry but I think he will come to his senses and want to talk to you about it.”

“I really hope he does. He is really making me nervous and I don’t think it will be good for the baby.” She said.

“Does that mean you are considering on keeping it?” I asked.

“Yes. I think I will manage to support it even if he will not want to help.” She replied while stroking her tummy.

“I’m also here for you dear, every step of the way.” I said.                                            

“Thank you.” Ann said with a smile on her face. “By the way, are you and Fred good?”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Are you sure?” She asked. “I have noticed that you don’t have your engagement ring on.”


Sure enough, I looked down my left hand and I didn’t have the ring! I almost had a heart attack. I stood up quickly from the couch and started removing the cushions but it wasn’t there.

“Kate, did you lose it?” Ann asked with a confused look on her face.

“I don’t know. I had it all day today. Please help me look for it.”

Together, we started by looking on the floors but it wasn’t there. Since we didn’t go to the other rooms since we came, we decided to check on the balcony, the stairs then the gate. Nothing! The ring had disappeared! I was almost in tears now. How could I explain the disappearance especially to Fred? I wanted it back so bad.

“Don’t cry.” Ann tried to assure me. “I believe that it will be found sooner or later.”

I didn’t know what to add to what she said. I only realized that I had been standing sobbing for the last few minutes. I didn’t know what to do. I just went back to the house.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Preparing for the picnic wasn’t that easy as the idea. While Ann and I were busy preparing some stuff to carry for the picnic, the guys did nothing. They came over and lounged on the seat and watched telly. Despite our protest of them contributing, they kept on assuring us they will buy more stuff by the supermarket to take with us.

After about two hours, we were done and ready to head out. They had rented a car as the park was thirty minutes away and neither of us would be willing to walk all the way to the venue.  True to their word, Fred and Mike made sure we stopped at the supermarket where they bought some drinks and snacks. With Mike as the driver, we zoomed off with the music loud.

We found a cool stop under a huge tree with branches spread out like a canopy. Just meters away, there was a pool with a few ducks swimming on the water.  As Mike carried the items from the car, Ann spread out the picnic cloth that we had carried and I helped out by placing out the drinks. Fred on the other hand had walked of and started talking to some kids who were playing nearby.

I grabbed a soda and sat down while watching the view. It was lovely. It was long since I had done something like this. I remember my mother dragging us out while we were young to the parks and each weekend and letting us enjoy the weather while play with other kids. Summer was the favorite among us as it made us enjoy more time with friends.

“Kate, please pass me the fruit salad?” Ann asked while patting me on the shoulder.

I passed the bowl and she indulged in it like she was starving. Fred joined us and also took a little bite of fruits before having a beer. Mike went straight to the pancakes that we had prepared with some fruit juice.

“Guys, why don’t we do this often?” Mike asked with his mouth full.

“I agree. It’s cool.” Fred added.

I nodded.

“I agree.” Ann also added. She had finished up the fruits.

After having had a fill of the food, Fred and I walked over to the pool to watch the ducks. I wanted Ann to get the chance to talk to Mike regarding the pregnancy. I knew it would not be easy but she had to just to do it. Fred had no idea of what was happening so I kept him busy with our walk. This gave us a chance to talk over the visit to my parents which was going to happen this coming weekend. We had to inform them of the coming wedding preparations and at least get their blessings. Our visit to Fred’s home over the holiday had gone on well and the parents were so happy. They requested us to inform them as soon as we have a date set up for the ceremony.

The sun was really getting hot so we headed back to the picnic spot only to find Ann and Mike seated in awkward positions. Neither of them seemed in the same mood as we left them. I guessed the conversation didn’t go well as expected.