Friday, November 28, 2014

Morning After

The nurse came back later and put a drip and connected it from my hand. It was a bit painful when the needle was inserted but it went well. I got two other drips. I did not get the energy to ask why. All I wanted was to go home. The night was long, very long. The ceiling white color made it worse!

Fred went home when the visiting hours had ended at eight at night. I was left really worried and sleep was a distance away. I switched on the television and put on some cartoons. Teletubbies was being shown. How crazy can this fat things get?

In the morning, the nurse came to my bed and opened the curtains. I pulled back the duvet and asked if i could do a shower. She said yes and I was shown where it was. I went and stood at the shower. The warm water was so tender to my skin. I slithered myself with soap, rinsed and got out. On the bed, there was another hospital gown folded ready for me to wear. Whoever designed this dresses needs to be shot. Why in heavens name did they make the gowns that are open all the way at the back?

I went back and slept at the neatly made bed. It was comfortable. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep only to be awoken by the t.v. It was so loud. Apparently, the next patient on the other bed was changing the channels and put on a music station.

That music was so depressing I felt like I should just walk to the reception and take a taxi home. No..I took a deep breath and just held my breath. I opened one drawer and called Fred.

"Yes baby." he said.

"Morning, can you come over to the hospital?"

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes, I think. I just need to get out of here. I am tired."

"Okay, I will be there in a few minutes. Hold on tight."

"Thanks dear."

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Prayer

Fred and I went to bed that Friday night. It was a cold night. We slept at around ten. Next thing, I woke up after feeling suddenly cold. The cold feeling was only on my waist going down. I moved my left hand and tried to feel it. It was wet. I quickly sat up and switched on the lights. I lifted up the covers only to be met with something that I didn't expect. There was blood on the sheets!

I woke Fred up still traumatized. He looked shocked as well before calling 911. He tried calming down but all I could do was cry. I was scared. I was scared of losing the baby. The ambulance arrived twenty minutes later and I was rushed to the hospital.

After undergoing some tests, the Doctor came and told us of what had happened. I was bleeding despite being pregnant. The baby was okay as his heartbeat and activity was normal.

"I'm sorry for what you are are going through but this is pretty common among pregnant women. It will decrease and eventually stop but we will have you spend the night admitted."

"Is that necessary?" I asked.

"Yes it is. We need to monitor how you will progress in order to rule out any possible risks that may occur."

"So what caused the bleeding?" Fred asked.

"One major cause is stress. Are you working too much? Are you experiencing issues at home?"

"Not really." I replied.

"You need to relax and take a lot of rest. Another cause for the bleeding is hormonal effects, immune abnormalities or as in your case, heightened sensitivity of the cervix."

"Sounds dangerous."

"Yes it is. You are more at risk of losing the baby that is why I am asking you to take bed rest and no heavy work. You will have to take this recommendations seriously."

I nodded.

"Good. The nurse will come and help you out with everything you might need." He continued. "Ill be back later."

With that, he was gone. I looked at Fred and held his hand. I cried for a few minutes until I was interrupted by the nurse. She said hi to us before changing the hospital bed covers for me and adjusted the room temperature through the AC. A chair was brought in from the next bed for Fred to be able to sit down. She also passed me the remote for the television that was at the right side of the room.

"Would you like anything?" She asked.

"Water please." I replied through my sobs.

She left the room. I dropped the remote at the end of the bed and slept on my back. The ceiling was too white. It was depressing. I turned and slept on my side. I wanted my mum. I was too scared and Fred was not helping out. He was too scared that he was numb. I forgot my phone at home. I closed my eyes and silently made a prayer to God.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Do you ever wonder how big the earth is? How many people exist? What about Aliens? Lately, I have been too obsessed with the Discovery and National Geographic network. All those shows on Alien sightings have gotten me interested to the point of sitting on the balcony at night to try to see if I can be able to see something. Have not been lucky yet.

Fred does not seem to understand me so he lets me be. He once tried to switch off the television when I was busy watching. I cried. I don't know where that came from but I started crying infront of him like a baby. He looked at me like I was mad! Since then, he understood the code, all night programs on the television included investigations and peoples confessions.

Do you guys believe in Aliens? Or am I being paranoid?

Today my baby kicked. At first, I thought I had gas in my tummy so I ignored but on the second kick, I knew it was the little angle telling me that he or she was well. I jumped up with excitement and went to where Fred was.

