Monday, January 27, 2014

Gyna Session

Early the next day, I called up my gynecologist. I have been with him for a couple of years and thought it would have been best if he looked at me before I started the baby making process. My appointment with him was at 10.30am. I didn’t tell Fred of my visit. He was so excited about the baby coming that I didn’t want to flood his mind with concerns about me.
I prepared and dashed out of the house by nine. I passed by Ann’s place and found her alone with the baby. Mike had gone to the supermarket to buy some shopping for the house. Ann was really looking good! She was glowing. The baby was still sleeping when I arrived so we did some gossiping for about thirty minutes before I left. I also didn’t tell her where I was going. She would have insisted to coming with me. I wanted it to be private until am completely sure.

At the clinic, I sat down in the waiting room reading the few magazines that were placed on the table. I was a bit nervous. I was with another lady waiting for our turns to see the doctor.

Finally, I was called in to see the doctor after a few minutes. He shook my hand as I entered his office. I sat down on one of the chairs opposite his and waited. He asked how I was before being curious on why I was there. I told him my concerns. He was silent for a few minutes writing down in my file before asking me to go lie on the bed that was situated on the left side of the room. I climbed the box like thing that was placed next to the bed for elevation and waited for him. He followed me and asked to lift my dress up. Opening your legs to another man to view your genitals must be one of the most uncomfortable things in the world for me. I felt his gloved hand perusing my ‘stuff’. He did his duties for a few minutes before asking that I wait for him on his desk.

“I have checked you out and see no issues that might affect the process.” He started. “All I can say is that you can come for further checkup just to make sure that it’s all well.”

I breathed out loud. “Thank you.”

“You welcome. Are you on any contraceptives?” he asked.

“No, I haven’t used any for the last six months.”      

“Sex going on well between you and your partner?”


“Good! In the meantime, you can do us all a favor by eating healthy. Increase your intake of greens and drink a lot of water. Avoid stressful conditions too.”


“Then ill see you again in a month’s time. Keep on with the baby making process.” He said with a laugh.

I blushed.

“See you then.” I said as I walked out. I was relieved that I was okay and he had given me the go-ahead. Now all I have to do is to get a Kamasutra book and

Monday, January 20, 2014


By the end of that day, my mum was pretty messed up. I dragged her to the couch and let her take a nap there. I wasn’t going to drive her home at this hour. She might be lonely if she would be alone in the house. I was worried she might end up using liquor to ease her pain.

With her asleep, Fred and I took some plastic seats and went to the balcony to get some air. We sat next to each other and sipped more wine. It was so romantic. Since we lived on the top floor, the view to the streets below was awesome. Come to think of it, I have never taken more than ten minutes just relaxing on the balcony.

Fred leaned in and kissed me passionately. I kissed him back. He stopped a little then looked at me. The look in his eyes made me smile. You could tell that he was so into it. I wanted more. He figured it out and kissed me again but this time it was slow and more passionate. For about ten or so minutes, we were deeply engrossed to each other.

“So what was that for?” I asked.

“Can’t I kiss you for no good reason?” He replied while sliding to his chair.

“I didn’t mean it like that! It was nice.”

“You welcome.” He said and smiled.

I leaned and leaned on him putting my head on his shoulder. He then stretched his left arm and held my thigh.

“Any New Year resolutions yet?” I asked.

“Not really. I keep on breaking my resolutions.” He answered.

“I also don’t keep them.”

“Do you think this year we can try again for a kid?” He asked.

“I….” I started.

“Kate, its okay. We don’t have to rush. If you aren’t ready then we can wait.” He assured me.

I smiled. “I think am ready for a little one.”

“You are?” Fred shouted. “Are you serious?”


“Thank you.” He said and kissed me on the forehead.

