Friday, August 31, 2012

The morning after

My knees felt weak. Why the hell did Tina have to go all the way and book a stripper? My mom and aunties were in the party! As drunk as I was, the surprise thing actually made me become sober again.

“Hey, come over here.” Tina shouted from where she was.

I didn’t move step from the door. I couldn’t face my mother.

One of my cousins, Lily, came over and dragged me to the center of the room where they had placed a chair. I sat down on the cushions next to Ann and looked down. Oh Lord,save me!

The stripper put on the music and started doing his moves besides the chair. The girls cheered with every cloth that he removed from his well-toned body. He looked like God had actually taken time and sculpted his body. I drooled. The action became more intense when he remained with his black briefs on. I could see his manhood well enough to make me want some. The funny thing about this was seeing my mother shouting on top of her voice asking the dude to remove it and show her the ‘goods’. I could have never imagined my mother doing this but guess alcohol has a way of making people show their true colors.

I woke up the next morning with a banging headache. I opened my eyes and tried to lift my head up but it felt like someone had been banging me with a hammer the whole night. So I kept still and tried to figure out where I was. I looked over the room and it came to me…I was still in the hotel room. I was lying on the floor and next to me was Ann with her boobs right in front of my face. What did we have after the party? I tried to remember what happened after the stripper but I couldn’t recall anything. I tried to wake Ann up by poking her with my hand.

“What?” she shouted clearly annoyed to be woken up.            

“Ann, what time is it?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Why?”

“I think its daytime…”

“Daytime?” I heard Auntie Tina ask.


Tina quickly rose up and went towards the door and opened up her bag. She checked her phone and shouted.

“Kate is right. It is noon.” Tina said. “I think we should wake up and take a shower.”

I stood up and went to the washroom. On my way back, i noticed my mother had set herself to sleep on the couch. She was still asleep.  Auntie Tina was on the phone ordering some food for us. Good idea, I needed the food. I felt so weak and hungry.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bridal Shower

My heart skipped a beat when I stepped into the room and noticed all my cousins even those I hadn’t seen in a while, my colleagues from work, my mom and aunties in the room. They were shouting and clapping their hands while I stood at the door with my mouth open.

“You better get in.” Fred whispered while tagging me.

I walked into the room and was greeted with hugs by almost everyone. There was a banner in the left side of the room with the words “Bridal Shower” in pink. The room was draped in white and small tables placed at the corners of the room where bottles of red wine stood. At one corner, I saw a table with some gifts next to cushions placed on the floor in a circular. The girls were all in sexy dresses and it seemed I might have missed the memo. Thank God I had just done my hair! I could have looked out of place.

Auntie Tina handed me a glass of red wine and directed me to the cushions that were placed at the center of the room. Others joined in and we started telling each other stories of how we were doing. As time went by, I noticed that all guys had disappeared. The guys included Fred, Mike, three cousins of mine and two pals from work. I couldn’t spot any of them in the room so I leaned in and asked Auntie Tina about their whereabouts.

“Where did the guys go to?”

“They have gone downstairs. They are having their bachelor party also in the bar.”


I was starting to get a little bit tipsy so I slowed down the wine as the girls started giving me naughty advices on the bedroom department. Things got a little bit out of hand as I started opening the presents. The things I got just left me with an open mouth. Who could have guessed that one of my aunties would go and get me a vibrator? Others included lingerie, more wine and jewelry.  The most touching gift was a customized album from Ann with pictures of us ever since we met. This almost brought a tear but I managed to be strong.
Ann put on some music and some of us decided to dance along. By now, we were so drunk to even speak straight. I was feeling so happy! I felt like I was flying on top of the world.  My cousins were the crazy lot as they kept on trying new dance moves but failed miserably. This kept us laughing most of the time.

I heard the doorbell ring. It rang twice and no one seemed to bother with it so I went and opened it. In front of me stood a tall handsome dude chewing gum like he had never had one before. He was carrying a black duffle bag.

