Friday, February 27, 2015

Family Diary

I was to reveal the sex of the baby today but I think I’ll wait until I give birth. I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

I am almost due and have been secretly been shopping for the baby items. Fred has no idea of the things I have been buying. We live in a two bedroom house, so it is obvious that he would expect that I would pack all of the baby items there. The other room had only been done the basic; the baby cot and diapers. The items that I have been buying are safely stored in a cabinet on top of my closet. They include those fancy items that would make him scream because of the cash used.

Still working from home, my body was becoming weak each and every moment. Most times, I could not even cook the basic food. I ended up ordering from a cafeteria nearby. I tried to stay on most healthy foods but most times the temptations of getting fast food was too much. I gained twelve kilograms throughout the last few months.

What my dear sister Ann never told me is that I would be suffering from urine leakage every now and then! If I sneeze, cough or bend to pick something up, I would immediately leak! Initially, I thought it was embarrassing and really frustrating. As I did my research on the issue, I came to find out that it was because of the baby’s position in my womb that was leading to this. I started doing kegel exercises in order to battle the incontinence.

I also suffer from constipation, a lot! Despite my daily intake of more than two liters of water, fruits and vegetables in my diet, it still persisted. I finally talked to my doctor about it and he explained that it usually occurs from the eighth month onwards. Since I was almost approaching my due date, it was normal. He advised that I continue eating healthy as possible and everything would be okay.

The baby kicks were now very strong especially in the morning. It was like he was hitting you so that you would wake up. My belly was now so big and round. I looked like a clown. But he calmed down as the day progressed.

Fred had been called for interviews a couple of times now. Although he had not been successful yet, it looked promising. He was good at what he does and it proved in those interviews. All he had to do now was just be positive and he will get there. His dad had asked him to join the family business. His family was well off and could give him the position with good salary but he declined.  He didn’t want his dad to come to his aid. He wanted to climb the social ladder by himself. He argued that his family had done enough by giving us the beautiful house we live in.