Fred started excitedly talking about babies and how he would like a baby girl. I smiled and listened. I have never known that he would be this excited. It made me want to have one soon. But I was also afraid. What if I loose the baby again like last time? Will I be able to carry the baby full time? I think this time round I have to go to a doctor first and see how it goes. I would not want to be disappointed again.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year's

On New Year’s, I got a little surprise. My mum came by the house. She had not called ahead to tell us. We heard the door knock and there she was, smiling while carrying two large grocery bags.

“Mum, what are you doing here” I heard Fred say after opening the door.

“I came to visit you two people.” She replied and entered the house.

I stood up and hugged her.

“Happy New Year!!” She shouted.

“Happy New Year!” We both responded.

She then too the bags to the kitchen. We were left with dazzled looks.

“Do you think she is okay?” Fred asked looking concerned.

I shrugged my shoulders and sat down.

Soon after, she came back with three glasses filled with fresh juice. We didn’t have any left so she must have served us what she had brought. She served us and sat down at one of the corner chairs still smiling.

“Mum, you shouldn’t have done all this.” I said.

“No problem. I thought it would be a nice surprise to visit you.” She replied then took a gulp.

“Are you okay mum? You don’t act usual.”

“Yea, I am. We should all celebrate as today is a new year.”

As soon as she said celebrate, something clicked.

“Are you tipsy?” I asked.

She laughed the answered. “I just took a small glass of wine.”

“Really?” I asked again. “How can one glass make you behave like this?”


“You ask to many questions Catherine. Fred, how are you doing?”

“I’m good…we have been good.” Fred answered.

“Good.” She answered. "Do you have a bottle of red wine?"

I was taken aback. Since when was she drinking this heavy? There must be some issues that she has been dealing with.

“Mama, is everything okay with you?” I asked.


“No mum. I have never seen you drinking this heavy.”

“Catherine, I just want to celebrate the day. What is wrong with that?” she asked.

“Nothing mum. I am sorry.”

“Then go get me a glass…and bring some snacks. I am hungry!”

I went to the kitchen and wiped the wine glass before serving her red wine. As I was preparing, Fred came to the kitchen and hugged me. He could feel that I was not happy with the way things were. I was so concerned about her.

“Baby, do you think maybe she is missing your dad? She is celebrating the New Year alone without him and she might want to just forget that.” Fred said.

“Oh my God! That could be the reason! How could I not see that?”

“Just don’t be too hard on her baby. Let her do as she wishes.”

Monday, January 6, 2014

Festive Season

Christmas was here with us again. Fred and I had not made any plans yet so we decided we should chill at the house during that period. Mike and Ann had gone to Mike’s home place to spend the holidays there and also get the extended family to see their baby. My mum had already moved to the city by then but she spent the holidays with her sister. My brother and his family had gone to the Alps for a bit of adventure. Fred’s family was still at home but they were having some guests dropping by.

The streets were a bit empty when we took a walk one day. It was like everyone had left town to go visit their family or go for a holiday. But I enjoyed it so much. There was no traffic issue so going to and from one place to the other took a quarter of what we were used to. I remember this day when I visited one of the new malls on the other side of the street. I expected to take almost thirty minutes or so but I only took exactly seven minutes from the house! The lines at the supermarkets were the only depressing thing that could happen. There were not many people but most of their trolleys were full with shopping to last them days! I waited for almost twenty minutes to be served.The Christmas decorations were so beautiful. It brought out the warm feeling that was. I got to take a lot of pictures with Fred.

On the 25th of December, I woke up to the sweet aroma of coffee. I looked at the other side of the bed but it was empty. Fred had already woken up and he was the one preparing the coffee. I dragged myself to the kitchen and saw him arranging cups on the small tray that I use to serve my guests with. He was surprised to see me up that early.

“Morning.” I said.

“Morning, what the hell are you doing up this early?” he asked.

“I should ask you the same question. What are you cooking?”

“I was brewing some coffee for you and had already done some sandwich.” He said.

“Really? That’s a nice surprise!”

We had tea in the kitchen then spent the rest of the day watching movies. I received a couple of messages from my friends and family wishing us a merry Christmas. I also made an effort to call them up and wish them the same too.