Friday, October 28, 2016


The bedside alarm rang at exactly 6am. I stretched my hands and put it off. Slowly, I turned to the other side of the bed only to find Fred missing. I sat up and saw a beam of light under the door so I walked to check on what he was upto.

I found him in the living room with one of his friend's laptop. He seemed so distracted. 

"Good morning." 

"Morning dear. You are up already." He replied not raising his head up.

"Yes. What time did you wake up?" I asked.

"At around 4am." He replied placing the laptop on the table.

"So any progress?" 

"I have managed to work on the two laptops. Only this one remaining." He said then stood up.

"That is nice. Let me prepare something for breakfast." I said.

I walked to the bedroom, made the bed then took a shower. After I was done dressing up, I went to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast. I tried removing sausages from the freezer but they were stuck. I decided to boil two eggs. Next, I made some coffee, then boiled some milk and put aside since I was not sure if he will have cereals or just coffee. I put all the items on a tray then added four bananas and took it to the living room. I found him already dressed up and was watching CNN.

"Thank you." He said.

In silence, we had our breakfast while watching news. After we were done, I washed the used utensils then went to check on Chloe. She was still sleeping.

"What time will you leave the house?" I asked Fred. 

"At around 8.30am." He answered. "I am to be in the office by 9am since other staff went for training."

"Okay. Ill be leaving to the office now. When the nanny comes, please ask her to give Chloe the cereals set out on the kitchen counter. Milk is still in the fridge."


"See you later." I said then leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

I drove to the office and started looking at the applications that had been sent in. I narrowed it all down to the best five candidates then asked the receptionist to call them for me. I asked them to each come a particular time from 10am on Friday for the interviews. I selected the best in terms of experience. Most times, experience outweighs a degree.

I followed with an email with different heads of departments to inform them of the interviews. I also invited the Accounts Department manager, Mrs. Wright, and my assistant to be avail themselves as panelists for the interviews.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Fred arrived like an hour after I had arrived. He looked so wasted. His laptop bag hang loose on his shoulder. He had already removed his tie. His shirt was unbuttoned to the second hole. 

"Hellos." He said while walking past us to the bedroom. 

I placed Chloe on the floor so that she could continue playing with the toys while I went to check on him.

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked standing on the doorway.

"I'm so tired." He replied lifting his left leg then removed his socks.

"Sorry about that." 


"We were about to eat. Can I serve you as well?"

"No, I think I will take a shower first. Ill eat thereafter."

"Okay. We will be in the living room."

I walked back to find Chloe trying to eat her foot. Time for food! I warmed her food and went back to feed her. She ate her food well and in a few minutes, she was done. I served myself then we watched TV together. Today, we were watching Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon.

Fred joined us wearing a white t-shirt and black boxers. He had warmed his food already. 

"Please give me the remote." He asked.

I passed him the remote and he changed the channel to a news station. Immediately, Chloe started to cry. 

"Daddy, daddy. I want Courage." Chloe started crying. Tears were streaming down her face.

Fred looked at me then changed the channel back to cartoon network. Chloe stopped crying and sat down on the carpet to continue watching it.

I laughed.

"So how was your day?" He asked.

"It was good. Busy but okay." 

"I decided to take on some other part time jobs but it is really weighing me down." Fred started.

"Since when?"


"So what were you to do?"

"I thought I should do some maintenance and consultancy work. When I spread word around, I got lots of work but crazy deadlines. I do not know how I will manage."

"Maybe you should only take one job first until you finish before you start another."

"Good idea but I already have some pending work. I was to check three laptops for my pals."

"Just try to clear it then start small." I assured him. "Just be careful that this should not distract you from your main job. It will cost you a lot."


After he was done, we washed the utensils and called it a night. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016


I got down to my work as soon as I sat down. I was to conduct a staff recruitment process for the Accounting department as they needed two accounting assistants. After checking the exact descriptions needed, I sent the advert to few employment agencies.

I had a meeting at ten o'clock with the managers thereafter I was to finish my reports which were due today. Work got so busy that I even forgot to go for lunch. I only realized I was hungry at around 2.15pm. I quickly dashed to the restaurant nearby and had a quick lunch.