"The baby just kicked?" I shouted.

"Kicked who?"

"Fred, the baby! Our baby just kicked." I replied pointing to my big tummy.

"Oh, that." Fred looked surprised then touched the belly. "Is it painful?"

"No,,a bit weird that's all."

As he was still trying to touch the belly, the baby kicked again. This time exactly where he had placed his hands.

"Wow!" He shouted moving a step back.

"You felt it, right?" I asked.

"He surely knows his martial arts. Is that even normal?"

I laughed. "Yes it is."

"Are you sure you don't want us to go to the doctor and confirm it?"

"Fred, its okay. I was actually waiting for it."

He poured me a glass of fresh orange juice and gave it to me.

"Drink that, maybe the baby is hungry."

"Really?" I asked.

We walked to the balcony and sat down. We had placed two chairs. They were made of metal, with two cushions to be bale to support our behinds and back. The cushions were bright orange in color. We also had a small stool that we kept as a table.

"I was with Mike today." Fred said. "He said hi."

"That's nice of him. How is he?"

"Good. He had some issues with his work with the contract but he was able to sort things out." Fred replied.


We sat there and looked at the view. The lights in the dark made a beautiful spectacle! It was not windy. Just perfect. Then, a shooting star appeared from the east side of the sky. I opened my eyes wide just to make sure I did not miss it. I pointed at it but it was gone in a few seconds.

"Did you see that?" I asked.

"Yes. Wow, that was beautiful!"

Friday, November 7, 2014

Advice from Mum

I am at my desk calculating the bills. Since now I was the sole breadwinner, I had the duty of meeting all the bills. The bills included Electricity bills, cable, water, house shopping, taxes, paying for Fred's taxes, car bills etc.

It was really a lot of work and the cost became a bit high. We all have to sacrifice right? Fred would have done the same to me too.

I looked up on the clock on my phone. It was 6.30am. Fred was still sleeping. I was seated on the balcony of our bedroom. I had a warm cup of coffee next to me alongside a bunch of bills. I also had my diary with me. I flipped its pages and noticed it was almost full. It was time to get another one. I am pretty certain after the baby arrives, I would have more to write from the experiences.

I sipped some coffee and tried to inhale the fresh air. Sweet! It had a cooling effect. I smiled. I picked up my phone and called my mother. I knew she was going to be mad for me to call her this early.
She didn't answer on my first try. I dialed her number again and she took it.

"Catherine?" She answered.

"Morning mum."

"Catherine? Are you okay?" She asked sounding worried.

"Yes mum. I am alright. Sorry to wake you."

"It's okay dear. I was already up."

"I miss you mum. I could not sleep so I thought about you."

"That's sweet dear."

"Mum, how did you do it? How did you manage how to keep the home as well as you did? How was it raising us?

"Oh dear Catherine, life is always one day at a time. Just take it slow."

"It's a bit difficult mum."

"I know, take heart. Whatever you are feeling now, it will be over soon."

Friday, October 31, 2014

End Month duties

"Oh shit!" Ann shouted looking at her wrist watch.

"What?" I asked a bit shocked.

"It's almost ten. I am almost getting late to a meeting that I had with some of my colleagues. I have to go."

"Okay, you run but make sure we catch up." I said hugging her.

"Yes I will." She said picking her handbag up. "By the way we were to go for a manicure. Can we schedule it for today in the evening?"

"Yes please. I really need that. I am having a hard time scrubbing my feet." I said.

Ann laughed. "Bye girl."

"I sat there waving to her until she disappeared on her way to the reception. Motherhood was really looking doing her well. Although she had regained her body back, she had a glow on her face and one could notice how happy she was.

I stood up slowly. These days even the simplest tasks were really hard for me to do. I picked up my bag, removed my packet of pocket tissues and walked to the washroom. I was feeling a bit pressed. As I waited to do my business, only a drop of urine came out. Have I told you that being pregnant sucks? It does, let no one cheat you! As I was about to leave, my went back to check myself on the mirror. I was leaning a bit on my back. My tummy was really sharp kind of. I touched it and left the washroom.

I got back to my desk and started checking my emails. Just then, a text came through my phone. It was Fred. He was asking where the marmalade was. I re-read the text again not sure if it was a joke. I called him up.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"On what?"

