Monday, January 27, 2014

Gyna Session

Early the next day, I called up my gynecologist. I have been with him for a couple of years and thought it would have been best if he looked at me before I started the baby making process. My appointment with him was at 10.30am. I didn’t tell Fred of my visit. He was so excited about the baby coming that I didn’t want to flood his mind with concerns about me.
I prepared and dashed out of the house by nine. I passed by Ann’s place and found her alone with the baby. Mike had gone to the supermarket to buy some shopping for the house. Ann was really looking good! She was glowing. The baby was still sleeping when I arrived so we did some gossiping for about thirty minutes before I left. I also didn’t tell her where I was going. She would have insisted to coming with me. I wanted it to be private until am completely sure.

At the clinic, I sat down in the waiting room reading the few magazines that were placed on the table. I was a bit nervous. I was with another lady waiting for our turns to see the doctor.

Finally, I was called in to see the doctor after a few minutes. He shook my hand as I entered his office. I sat down on one of the chairs opposite his and waited. He asked how I was before being curious on why I was there. I told him my concerns. He was silent for a few minutes writing down in my file before asking me to go lie on the bed that was situated on the left side of the room. I climbed the box like thing that was placed next to the bed for elevation and waited for him. He followed me and asked to lift my dress up. Opening your legs to another man to view your genitals must be one of the most uncomfortable things in the world for me. I felt his gloved hand perusing my ‘stuff’. He did his duties for a few minutes before asking that I wait for him on his desk.

“I have checked you out and see no issues that might affect the process.” He started. “All I can say is that you can come for further checkup just to make sure that it’s all well.”

I breathed out loud. “Thank you.”

“You welcome. Are you on any contraceptives?” he asked.

“No, I haven’t used any for the last six months.”      

“Sex going on well between you and your partner?”


“Good! In the meantime, you can do us all a favor by eating healthy. Increase your intake of greens and drink a lot of water. Avoid stressful conditions too.”


“Then ill see you again in a month’s time. Keep on with the baby making process.” He said with a laugh.

I blushed.

“See you then.” I said as I walked out. I was relieved that I was okay and he had given me the go-ahead. Now all I have to do is to get a Kamasutra book and

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