Thursday, October 31, 2013


Back to the work environment, we were almost closing the year. Normally, the year ends around December where we finalize most of the clients’ accounts and prepare for the new financial year. For this reason, we were really busy organizing and sorting out documents in our department. I was to go through everyone’s file, notice the work done, absenteeism and other disciplinary actions that were taken on the staff. This was to be done early enough since by middle of December, the company would have closed until next year.

Mrs. Wright was back from her ‘holiday’ and had already set the office rolling. She was one struck and meticulous lady. Everything had to be done in the proper way. But it was all good, we had to work anyways. Since she came, we had two meetings with her. One with the whole staff which we later on had lunch together. The second one was with the heads of departments in which I had to go since I took over the role of the HR.

Fred’s department on the other hand was going through buying and servicing their machines and server. It had to be done right and also before end of the year. The finance department was clearing the cash and keeping some aside for miscellaneous and bonus at the end of the year. Our internet had been having issues for a while and we were advised to change the router and check into the network cables.

Ann’s baby was all grown up. I had visited her and her mum the other day and he was big! The baby really resembled his father. The facial features were noticeable. The mum too was doing okay. Her body was getting back to what it was before the baby. Her face glowed every time she talked about her beautiful family.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bed Issues

Ladies, do any of you ever have issues regarding sex? I do. The dryness, the pain and just lazy to do it. There are days when I don’t feel the need to get or have sex. My hormones are just off. This is not to say Fred is wack in bed, it’s just that there are times I would comfortably choose to sleep rather than do it. He is a good guy, very romantic and would go all the way to make sure you get what you desire. But no matter what styles you use to make it interesting, you rather chose to speed it up and get over it.

For example, the next day after the Fred and I indulged in some sex, I woke up yearning for some more sex. I reached out to the bed and got hold of Fred. After fondling him for some time, he got aroused and started with the whole process. This may sound funny but I ended up pushing him away! I was so tired I couldn’t see myself riding him. My hormones had also decided to run away too – I was dry as a maize cob. My urges had disappeared. Poor dude! He was so frustrated with me since am the one who initiated it. He stood up, threw the sheets at me and went to the shower.

I was left in the bed not knowing if to laugh or not. I felt guilty. I rolled over and went to the magazine rack that I had and got hold of the latest issue of “Cosmopolitan”.  I flipped over the pages until I came across an article that was discussing the issue that I had in hand. According to this article, it was started that 67% of women just have sex to please their partners and not themselves. They just participate in it to show their ‘love’. I think I am among them!!!

The article went further to list things on how to improve the performance of our participation in the love making process. Weird! I knew all of  them so that means I wasn’t doing anything wrong. What if the hormones have issues? The article didn’t have that so I goggled from my phone. Oh my! I wasn’t the only one asking the same questions. Hahahaha!

Fred was still in the shower probably doing other things. I went and opened the bathroom door and let myself in. He was initially surprised to find me there but he went ahead to do what he was doing. I held him by the waist and apologized to him for my behavior earlier on. What happened next was everyone’s imagination! We did it and I didn’t complain. Sometimes the best was to deal the issue is to just shut up and try as much as possible to enjoy it even though you aren’t.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lady in the Mirror

I woke up and peeped through the bed sheets and looked around the room. Fred was still sleeping on his side of the bed in a foetal position facing the other side. The sun rays had already penetrated into the room through the windows. I moved my head to the left and checked the clock on my side of the bed. It was seven fifteen in the morning. Damn, I didn’t want to wake up that early on a Sunday morning.

I was pressed so I woke up and went to the washroom. My nightdress was a little black lingerie that Fred had bought for me last year during valentines. When I reached in the toilet, I lifted up the dress, pulled down the panty and sat on the toilet seat. I almost stood up again when my warm skin touched the toilet bowl. It was freezing! I did my business and went to the sink to wash my hands.

I looked up and saw myself on the mirror. I was looking so messed up. My hair was shaggy and my face looked like it had not been applied moisturizer for over a week. I quickly made my hair and washed my face before applying some oil on my face. I didn’t want Fred to wake up and find me looking like a zombie. I smiled at the lady on the mirror knowing what crazy ideas she had.  I tip toed back to the bedroom and covered myself with the duvet and moved closer to where Fred was sleeping.

The bed was warm and his body so inviting. I covered myself to my face then lifted up my left hand and caressed his back for a little while before moving to his chest. He didn’t move. So I moved on his upper body and went to his ears. He was always so sensitive on that part of the body so he twitched before asking me what I was doing.

“What are you upto?” he whispered as if there were people in the room.

“Nothing.” I quickly replied.

I didn’t stop. I was feeling very generous today and wanted to share this with him. It had been a few days since we engaged in proper coitus. I moved my hands from his face and took it down below, way down. He was wearing a boxer so I inserted my hands inside. He quickly responded and knew it was working.

By this time, I had moved so close to him. My body was already ready for him. He finally changed positions from the way he was sleeping and turned to face me. He looked deep into my eyes for a few seconds before placing his big right hand on my face. He shifted my face to him and kissed me. He did it again then moved his hands to explore my body.

“You wanna get freaky?” he whispered to my ears.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Women Talk

I heard a knock on my door.

I went and answered it and Ann was there with her baby on her arms.

“Welcome guys, nice surprise!” I said ushering them inside.

Ann sat on the chair next to the door and placed the boy next to her still covered in the shawl. She then stood up and we hugged each other.

“I didn’t expect to see you out of the house so soon.” I said.

“I thought so too but I was getting bored alone.” She answered. “Mike is not at home at the moment. I think he went to watch the football match.”

“Yea, Fred told me he was also going. I think they are together.”

“So how have you been?” She asked. “It has been long since I saw you.”

“I have been good but work has driving me crazy but in general its okay.” I replied. “What about you and the baby?”

“I am okay except having sleepless nights. He has been crying all through the night for no good reason.”

“I’m sorry about that. Is he okay?”

“Yes he is. I was so worried about him that I took him to the clinic to be checked. The doctors said he was healthy. He was irritable at night since he spends the whole day sleeping.”

“Oh yea, that can be a good reason but how are you going to change his sleeping pattern?”

“I try to reduce his sleeping hours during the day by keeping him busy. So far I have managed with only two hours so I hope with time it will work out.”

“I hope so too. By the way, may I hold him?” I asked.


“”I can see he is starting to notice people. His eyes are fixated on you.” I said after watching the baby for a while.

Ann laughed. “He does that especially with his father.”

We spent the next hour or so chatting up about our husbands, gossiping and finally watching an episode of “Devious Maids”. That series is really getting my attention. Since it was already around six in the evening, we started preparing dinner and the baby’s food. We feed him and sang to him before he slept again.  Us ladies were left to enjoy the night away chatting up.