"The marmalade?"

"Yes. Where do we usually keep it?"

I shook my head slowly then told him to look at the kitchen cabinet above the kitchen counter. I could still hear him search for it then finally told me he found it.

Back to my desk, I proceed to start the remuneration process. It was already end month and I had only few hours to complete the duty. I checked for the lowest staff first, then proceeded to the rest of the office. It was a lot of work considering I was alone in the office. I miss my immediate supervisor! Anyway, work had to be done. I was done at around two in the afternoon. I then sent the complied list to the Accounts Department for them to proceed with the payments.

I made a quick call to the hotel downstairs and ordered a glass of fresh juice and some muffins. I received them in about ten minutes. As I continued to eat them, I continued to do my work. I had to finish on my deadline on the preparation of a training for the staff which was to happen mid November. I sent the details to all my contacts and hopefully be able to get enough information by next week.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Life is Mean

"Fred, I am really worried about the future. How can this happen when you are expecting our baby?" I asked. He was holding my hand.

"Everything will work out, just wait and see." He assured me. "Now I have to work harder to send applications to see if I can get myself another place. In the meantime, you still have a well paying job and our parents are always willing to help us. Be positive!"

I thought about what he said and it all made sense. I nodded and together, we went back to the bed.

Since Fred was on an involuntary leave, I drove myself to work the following day. I was grateful since I did not feel nauseated! I was now on my second trimester. At eighteen weeks, my belly was really big! My sitting position on the car seat was heavily compromised. My feet which was previously swollen, had started regaining their shape back, thank God! I was also taking prenatal vitamin with at least 400 micrograms of Folic acid. I was told that it helps prevent neural-tube defects on the baby such as Spina Bifida.

I arrived at the office and found Ann waiting for me at the reception. She was reading the day's newspaper. She was dressed in a while A-line dress with red kitten heels. She looked cute!

"Morning." I said to her while bending forward to try and hug her.

"Hey dear. How are you?" She asked picking her handbag and following me to my office.

"I'm well. Just a bit heavy."

We laughed.

"Sorry for coming to see you this early." She started after having a seat in the office.

"No, its no big issue." I assured her. "What's up?"

"Mike told me that Fred got the big chop. How is he doing?"

"He is doing good considering the circumstances. He is keeping his positive spirits up."

"That's nice." She replied.

"Has he started looking for other places?"

"No, not yet although he promised me that he was going to start today."

"That good. He will find somewhere else soon. His skill is top notch."

"Yes it is. I have been wondering why they had to let him go and leave him..." I said while nodding my head to outside the office. Fred's junior, Michael, was passing by. We could see him through the glass wall.

"He remained?" Ann asked shocked.

"Yes. They preferred him more." I said sounding bit angry. "But maybe it is because of the money issue. Fred's salary was a bit high."

"But he deserved to remain! They are mean."

"Life is mean too!"

Friday, October 10, 2014

2 O'Clock

It's two in the morning and I can't sleep. I just can not find a suitable position to sleep. My tummy, which has now grown immensely, makes sleeping a task for me.  I sit up and look at the other side of the bed. Fred is still sleeping. He is not even covering himself. I pull up the duvet and cover him to his chest.

I walk to the bathroom. I sit on the toilet seat and start urinating. Nothing comes out. What the hell? I was not really pressed after all. I go to the sink and wipe my face with the cold water but all of a sudden, I feel nauseous. I quickly go over to the toilet where I puke. I vomit until I felt my intestines coming out. I slowly gain composure and return to the sink where I rinse my mouth. Damn this pregnancy!

I start crying.

I feel miserable. I am supposed to be strong for Fred but how can I manage this? He has just been fired! Somehow, I feel like its my fault. At least I could have prevented this. But how? I was not even part of the meeting that came up with the list of those guys who were let go by the organisation! Since we came from the office, he has not even said a word. I tried talking to him at least to cheer him up and give him hope that he will find a new job but he wasn't interested.

I walk to the kitchen. I pour myself a glass of milk which I heat it up a little with the microwave. I carry it to the sitting room and turn on the TV. There was a talk show on but all ratchet. I flipped on the channels before settling on CNN to watch the news. Christian Amanpour was on discussing the ISIS war. This depresses me more. I take a gulp of milk and start on thinking about Fred.

