Friday, November 28, 2014

Morning After

The nurse came back later and put a drip and connected it from my hand. It was a bit painful when the needle was inserted but it went well. I got two other drips. I did not get the energy to ask why. All I wanted was to go home. The night was long, very long. The ceiling white color made it worse!

Fred went home when the visiting hours had ended at eight at night. I was left really worried and sleep was a distance away. I switched on the television and put on some cartoons. Teletubbies was being shown. How crazy can this fat things get?

In the morning, the nurse came to my bed and opened the curtains. I pulled back the duvet and asked if i could do a shower. She said yes and I was shown where it was. I went and stood at the shower. The warm water was so tender to my skin. I slithered myself with soap, rinsed and got out. On the bed, there was another hospital gown folded ready for me to wear. Whoever designed this dresses needs to be shot. Why in heavens name did they make the gowns that are open all the way at the back?

I went back and slept at the neatly made bed. It was comfortable. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep only to be awoken by the t.v. It was so loud. Apparently, the next patient on the other bed was changing the channels and put on a music station.

That music was so depressing I felt like I should just walk to the reception and take a taxi home. No..I took a deep breath and just held my breath. I opened one drawer and called Fred.

"Yes baby." he said.

"Morning, can you come over to the hospital?"

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes, I think. I just need to get out of here. I am tired."

"Okay, I will be there in a few minutes. Hold on tight."

"Thanks dear."

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Prayer

Fred and I went to bed that Friday night. It was a cold night. We slept at around ten. Next thing, I woke up after feeling suddenly cold. The cold feeling was only on my waist going down. I moved my left hand and tried to feel it. It was wet. I quickly sat up and switched on the lights. I lifted up the covers only to be met with something that I didn't expect. There was blood on the sheets!

I woke Fred up still traumatized. He looked shocked as well before calling 911. He tried calming down but all I could do was cry. I was scared. I was scared of losing the baby. The ambulance arrived twenty minutes later and I was rushed to the hospital.

After undergoing some tests, the Doctor came and told us of what had happened. I was bleeding despite being pregnant. The baby was okay as his heartbeat and activity was normal.

"I'm sorry for what you are are going through but this is pretty common among pregnant women. It will decrease and eventually stop but we will have you spend the night admitted."

"Is that necessary?" I asked.

"Yes it is. We need to monitor how you will progress in order to rule out any possible risks that may occur."

"So what caused the bleeding?" Fred asked.

"One major cause is stress. Are you working too much? Are you experiencing issues at home?"

"Not really." I replied.

"You need to relax and take a lot of rest. Another cause for the bleeding is hormonal effects, immune abnormalities or as in your case, heightened sensitivity of the cervix."

"Sounds dangerous."

"Yes it is. You are more at risk of losing the baby that is why I am asking you to take bed rest and no heavy work. You will have to take this recommendations seriously."

I nodded.

"Good. The nurse will come and help you out with everything you might need." He continued. "Ill be back later."

With that, he was gone. I looked at Fred and held his hand. I cried for a few minutes until I was interrupted by the nurse. She said hi to us before changing the hospital bed covers for me and adjusted the room temperature through the AC. A chair was brought in from the next bed for Fred to be able to sit down. She also passed me the remote for the television that was at the right side of the room.

"Would you like anything?" She asked.

"Water please." I replied through my sobs.

She left the room. I dropped the remote at the end of the bed and slept on my back. The ceiling was too white. It was depressing. I turned and slept on my side. I wanted my mum. I was too scared and Fred was not helping out. He was too scared that he was numb. I forgot my phone at home. I closed my eyes and silently made a prayer to God.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Do you ever wonder how big the earth is? How many people exist? What about Aliens? Lately, I have been too obsessed with the Discovery and National Geographic network. All those shows on Alien sightings have gotten me interested to the point of sitting on the balcony at night to try to see if I can be able to see something. Have not been lucky yet.

Fred does not seem to understand me so he lets me be. He once tried to switch off the television when I was busy watching. I cried. I don't know where that came from but I started crying infront of him like a baby. He looked at me like I was mad! Since then, he understood the code, all night programs on the television included investigations and peoples confessions.

Do you guys believe in Aliens? Or am I being paranoid?

Today my baby kicked. At first, I thought I had gas in my tummy so I ignored but on the second kick, I knew it was the little angle telling me that he or she was well. I jumped up with excitement and went to where Fred was.

"The baby just kicked?" I shouted.

"Kicked who?"

"Fred, the baby! Our baby just kicked." I replied pointing to my big tummy.

"Oh, that." Fred looked surprised then touched the belly. "Is it painful?"

"No,,a bit weird that's all."

As he was still trying to touch the belly, the baby kicked again. This time exactly where he had placed his hands.

"Wow!" He shouted moving a step back.

"You felt it, right?" I asked.

"He surely knows his martial arts. Is that even normal?"

I laughed. "Yes it is."

"Are you sure you don't want us to go to the doctor and confirm it?"

"Fred, its okay. I was actually waiting for it."

He poured me a glass of fresh orange juice and gave it to me.

"Drink that, maybe the baby is hungry."

"Really?" I asked.

We walked to the balcony and sat down. We had placed two chairs. They were made of metal, with two cushions to be bale to support our behinds and back. The cushions were bright orange in color. We also had a small stool that we kept as a table.

"I was with Mike today." Fred said. "He said hi."

"That's nice of him. How is he?"

"Good. He had some issues with his work with the contract but he was able to sort things out." Fred replied.


We sat there and looked at the view. The lights in the dark made a beautiful spectacle! It was not windy. Just perfect. Then, a shooting star appeared from the east side of the sky. I opened my eyes wide just to make sure I did not miss it. I pointed at it but it was gone in a few seconds.

"Did you see that?" I asked.

"Yes. Wow, that was beautiful!"

Friday, November 7, 2014

Advice from Mum

I am at my desk calculating the bills. Since now I was the sole breadwinner, I had the duty of meeting all the bills. The bills included Electricity bills, cable, water, house shopping, taxes, paying for Fred's taxes, car bills etc.

It was really a lot of work and the cost became a bit high. We all have to sacrifice right? Fred would have done the same to me too.

I looked up on the clock on my phone. It was 6.30am. Fred was still sleeping. I was seated on the balcony of our bedroom. I had a warm cup of coffee next to me alongside a bunch of bills. I also had my diary with me. I flipped its pages and noticed it was almost full. It was time to get another one. I am pretty certain after the baby arrives, I would have more to write from the experiences.

I sipped some coffee and tried to inhale the fresh air. Sweet! It had a cooling effect. I smiled. I picked up my phone and called my mother. I knew she was going to be mad for me to call her this early.
She didn't answer on my first try. I dialed her number again and she took it.

"Catherine?" She answered.

"Morning mum."

"Catherine? Are you okay?" She asked sounding worried.

"Yes mum. I am alright. Sorry to wake you."

"It's okay dear. I was already up."

"I miss you mum. I could not sleep so I thought about you."

"That's sweet dear."

"Mum, how did you do it? How did you manage how to keep the home as well as you did? How was it raising us?

"Oh dear Catherine, life is always one day at a time. Just take it slow."

"It's a bit difficult mum."

"I know, take heart. Whatever you are feeling now, it will be over soon."