Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back To Normalcy

We strolled back to the office hand in hand. I felt good. One thing about being married was that, no matter how mad you were about a person, you learnt to forgive and move on. Fred and I had been having arguments for a while now and we always found a way to move on. Yes, sex also does help in the make up. This time around, dialog worked for us.

When I returned to my desk, I decided to call our mutual friend Angela. She was the one that we had visited together with Mike and Ann sometimes back at her place. We found out that she had breast cancer. I wanted to know how she was doing since we last talked. She was okay and glad that I called. She informed me of the treatment and how the body was responding so far. The doctors were very optimistic of the results so far. She even sounded excited towards the progress of her health.

The afternoon went by slowly. I managed to finish up with the deadlines I had and even worked on the staff’s recent changes in the office. My boss, Mrs. Wright had decided to interchange most people in different departments for efficiency. Most of it had gone on smoothly since the staff had an idea of what duties were expected of them. Two of them had gotten a promotion while the rest were given new assignments. Others got permanent contracts to their jobs after completion of the required period after casual contract.

On the drive back to our place in the evening, Fred and I dropped by the mall and bought a few stuff for the house. The house was in need of some shopping. I hated shopping especially if it was going to take me a while. Luckily for me, Fred was there to help me out. We took about forty minutes. We paid and left the store. What surprised me was the cost of the items that we took. The price had almost doubled from what we were used to. The economy was fucked up! I stared at the receipts all the way home. I couldn’t believe it.

I was a bit exhausted when I arrived in the house. I went straight to the couch, placed my leg up and started browsing with my phone. I looked at my twitter page, Instagram and finally Facebook. A lot of my friends were online so we chatted for a while. Meanwhile, Fred was busy with the television. There was a game being shown so he concentrated on it. We had already had dinner in the mall so I didn’t have to bother cooking up again.

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