Maybe I should ask his dad for help. He is a very well connected guy in the city and could have easily got him work. I'll ask Fred about this when he wakes up. Maybe I should also ask some friends in case they have any vacancies in their organisation to help out.

I was actually scared for us. Although I was earning a little more than him, this situation would lead us to start cutting back on expenses. This would actually be next to impossible since the baby was on its way. We had not even done any shopping for the baby items yet. Although Fred was given a handsome package, it would not last us forever. The bills were too many even though we were not currently paying rent. I could not have imagined how it would be.

"What are you doing in the dark?"

I jump up in fear and look to where the voice came from. I look towards the door and notice Fred leaning on it. I didn't hear him come.

"I am watching TV." I reply returning back to the seat.

"No, you aren't." He said.

I turned my head to the screen only to realize that the scream was blue. I had pressed on the AV button on the remote without realizing.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Four weeks later, I went to the clinic as I was asked by the doctor. This time around, he did a scan. I wasn't ready to know its gender yet so I told him not to give me the possibilities. He checked my weight and told me I was doing well.

By now at sixteen weeks, I was already showing. The baby had not yet started kicking but I could feel his movements in the belly. My breast, to Fred's delight, were huge! I had to go buy new bra set as the earlier ones could not fit anymore. The sudden breast size gave me a cleavage that I always wanted. I also got myself new maternity dresses. I was not comfortable at all with my other normal clothes. They would fit a bit too tight at my waist line. I went through some online stores and had some tops delivered to me. They were so cute!

I had a hard time concentrating at work. I was so sleepy and just lazy. Moving from one point to the other was a task. Thankful for my colleagues at work who tried to make things a bit easier for me. My boss too, Mrs. Wright, also avoided me to give me deadlines. Clearly, I could not manage to keep them.

I invested in some maternity magazines and books to keep myself a little updated on what goes on during pregnancy. Ann was there for me too alongside my sweet mother and my mother-in-law. Fred's mum made a point of visiting us every Sunday since Fred gave her the good news. She always came with some fresh fruits from her farm, and ready fruit juice.

The bad news from the office came at a rather unexpected time. The retrenchment happened. They were laying off six of us. I knew about this because I overheard Mrs. Wright talking to some directors in her office. The meeting was scheduled on a Friday evening before we left the office.
We all got some memo about the scheduled meeting. I looked at Fred at the other side of the office and I could see the fear in his eyes. This would be a major setback to all of us.

The C.E.O started the meeting. She thanked all of us on our hard work in the office. She then continued saying that the inevitable had happened and the layoff would not have been prevented. The Director said very little when he stood up. He passed on some small enveloped to each of us. We were to pick the ones that were written our names on. He assured us that the company would ensure we get a good send off package and a recommendation letter.

My hands trembled when I received mine. I raised my head to peep at Fred but he was busy staring down to his envelope. I could not tell what was written on his. So I slowly opened mine. There was a white letter addressed to me. Just a few words. I looked at the content of the letter and saw that I was not yet given the kick. Thank God!

I looked at Fred again. He looked at me and shook his head.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Home Front"

"Have you told your mother yet?" Ann asked.

"I haven't. You are the first person I have told. I'll have to tell her soon." I replied.

"She will be pretty excited."

"Yea I know. She has been asking for a grandson for sometime right now." I added. "Her family is growing so big."

"Yes it is."

We left Jay's restaurant after a few minutes. Ann went back to work while I went directly home. I had taken the day off from work so as to be able to go the the doctor in the morning. I was feeling sleepy. I had to take a nap. As I drove off, I made a mental note to call my mother later to tell her the good news.

I am not sure how long I slept but I was awaken up by Fred. He was home. I picked up my phone then looked at the time. It was six thirty! I dragged myself from the bed and went to the kitchen. Fred was making a salad. I gave him a hug, kissed him on the lips before opening the fridge to figure out what I would cook for dinner. I removed some minced meat from the freezer and decided on pasta to go alongside with it.

"Are you okay?" Fred asked over my shoulder.

"Yes I am. Why?"

"You look a bit pale."

"I'm good. I want to prepare dinner. I am hungry."

"Can I help?" he asked.

"Yes please."

I moved to the kitchen sink to wash some onions. Fred took the meat and defrost it with the microwave. He then took the onion from my hand and finely chopped it before starting to cook the meat.