Back to the office, my email was all full. I had almost ten resumes from different applicants regarding the job. That was fast! I looked at each of them and noticed that they were all qualified for the position. I rang Mrs. Wright and gave her the update.

"I did not expect that much response especially on the first day." I said.

"So what do you think we should do?" She asked.

"I had put the deadline as two days after today."

"Then just go through the applications we have received then do the selection. I think it will be easier for you in the end." She said.

"Yes, that would be easier."

"Then we can start the interviews either on Friday or early next week. The department really needs people urgently."

"I'll do that."

"Please keep me in the loop on the interview date. You also have to inform George of the date as he will also be present." 

I walked back to my desk and started critically looking at the CVs. Since they were many, I figured I can eliminate first those with grammatical errors, the spacing and formatting. I came to a conclusion that most candidates do not take time to read what they before sending. One had done everything so perfectly but had not indicated her phone number. How was one supposed to contact her? The other one had not formatted his work well. One had sent his resume without the cover letter!

At the end of the day, I drove back to the house. I was tired. Chloe and the nanny were sitted at the balcony looking over the street. She smiled when she saw me and ran to me. I gave her a hug and went to the house. They followed me inside.

"How have you been?" I asked.

"We have been okay. Chloe ate her food well but has not finished the fruits." The nanny started. "She is picky in eating water melons."

"What about other fruits?"

"She still loves pineapples and bananas."

"Okay. We will not force the melons on her." I said. "Did she drink water?"

"Yes she did."

Chloe walked in from of us and picked my phone. She went to the games sections and opened it. As she was busy playing, I could not help but be thankful for how far she had come.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Someone please explain to me. Do kids sense when their parents are having sex? Or are they just jealous? As soon as we got down to business of satisfying each other, Chloe let out a cry. This could not be happening. When I was almost about to reach the seventh heaven, there goes the disruption!

Fred was surprised at first but he continued with what we were doing. Chloe at the background screaming her heart out while we were busy finishing up the last few seconds to climax. As we continued, the thrusting become more harder and a bit rough, but Chloe would not shut up. My mummy instincts was not settled but I wanted to get over this. So I started swaying my hips to the rhythmic movement of Fred on top and together, we managed to finally breath. We did it. The gash of his warmth spread inside me mixing with my own fluids.

I got out of bed quickly leaving Fred still frail and went to pick up Chloe. As I picked her up, she started smiling. What the heck? Was she not the one who was screaming her lungs out? Now there she was looking at me mischievously as if she knew what were were up-to.  

I went back to the bedroom and put her next to her dad who by then had at least covered himself up. 

"Ill be back." I said as I walked to the shower.

"No. Please don't leave her with me. I need to rest." Fred shouted.

"And I need to go to work." I replied as I turned on the shower.

After I prepared myself, I picked my phone to try and call the nanny but I got a message.

                         "Please open the door."

I tiptoed to the main door and opened the locks. She was standing right outside the door carrying a brown bag.

"I am so sorry. I was in the shower." I started apologizing.

"It's okay. I have not been here for long." She assured me.

"Please come in." 

She removed her shoes and sat on the couch. 

"I think I need to apologize. I left you without any notice." She started.

"What was wrong?" I asked.

"I got a call from home. My mum was rushed to the hospital after a neighbor found her unconscious on her front pouch. I went to check on her."

"Oh my, is she okay?" I asked.

"Yes she is. Her blood sugar had gone way too low as she had not taken her medicine. She has Diabetes Type 1."

"I'm so sorry."

Thank you. She was checked and even released to go home. She has to take her medicines though as advised by the Doctor."

"So who is looking after her?" 

"My elder sister. She was a bit free and took time off to be with her for a couple of days." She replied.

"Fantastic." I responded. "I would love to chat more but I have to dash to the office. Fred is around though. Please prepare his breakfast before he leaves then look after Chloe. She is already up."

"Yes I will."

"Oh, we bought more cereals for her. You can also give her some bananas that I have left on top of the kitchen counter."

"Alright. See you in the evening."