Thursday, September 25, 2014


Four weeks later, I went to the clinic as I was asked by the doctor. This time around, he did a scan. I wasn't ready to know its gender yet so I told him not to give me the possibilities. He checked my weight and told me I was doing well.

By now at sixteen weeks, I was already showing. The baby had not yet started kicking but I could feel his movements in the belly. My breast, to Fred's delight, were huge! I had to go buy new bra set as the earlier ones could not fit anymore. The sudden breast size gave me a cleavage that I always wanted. I also got myself new maternity dresses. I was not comfortable at all with my other normal clothes. They would fit a bit too tight at my waist line. I went through some online stores and had some tops delivered to me. They were so cute!

I had a hard time concentrating at work. I was so sleepy and just lazy. Moving from one point to the other was a task. Thankful for my colleagues at work who tried to make things a bit easier for me. My boss too, Mrs. Wright, also avoided me to give me deadlines. Clearly, I could not manage to keep them.

I invested in some maternity magazines and books to keep myself a little updated on what goes on during pregnancy. Ann was there for me too alongside my sweet mother and my mother-in-law. Fred's mum made a point of visiting us every Sunday since Fred gave her the good news. She always came with some fresh fruits from her farm, and ready fruit juice.

The bad news from the office came at a rather unexpected time. The retrenchment happened. They were laying off six of us. I knew about this because I overheard Mrs. Wright talking to some directors in her office. The meeting was scheduled on a Friday evening before we left the office.
We all got some memo about the scheduled meeting. I looked at Fred at the other side of the office and I could see the fear in his eyes. This would be a major setback to all of us.

The C.E.O started the meeting. She thanked all of us on our hard work in the office. She then continued saying that the inevitable had happened and the layoff would not have been prevented. The Director said very little when he stood up. He passed on some small enveloped to each of us. We were to pick the ones that were written our names on. He assured us that the company would ensure we get a good send off package and a recommendation letter.

My hands trembled when I received mine. I raised my head to peep at Fred but he was busy staring down to his envelope. I could not tell what was written on his. So I slowly opened mine. There was a white letter addressed to me. Just a few words. I looked at the content of the letter and saw that I was not yet given the kick. Thank God!

I looked at Fred again. He looked at me and shook his head.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Home Front"

"Have you told your mother yet?" Ann asked.

"I haven't. You are the first person I have told. I'll have to tell her soon." I replied.

"She will be pretty excited."

"Yea I know. She has been asking for a grandson for sometime right now." I added. "Her family is growing so big."

"Yes it is."

We left Jay's restaurant after a few minutes. Ann went back to work while I went directly home. I had taken the day off from work so as to be able to go the the doctor in the morning. I was feeling sleepy. I had to take a nap. As I drove off, I made a mental note to call my mother later to tell her the good news.

I am not sure how long I slept but I was awaken up by Fred. He was home. I picked up my phone then looked at the time. It was six thirty! I dragged myself from the bed and went to the kitchen. Fred was making a salad. I gave him a hug, kissed him on the lips before opening the fridge to figure out what I would cook for dinner. I removed some minced meat from the freezer and decided on pasta to go alongside with it.

"Are you okay?" Fred asked over my shoulder.

"Yes I am. Why?"

"You look a bit pale."

"I'm good. I want to prepare dinner. I am hungry."

"Can I help?" he asked.

"Yes please."

I moved to the kitchen sink to wash some onions. Fred took the meat and defrost it with the microwave. He then took the onion from my hand and finely chopped it before starting to cook the meat.

"Dad and mom were really happy with the news." He started.

"Which news?" I asked.

"That we are expecting."

"You already told them?" I asked a bit shocked.

"Yes I did. I could not wait."

"Oh, that's nice." I replied not so sure.

"My mother said she will be coming to visit us soon." Fred added.

This was one of the things I was avoiding. Fred's parents are really so caring that sometimes it can become a bit too much. His mother would offer to take care of us now that she was going to get the grandkid. Its good but I wanted us to build our home without the In-laws contribution.

"Did she set a date yet?" I asked.

"No, not yet. She will call me tomorrow to confirm."

We continued to prepare the food in silence. Fred served it for both of us and we had it infront of the TV watching the evening news. The news was a bit depressing! War in Syria, recent shooting of young teenagers in the state and politics.

"You know baby, the company is going to make some major changes in a few days." I started.