"Dad and mom were really happy with the news." He started.

"Which news?" I asked.

"That we are expecting."

"You already told them?" I asked a bit shocked.

"Yes I did. I could not wait."

"Oh, that's nice." I replied not so sure.

"My mother said she will be coming to visit us soon." Fred added.

This was one of the things I was avoiding. Fred's parents are really so caring that sometimes it can become a bit too much. His mother would offer to take care of us now that she was going to get the grandkid. Its good but I wanted us to build our home without the In-laws contribution.

"Did she set a date yet?" I asked.

"No, not yet. She will call me tomorrow to confirm."

We continued to prepare the food in silence. Fred served it for both of us and we had it infront of the TV watching the evening news. The news was a bit depressing! War in Syria, recent shooting of young teenagers in the state and politics.

"You know baby, the company is going to make some major changes in a few days." I started.

"How?" He asked.

"The management is thinking of cutting some resources. They might lay off a few people soon." I replied. "It may happen sooner or later."

"Oh my God. Are we safe?" He asked.

"For now I am not so sure. I am scared too especially when since we are planning to expand the family."

"Kate, don't stress yourself. Everything will work out in its time. We will know how will cope when we get there." Fred assured me.

Monday, September 15, 2014

13 Weeks

After about three weeks, I went back to the clinic and saw the gynecologist. She did a check up on me and finally gave me the go ahead. I could now reveal to the world that I was pregnant!

The first person to come to mind was Anne. I had to tell her. I looked at my wrist watch and saw it was about lunch hour. She could be busy in the office, out for lunch or maybe rushed home to see her baby as she usually does. I decided to text her the good news.

"Finally! Baby in the bun!"

I clicked sent and waited for her reply.

Fred on the other hand was in the office. He had not accompanied me to the clinic that day. There was an issue with the server that required immediate service. I called him as soon as I left the hospital and told him what the doctor said. He was delighted!

My phone buzzed. It was a text. I looked at it and it was Anne.

"Girl? Are you serious?"

I laughed. I decided to just call her.

"Anne, its true. I'm pregnant."

"Oh my God! Congratulation dear. You deserve this."

"Yes I do."

"How far along are you?"

"I'm at thirteen weeks."

"Already? But your tummy is still a bit flat."

"Anne, aren't you the one who kept on saying I was adding weight a bit fast?" I asked. "Then that's your answer."


"No buts Anne. I'm really three months already."

"This is good news, Kate. We should celebrate."

"We can organize something then." I said.

"No, no. We should meet up right away."

"Right now? Aren't you working?" I asked a bit shocked at her reaction.

"Its lunch hour Kate. Let's meet at Jay's."

Jay's was a joint near the end of the main highway where we used to go and get milkshakes. They had the best ones in town. So I dragged my heavy self to the place and found Ann there already. She had even ordered herself a strawberry milkshake.

I leaned in, gave her a big hug then sat down next to her. I ordered a chocolate flavored milkshake. Ann kept pressing my belly a few times till I hit her hand.

"Stop doing that." I said.

"Sorry." She said apologizing. "I think I'm so excited with the news."

"I am too. I hope the journey will be smooth all the way."

"It will be okay." She assured me.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


In the office, I managed to get through the day without feeling sick, which was really good. The work load on the other hand was crazy. It is end month and was trying to work out employees file before submitting it to the Account's department for the payroll to be completed. What kept me going was the little chocolate sweets that I got from a shop downstairs. They were so sweet!

At around five, Fred texted me. He was asking if I was done so that we could go together and so some shopping. I replied quickly and said yes. We met downstairs at the main lobby. We walked to the basement where we had packed the car. Fred opened the car door for me and helped me get into the car. Awww!

We drove to one of the biggest supermarkets in the area which was inside a mall. It was really big. We walked alone the walkway until we entered the supermarket. Fred pulled a trolley and we started at the first aisle. We picked a lot of stuff by the time we were done. We swiped our card and left to the car where we packed the stuff to the trunk of the car.

We walked back and had some drinks on one of the restaurant. It was really hot still. I ordered a cocktail juice with a piece of blackforest cake. Fred had coffee.

"Why you having coffee?" I asked.

"Is it wrong?"

"Its hot, aren't you feeling hot?"

