Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I accompanied Ann to the clinic that Saturday for her baby checkup. The clinic was located about two miles from our place so we used my car. Although it was a short trip, we jammed along some of the music we liked from back in the day. 

At the hospital, we went directly to the pediatrician department. The line was not that long. There were about six other people infront of us. As Ann filled in the forms, I found myself a seat on the waiting area.  We waited for about twenty minutes before our turn. Ann was called in and she went with the baby. I remained outside with her baby bag. I scrolled my phone while waiting for her.
She was done after a while. She came out with the baby wailing loudly. Concerned, I quickly rose up and held the baby. 

“What’s wrong?” I said taking the baby into my arms.

“The doctor gave him an injection.” She said sitting besides me.

I rubbed the baby’s back trying to console him. 

“I really hate when he is in pain.” Ann said after a few minutes.

“I understand. I don’t like it but its all for the best you know.” I replied.


We grabbed our stuff and went to the car. As soon as we strapped on our seat-belts, I suggested we head to the mall and grab ourselves some goodies to which Ann agreed. I drove to the nearest shopping mall. We went to one of the restaurants and ordered some milkshakes. For the baby, Ann had already carried him some milk. She didn't have to give him as he had cried himself to sleep on our way there.

“How is Mike?” I asked.

“He is good. He really is concerned about the baby which it’s a good thing.”

“That’s nice!” I replied.

“And you? You have been a bit stressed lately.” She asked.

“Not really” 

“Are you sure? Are you and Fred okay?”

“Yes we are. But there are times we have some issues between one another.”

“I’m sorry about that but in marriages you must have the issues coming up. You are all trying to adapt to each other.”

“I guess.”

“Just hold on to it. You will get it okay as time moves on.”

I nodded.

We continued sipping our drinks while looking at the view of the parking. Just then, I noticed a familiar figure coming towards us. I quickly looked at Ann and noticed she had noticed him too. He was smiling. My heart skipped a bit. I didn’t expect him there. I composed myself and waited for him to arrive.

“Hey guys.” He started.

“Hey Sam.” Ann replied.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back To Normalcy

We strolled back to the office hand in hand. I felt good. One thing about being married was that, no matter how mad you were about a person, you learnt to forgive and move on. Fred and I had been having arguments for a while now and we always found a way to move on. Yes, sex also does help in the make up. This time around, dialog worked for us.

When I returned to my desk, I decided to call our mutual friend Angela. She was the one that we had visited together with Mike and Ann sometimes back at her place. We found out that she had breast cancer. I wanted to know how she was doing since we last talked. She was okay and glad that I called. She informed me of the treatment and how the body was responding so far. The doctors were very optimistic of the results so far. She even sounded excited towards the progress of her health.

The afternoon went by slowly. I managed to finish up with the deadlines I had and even worked on the staff’s recent changes in the office. My boss, Mrs. Wright had decided to interchange most people in different departments for efficiency. Most of it had gone on smoothly since the staff had an idea of what duties were expected of them. Two of them had gotten a promotion while the rest were given new assignments. Others got permanent contracts to their jobs after completion of the required period after casual contract.

On the drive back to our place in the evening, Fred and I dropped by the mall and bought a few stuff for the house. The house was in need of some shopping. I hated shopping especially if it was going to take me a while. Luckily for me, Fred was there to help me out. We took about forty minutes. We paid and left the store. What surprised me was the cost of the items that we took. The price had almost doubled from what we were used to. The economy was fucked up! I stared at the receipts all the way home. I couldn’t believe it.

I was a bit exhausted when I arrived in the house. I went straight to the couch, placed my leg up and started browsing with my phone. I looked at my twitter page, Instagram and finally Facebook. A lot of my friends were online so we chatted for a while. Meanwhile, Fred was busy with the television. There was a game being shown so he concentrated on it. We had already had dinner in the mall so I didn’t have to bother cooking up again.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lunch Date

Next day at work around ten o’clock, someone delivered a whole bouquet of flowers. They were white lilies. There was a small card attached and on it. I picked it up and saw that it was addressed to me. It only said “I’m sorry”. It didn’t have the senders name but I knew it was Fred.

Excitedly, I called Fred to thank him for the flowers.

“Fred, thanks so much for the surprise!”


“The flowers! They are so beautiful!”

“Oh that! It was a way of saying sorry to you again.”

“Thank you.” I replied almost tearing up.

“You welcome. Kate, do you think we can do lunch today?” he asked.

“Yes, no problem. Just call around 12.40pm.”

“Okay. See you soon.”

“Bye.” I said and hang up.

The reason I was so excited was because Fred had actually only given me flowers once since we started dating. He wasn’t a big fan of the whole flowers thing. He preferred other means of showing he cared. This time round, I was impressed.

At exactly 12.40pm as I had requested, Fred gave me a call. We met near the entrance of the office and together, we went downtown to KFC. I was really craving good fried chicken. We ordered and while we waited for our order, we sat down on one of the tables near the window. Fred held my hands on the table and looked at me. He smiled.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“Remember the time we used to come here while still back in college? You used to like seating over there?” he said pointing to the front of the restaurant with his left hand.

I smiled when memories of that came alive.

“Together with Mike and crew, we used to always disturb you while you and your girlfriends ate. You used to hate us.” He continued.

“Oh my God! You remember all the details?” I asked a bit surprised.

“I do.”

Just then, our orders came and we started indulging in the meat.