"How?" He asked.

"The management is thinking of cutting some resources. They might lay off a few people soon." I replied. "It may happen sooner or later."

"Oh my God. Are we safe?" He asked.

"For now I am not so sure. I am scared too especially when since we are planning to expand the family."

"Kate, don't stress yourself. Everything will work out in its time. We will know how will cope when we get there." Fred assured me.

Monday, September 15, 2014

13 Weeks

After about three weeks, I went back to the clinic and saw the gynecologist. She did a check up on me and finally gave me the go ahead. I could now reveal to the world that I was pregnant!

The first person to come to mind was Anne. I had to tell her. I looked at my wrist watch and saw it was about lunch hour. She could be busy in the office, out for lunch or maybe rushed home to see her baby as she usually does. I decided to text her the good news.

"Finally! Baby in the bun!"

I clicked sent and waited for her reply.

Fred on the other hand was in the office. He had not accompanied me to the clinic that day. There was an issue with the server that required immediate service. I called him as soon as I left the hospital and told him what the doctor said. He was delighted!

My phone buzzed. It was a text. I looked at it and it was Anne.

"Girl? Are you serious?"

I laughed. I decided to just call her.

"Anne, its true. I'm pregnant."

"Oh my God! Congratulation dear. You deserve this."

"Yes I do."

"How far along are you?"

"I'm at thirteen weeks."

"Already? But your tummy is still a bit flat."

"Anne, aren't you the one who kept on saying I was adding weight a bit fast?" I asked. "Then that's your answer."


"No buts Anne. I'm really three months already."

"This is good news, Kate. We should celebrate."

"We can organize something then." I said.

"No, no. We should meet up right away."

"Right now? Aren't you working?" I asked a bit shocked at her reaction.

"Its lunch hour Kate. Let's meet at Jay's."

Jay's was a joint near the end of the main highway where we used to go and get milkshakes. They had the best ones in town. So I dragged my heavy self to the place and found Ann there already. She had even ordered herself a strawberry milkshake.

I leaned in, gave her a big hug then sat down next to her. I ordered a chocolate flavored milkshake. Ann kept pressing my belly a few times till I hit her hand.

"Stop doing that." I said.

"Sorry." She said apologizing. "I think I'm so excited with the news."

"I am too. I hope the journey will be smooth all the way."

"It will be okay." She assured me.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


In the office, I managed to get through the day without feeling sick, which was really good. The work load on the other hand was crazy. It is end month and was trying to work out employees file before submitting it to the Account's department for the payroll to be completed. What kept me going was the little chocolate sweets that I got from a shop downstairs. They were so sweet!

At around five, Fred texted me. He was asking if I was done so that we could go together and so some shopping. I replied quickly and said yes. We met downstairs at the main lobby. We walked to the basement where we had packed the car. Fred opened the car door for me and helped me get into the car. Awww!

We drove to one of the biggest supermarkets in the area which was inside a mall. It was really big. We walked alone the walkway until we entered the supermarket. Fred pulled a trolley and we started at the first aisle. We picked a lot of stuff by the time we were done. We swiped our card and left to the car where we packed the stuff to the trunk of the car.

We walked back and had some drinks on one of the restaurant. It was really hot still. I ordered a cocktail juice with a piece of blackforest cake. Fred had coffee.

"Why you having coffee?" I asked.

"Is it wrong?"

"Its hot, aren't you feeling hot?"

"No. Its actually getting a little bit cold!"

"And why am I feeling hot?" I asked.

"Because you are pregnant." Fred said laughing.

I smiled. I really cannot get my head around this. I'm so excited.

"We need to start planning for the baby early. He needs to get the best." Fred said.

"Yes we need to." I added. "By the way, did you pay the bills?"

"Which bills?" He asked.

"For the cable, water and electricity. They were due yesterday."

"Oh shit. I forgot the cable. Man!!"

"Don't stress. You can still pay tomorrow." I assured him.

"No, what if we get disconnected? What will we do?"

We looked at each other.

"Its okay. We can get creative tonight."


"We can do a movie night, candle lit dinner at a fancy restaurant or do a walk."

"I'll pass on the candle lit dinner. You may puke in the restaurant and I will be so embarrassed. Let's do the movie tonight and eat junk." He said poking my shoulders with his index finger."

"Yes. I am really in need of junk food."