"No. Its actually getting a little bit cold!"

"And why am I feeling hot?" I asked.

"Because you are pregnant." Fred said laughing.

I smiled. I really cannot get my head around this. I'm so excited.

"We need to start planning for the baby early. He needs to get the best." Fred said.

"Yes we need to." I added. "By the way, did you pay the bills?"

"Which bills?" He asked.

"For the cable, water and electricity. They were due yesterday."

"Oh shit. I forgot the cable. Man!!"

"Don't stress. You can still pay tomorrow." I assured him.

"No, what if we get disconnected? What will we do?"

We looked at each other.

"Its okay. We can get creative tonight."


"We can do a movie night, candle lit dinner at a fancy restaurant or do a walk."

"I'll pass on the candle lit dinner. You may puke in the restaurant and I will be so embarrassed. Let's do the movie tonight and eat junk." He said poking my shoulders with his index finger."

"Yes. I am really in need of junk food."


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Drive to Work

The next morning, I woke up at exactly six. I woke Fred up as he is such a heavy sleeper. He never hears the alarm. I went to the bathroom, showered and prepared myself for work. I was feeling so lazy. As Fred was dressing up, I went to the Kitchen and started preparing breakfast. There was no eggs, no bread or juice. I went for the only option available; milk and cereals. I added the bananas that were remaining.

Fred came in after a few minutes and stood at the kitchen counter then asked. "This is what we are having?"


"This looks like an appetizer. I'll be hungry after a few minutes."

"Just have that, we can go have coffee later in the office restaurant." I assured him. "We need to do more shopping in the evening."

He took the bowl and started eating while standing up. After a few scooping a few spoons of the cereal, he was done.

"Really?" I asked a bit shocked on how he managed to be done in a few minutes.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing." I said. "Let me finish and we go."

After I finished my breakfast, I quickly washed up the utensils then I met him in the bedroom. He was wearing his watch. I picked my handbag, looked at the mirror for a minute before we went downstairs to the car park. Fred drove us away.

There was a bit of traffic towards town. Ever since we moved these sides, the distance has been longer meaning we usually leave the house a bit earlier than before. As we sat in the traffic listening the early morning show, I lowered the window next to my side. Big Mistake! As soon as the window was down, the traffic started moving. All the fumes of cars entered into our car. I immediately felt nauseous. I wanted to puke!

"Oh God." I cried.

"What?" Fred asked getting concerned.

"I'm not feeling well. I need to throw up."

"No, no, no. Do not puke in the car!" He shouted.

I could not wait until we reached the office. So I quickly went through my bag, got a shopping bag and threw up inside! Not once, not twice but three times! When i finished, I raised my head up and found Fred looking at me with his mouth wide open.

"Man, I can't believe you just did that. Yuck!"

I looked away as I did not know how to respond to him. I opened up my bag again, found some tissue and wiped my mouth with it. I  dipped the tissue into the now "full' shopping bag and closed it tightly at the top. I placed it gently on the mat. I could feel Fred's eyes on me. But I didn't care, I felt good! I opened the window a bit more and closed my eyes. The breeze was so soothing :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2014


We left the hospital in a jovial mood. Not only was I pregnant, I was ten weeks along! I was happy that I wanted to call everyone and tell them but I was held back by the advice the Doctor gave us. He asked we be patient until about twelve or thirteen weeks. By that time, the doctor would be sure of the health of the baby and would have the results of the test he took back.

At the house, I sat down on the couch while Fred ran around the house like an excited kid who was expecting something from his mother. He prepared some fresh juice, served me and cleaned the utensils after. I couldn't help myself from smiling. Why didn't he ever do this often?

“You are acting really good today?”

“Acting?” He asked.

“Yea, you don’t normally do this.”

“You need to rest. You are pregnant. I don't want anything hurting you or the baby. " 

“All will be okay baby. Don’t worry.” I assured him.

He kept silent for a while then shook his head.

“What?” I asked.


“For the longest time since we got married, I have been having fears that maybe God won’t bless us with a kid. You know what we did. We were young, yes, but was that decision good?” He started. “I was scared. I am still scared the hell out. Will this pregnancy go well? Will I be a better father? Will the baby love us? I did not know what to say. I just looked at him. He was trying hard not to tear up as pain was written all over his face.