“Hey, am looking for Catherine. She is having a bridal shower.” He asked.

“I’m Catherine. What can I do for you?”

“The question should be what I should do for you.” He said and squeezed himself into the room.
I almost shouted but I got cut short when I saw what he was doing. He went to the center of the room and started undoing his shirt. I looked at the other girls and they were all smiling. Wait a minute? Was this what I think? It was a stripper!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 weeks to go

Only two weeks to go!

I was so excited even though I was the biggest critic of the plans. As the days grew closer, the more I became a busy bee.  I had not taken my break off work so I had to manage both despite constant pressure from each side.

Ann, Auntie Tina and some girls from work had arranged a bridal shower for me without my knowledge. With Tina’s help, they booked a high end hotel as the venue and planned the whole thing. It was held on Saturday evening at around six in the evening.

That day, I woke up without any clue of what was going to happen and went to the salon to treat my hair. I got a call from Fred and he suggested we hook up for lunch. So we met up at a local diner and spoilt ourselves with junk food. Despite us spending almost two and a half hours at the place, I never thought he was behind the whole setup. After we were done, we took a stroll around the park. It was nice for us to come back here as it gave us memories to chat up about. We had come here a few months ago with Ann and Mike and we had fun. It was also the day that Ann disclosed to Mike that she was pregnant with his child.

“Are you enjoying this?” Fred asked stroking my hair.

“Very much, thanks for suggesting this.”

“I thought you might need a break from things.” He said. “By the way, my aunt Mary will be in town today evening. I would like us to go say hi to her if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind.”

“She will be staying at a hotel in town. She is on her way out of the country later on tomorrow.”

“Okay, no problem. What time will we go?” I asked.

“I was thinking around six.”

“What? It is almost five o’clock now. We better start going now; I’ll have to go and change.”

So we walked all the way back to the house before I quickly dashed to the bathroom and washed up. After about ten minutes, Fred and I walked out of the house and headed to town.

The hotel was on the eastside side of town. It was a very serene and quiet place. The doorman welcomed us in and Fred led me to first floor through the lounge. As we approached near the end of the corridor, he asked me to open the dark mahogany door on the left. I held the handle and pushed the door inside.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pre-Wedding Issues

This week was hectic to say the least. I spent most of the time running up and down trying to get what was required for the wedding while still multitasking with office work.  I met up with a florist who was referred to me by my sister in law. He showed me some beautiful samples of flowers that he had done before. True to the word I was given, he was so talented on what he did. I booked him on the spot. He was to do six flower centerpieces, three bouquet and some flowers to line up the aisle. My bouquet was white lilies tied around with some white silk material with sparkles in it. This would match the dress that I had bought. He was to deliver the flowers on the wedding day at least two hours before start of the ceremony.  We signed a contract together to bind the agreement.

Ann and I got together and decided on what the bridesmaids were to wear. I had two maids; Ann and my niece. We wanted something practical-which can be worn again and is affordable. So we went up to a bridal shop in town and looked around. There had some of the best dresses I had seen in a while and it was really difficult to settle on one type. This was because, until now, I had not settled on a wedding color scheme. I have always found myself buying red clothes so I guess it was my favourite color but would it be practical for a wedding? I wasn’t so sure. The sales lady noticed our frustrations and came to our aid. After I told her, she brought out a huge magazine and showed us some maid dresses with the color red. They were of a different shapes, sizes and styles. They were too bold! I looked at some other pictures and some coral dresses caught my eye. They were simply splendid and would look great with the summer season!

While I was busy with all the planning, Fred on the other hand was helping me organize the honeymoon plans. I wanted to be surprised so I gave him the task.  He was also to write down the names of the people he was inviting from his side so that I could send them invitations. He was to only invite forty people as we wished for a small celebration. Fred was to also get the rings and hire a photographer for that day. His dad had promised to help him with the tasks so everything was going great. Mike was also a great help to him as he organized suit fittings with the other guy who was part of the lineup. The men were to wear black suits, white shirts and bow ties.