Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 weeks to go

Only two weeks to go!

I was so excited even though I was the biggest critic of the plans. As the days grew closer, the more I became a busy bee.  I had not taken my break off work so I had to manage both despite constant pressure from each side.

Ann, Auntie Tina and some girls from work had arranged a bridal shower for me without my knowledge. With Tina’s help, they booked a high end hotel as the venue and planned the whole thing. It was held on Saturday evening at around six in the evening.

That day, I woke up without any clue of what was going to happen and went to the salon to treat my hair. I got a call from Fred and he suggested we hook up for lunch. So we met up at a local diner and spoilt ourselves with junk food. Despite us spending almost two and a half hours at the place, I never thought he was behind the whole setup. After we were done, we took a stroll around the park. It was nice for us to come back here as it gave us memories to chat up about. We had come here a few months ago with Ann and Mike and we had fun. It was also the day that Ann disclosed to Mike that she was pregnant with his child.

“Are you enjoying this?” Fred asked stroking my hair.

“Very much, thanks for suggesting this.”

“I thought you might need a break from things.” He said. “By the way, my aunt Mary will be in town today evening. I would like us to go say hi to her if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind.”

“She will be staying at a hotel in town. She is on her way out of the country later on tomorrow.”

“Okay, no problem. What time will we go?” I asked.

“I was thinking around six.”

“What? It is almost five o’clock now. We better start going now; I’ll have to go and change.”

So we walked all the way back to the house before I quickly dashed to the bathroom and washed up. After about ten minutes, Fred and I walked out of the house and headed to town.

The hotel was on the eastside side of town. It was a very serene and quiet place. The doorman welcomed us in and Fred led me to first floor through the lounge. As we approached near the end of the corridor, he asked me to open the dark mahogany door on the left. I held the handle and pushed the door inside.


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