I held his shoulders trying to console him. Tears flowed down my cheeks as well.

"Fred, you shouldn't be scared. You should be strong now. I need you more." I said.

“Yea I know.”

“I was scared too. I was wondering if God punished us for the abortion as we have been trying but no luck yet. All I know is, God’s timing is the best. Let’s pray that this bundle of joy will bear fruit. I am so excited to be a mother.”

“And you will be a wonderful mother.” He said while rubbing my belly in a circular motion.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Antenatal Clinic

“I’ll have to send you to the Gynecologist. Do you currently have one?” The Doctor asked.


He scribbled something on a printed paper and gave it to me. “Take his and go to nurse at the reception. She will direct you to his office. He will be able to advice you more on the pregnancy.”

“Thank you.” I said while I took the paper and we walked out.

We talked down the corridor hand in hand to the nurses’ station at the receptionist. I handed one of them the piece of paper. She smiled, congratulated me and offered to walk me to the office of the Gynecologist. It was located on the East Wing of the hospital five doors away.

She knocked the door and let us in. Apparently, we were the only patient at the moment so the doctor saw us immediately. He greeted us and asked us to sit. The nurse gave him the paper.

“Congratulations to you two.” He started.

“Thank you.” We both replied in unison.

“From the tests, I see you are about ten weeks. You need to start antenatal immediately. The purpose of antenatal care is to monitor your health, your baby’s health and be able to advice you on the way forward until full time.  I’ll have to open a file for you so that it will be easier for us to access the pregnancy.”

He reached to his desk, opened a drawer and picked a blue folder. He wrote my names on the slip on top of the folder. He opened it and inside there was a few papers which was to be filled.

“Okay, I’ll start by asking you questions just to know about you.” He said.

I nodded. Fred squeezed my hand. "How old are you?"


"Have you had any previous births, miscarriages or an abortion."

I was silent for a while before answering. That question caught me off guard.


"Which one in particular?"

"An abortion."

"How long ago?"

"About two years ago."

"Do you take alcohol?"

"Yes, occasionally."

"Do you smoke?" 


"Any family history I should know about?"

"Heart issues. My dad had a heart attack."

"Alright, I will have to take your blood pressure. I will also ask you take a urine test which will assist us in checking for gestational diabetes and pre-eclapsia. I will also advice you to stay off alcohol until the baby is born."


He checked my blood pressure and recorded the results in the new file he had opened for me. Out of curiosity, I asked if it was okay and he replied smiling that all was well. I later went to the lab where I left my urine sample. I will get the results in my second visit.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ten Weeks

All three of the pregnancy sticks were showing positive results. No doubt I was pregnant! I didn't know whether to cry or not. Fred and I had been waiting for this news for a while now and it wouldn't have come at a better time. I lifted my head up and saw Fred staring at me. He mouth was wide open while his hands. I laughed and asked him what was wrong.

“Are you sure you are pregnant?” he asked.

“Yes.” I replied while collecting the used sticks to throw them in the hospital.

“And can you tell how many months it is?”

“No, not yet. I’ll have to go to the hospital to get that checked out.”

“Wow, that’s good.” He said while holding his head. “ I can’t believe am finally going to be a dad.”

He stepped closer and hugged me. He then planted a kiss on my lips and forehead.

“Let’s go to the hospital right now and check it out.” He asked.

“Ahhh, okay. Weren’t you going to the toilet first?” I reminded him.

After he was done, I picked up my handbag which had my insurance cards and together we drove off to one of the hospitals in our area. We were lucky as we only found two people waiting for the doctor. We filled in our details and when our turn arrived, we were shown into the doctor’s office.  The doctor, Dr. Morrison, was a tall slender built guy who looked like he was in his late forties. He ushered us in and pointed to the seats infront of him.

He read the form that I had filled in the details then asked me questions regarding my menstrual cycle. He traced back my history on when I become sexually active and if I was on any contraceptives. I answered all of his questions. He then drew blood from my arm and asked for us to wait for him on the reception as the results come out.

After a few minutes, the nurse called us back in and found Dr. Morrison waiting for us. His facial expressions could not reveal to us what he had in store for us.

As soon as we sat down, he started.

“Congratulations! You are pregnant.”

I smiled.

“Thank you doctor.  May I know how far I am?” I asked.

“Yes, you are about ten weeks along.” He responded.