Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back to Work

All the lazing I was doing on my honeymoon and few days at home made me not look forward to going back to work. The first day was tough. As I entered the office, I was warmly greeted by the secretary before going to my office. My desk was the same as I left it, messy and a little dusty. There was a card on the desk. It was from the HR who welcomed me back to work. Sweet!

I placed my bag on the chair and went to the service room where I picked a table cloth to wipe my desk with. As I arranged my desk, I noticed some files. There was a sticker placed on indicating I should start with the files. Bad time to come back to work!  It was almost end month. The company had hired another secretary and I was to create a file for her including updating the current files on the activities of the other employees.

The HR joined me an hour later. She was excited I was back and kept asking me how the wedding was plus the honeymoon. I gave her little details of the vacation and also told her that my dad had passed. She was taken back that she was speechless for a few minutes. I hadn’t told anyone at work of the sad turn around.

“Why didn’t you inform us?” She asked her hand covering her mouth.

“It was so sudden. I wasn’t really thinking straight at the time.”

“I can understand. I’m sorry.”

“Thanks but the pain is too much.” I said.

“I know. Remember when I lost my husband?” She asked. “The pain was a burden to me. The pain never ceases. The emotions are still there just not as much as the beginning. I have children and some stuff was hard for me to do since he always did them.”


“Just remember the happy times you had with him. That will always bring a smile on your face whenever you feel it’s just too much. It will get better, I promise.” She said. “It’s good that you were married before he passed away. He gave you away to another man to take care of you.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.” She replied “Now you better get to work. A lot of work awaits you.”

We both smiled.

I excused myself and went to the washroom. Talking about my dad made me emotional again. I needed just a few minutes to get myself together again. I later returned to my desk and continued to work on the files.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friends Forever

The next few days were really tough. I was just starting to get used with dad not being here anymore and still adjusting to being a wife. I also had work waiting for me at the office. The work load was a lot as the company was preparing to close the year.

My Bff on the other hand was still getting bigger. Her tummy was so big that she couldn’t hide it anymore as she had done in the past. Before I started office work again, we spent the weekend together and also to give her the gift I brought her from Kenya. She still craved sugary stuff and her fridge was packed to the brim with ice-cream. She served me a chocolate chip one and she opted for strawberry ice-cream.

“Actually Mike is getting used to this whole thing. I was afraid that he was going to back out but he is working really hard to be there for me.” Ann said when I asked how they were doing after our usual gossips.

“That’s good. He will be a great dad to the kid.” I added.

“I know. I’m glad things are turning out well.” She said with a smile.

Sitting this close to her, I notice a lot that I hadn’t noticed. Her face brightened up when we started discussing about Mike. Although she was a little chubby now in the face, her smile still brightened up the room.

“Can you scratch my back please?” Ann said pointing at her lower back.

She turned around and lifted her pink chiffon dress up. Actually she was pointing where her stretch marks had started forming. Thin dark lines run down her lower back. She tried scratching again.

“Don’t scratch. You will make them bigger.”


“You have stretch marks all over your lower back. All that weight you putting on and the tummy stretching is causing them.”

“Nooo! I did not want them.”

“Guess it’s time to throw out the ice-creams and start eating healthy.” I replied. “And you have to buy that Palmers cocoa butter lotion to soothe your skin. I heard it works wonders!”

We finished up the ice-cream quickly and went to the market to do a little shopping for her. We decided to buy fruits to help her with her cravings and we also got the Palmers lotion. I helped her clean up the fridge; arrange new and fresh items in before washing the dirty utensils that were on the sink. I became the lucky beneficiary of the many ice-creams she had.  I wanted to spend more time with her so I texted Fred and asked him if he would drop by Ann’s house for dinner. He was at his cousin’s place and I wasn’t sure what time he would show up. I didn’t want to be alone in our house without him.

Mike showed up few minutes later from work looking tired. Fred then came in an hour later and we enjoyed each other company over the food we had prepared with Ann. The chicken stew with rice was really delicious. I was also able to thank Ann and Mike both for supporting us with the wedding and the funeral. True friends are the ones that stick with on during happy and sad times.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Final Respects

On the burial date, we woke up early. We got to the burial site and found dad already on the grounds. His coffin was all black as he has so wished with selection of flowers on top. A viewing session started the service and together with friends and family, we said goodbye to dad. The priest said the prayers to dad and one for us asking God to keep us strong. My heart was broken up and the tears were not helping. Two of my nieces didn’t really understand what was going on and kept interrupting the session asking why their grandpa was being lowered into the ground. The priest came to our rescue by telling them a story to keep their minds from wondering so much.

About two hours later, the funeral came to a close. As people were scattering to go home, I saw Sam. He was behind my auntie’s and waved to me. Sam was one of my ex-boyfriends and things were a little complicated between us.

'Kate' he started.

'Hi Sam.' I responded. 'I didn’t know you were around.'

‘Kate I am so sorry about your dad.' he said. 'I thought I should come to pay my last respects to him.'

'Thank you so much.' I replied.

There was an awkward moment of silence for a few minutes before I broke it up by suggesting he should come home to share with us a few drinks and food. He hesitated for a while before finally saying yes. We parted ways and I went and joined Fred who was waiting for me in the car.

At my parents’ house, we found two of my cousins giving out drinks to the people who showed up. I sat down and had some coffee. I felt sleepy. I hadn't slept very well in the past few days. Ten minutes later, Sam showed up and joined me at the couch. We got talking in no time as he asked about what happened to dad. I narrated to him before Fred came and joined us. He was always suspicious of Sam and this time was no exceptional. Good thing is nothing happened between them and we had some sensible conversation.  

Monday, November 12, 2012


Later on, Fred and I went home to rest. We were suffering from a serious dose of jetlag.  Dad was doing a bit better by the time we left him. Mom was still there with him.

The next morning, we went to the hospital to see dad and also to give mom a break. My brother had already left to go for work. We found mom at the door to dad's room sobbing.

'Mum, what’s wrong?' I asked getting all concerned.

'Your dad got a complication. The doctors are at the moment working on him.' she replied.

I walked over and peeped at the door of the room where dad was. Two doctors and a nurse were with him. I couldn’t really see what they were doing but it didn’t look good. Fred and I sat on the chair next to mom and waited for the doctors' word.

One of the doctors came out after a few minutes but it felt like hours had flown by. His face was almost hard to tell but I got a feeling that things were not well. He finally broke his silence when mum asked him what was going on. Dad had passed on!

I was silent for a few seconds trying to get what was said. Mom was on the floor crying and Fred was trying his best to console her. I tried to cry but couldn’t. My tears were not coming out. I walked inside the room where dad was to make sure of what the doctors told me was true. He was covered in a white sheet all over. The nurse who was in the room was switching off the machine that had been earlier hooked up on him. When the nurse saw me, she asked if i wanted to view my dad. I nodded and she slowly pulled down the sheet covering him to his waist. Dad looked like he was sleeping. I touched his left hand and he was still warm. I shook him hard maybe to get him to wake up but i was stopped by mom who was behind me. It was then that i lost it; I couldn’t hold my emotions any longer. I cried! My heart felt heavy. It hurt so badly. The pain of losing a loved is too much for one to take but unfortunately we have to go through this at one point in our lives. I never thought that i would be losing one of my parents this early. I had always pictured them being there for me forever.