Sunday, June 3, 2012


Preparing for the picnic wasn’t that easy as the idea. While Ann and I were busy preparing some stuff to carry for the picnic, the guys did nothing. They came over and lounged on the seat and watched telly. Despite our protest of them contributing, they kept on assuring us they will buy more stuff by the supermarket to take with us.

After about two hours, we were done and ready to head out. They had rented a car as the park was thirty minutes away and neither of us would be willing to walk all the way to the venue.  True to their word, Fred and Mike made sure we stopped at the supermarket where they bought some drinks and snacks. With Mike as the driver, we zoomed off with the music loud.

We found a cool stop under a huge tree with branches spread out like a canopy. Just meters away, there was a pool with a few ducks swimming on the water.  As Mike carried the items from the car, Ann spread out the picnic cloth that we had carried and I helped out by placing out the drinks. Fred on the other hand had walked of and started talking to some kids who were playing nearby.

I grabbed a soda and sat down while watching the view. It was lovely. It was long since I had done something like this. I remember my mother dragging us out while we were young to the parks and each weekend and letting us enjoy the weather while play with other kids. Summer was the favorite among us as it made us enjoy more time with friends.

“Kate, please pass me the fruit salad?” Ann asked while patting me on the shoulder.

I passed the bowl and she indulged in it like she was starving. Fred joined us and also took a little bite of fruits before having a beer. Mike went straight to the pancakes that we had prepared with some fruit juice.

“Guys, why don’t we do this often?” Mike asked with his mouth full.

“I agree. It’s cool.” Fred added.

I nodded.

“I agree.” Ann also added. She had finished up the fruits.

After having had a fill of the food, Fred and I walked over to the pool to watch the ducks. I wanted Ann to get the chance to talk to Mike regarding the pregnancy. I knew it would not be easy but she had to just to do it. Fred had no idea of what was happening so I kept him busy with our walk. This gave us a chance to talk over the visit to my parents which was going to happen this coming weekend. We had to inform them of the coming wedding preparations and at least get their blessings. Our visit to Fred’s home over the holiday had gone on well and the parents were so happy. They requested us to inform them as soon as we have a date set up for the ceremony.

The sun was really getting hot so we headed back to the picnic spot only to find Ann and Mike seated in awkward positions. Neither of them seemed in the same mood as we left them. I guessed the conversation didn’t go well as expected.

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