Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Its a mess

I woke up in the morning to find myself alone in the bedroom. Fred wasn't on his side of the bed. I guessed he had already gone to work. I rose my head up and looked around. I could see the sun ray's through the window and could tell it was around mid morning. Next to the bed, my clothes were still on the floor so I put them on and decided to go to the next room.

The room was dead silent. I could see it was already ten o'clock from the wall clock above the television in the room. I switched on telly and sat on the couch to check what was on. The music channel was on so I added up the volume up then went to the kitchen. The fridge was empty which was weird. How can they have a fridge on without anything in? So I took two slices of bread that was placed on the table and ate some.

After washing up, I called Fred. He took long before he could answer. I informed him I was leaving his place and headed to mine so I would lock up the place and he could get the keys from my place. He was okay with it so I was on my way home.

My place was even worse. The room was quiet, the utensils still on the table and the furniture all over the room. I kind of expected that since we slept very late and they had to report to work! Across to Ann's bedroom, the bed was unmade. I have never witnessed Ann leaving the bed like that. She was one of the few people who couldn't leave the bed unmade until it was perfect. Anyway, I can understand the situation.

I changed into shorts and started cleaning up the house. It was all a mess. From the bedroom, to the kitchen out to the balcony. Vacuuming was not helping at all so I opted for a bucket of water and soap. The cleaning process took almost three hours and at the end, I was too tired to do anything so a nap was the next option.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The rest of the night turned out to be more fun. We toasted, made jokes and served up with more food. I had fun.

Since it was about eleven thirty at night, Mike suggested that we cut short the mini party so that people can sleep as they had to be up in the morning. I didnt want Fred to go so suggested to him if he could spend the night at my crib. He smiled at first then remembered he didn't have change over clothes. So we changed our plans to me accompanying him to his place. Good choice. Apparently Ann and Mike had already decided to go ahead and slept in the bedroom so we just took off to Fred's.

We held each others hands until we reached his place. He put on some love songs on and asked me to dance with him. I joined him and we danced for a couple of minutes. I hadnt noticed that he had carried the extra wine in the house!

"How did you carry that? I didnt even notice."

"Yea, thought I should surprise you. Anyway, I didnt want the party to end."

I laughed. Truth is, I also didnt want the party to end so soon. "So are we gonna toast again?"

"Yes. This time is gonna be for us two!"

It was really romantic. We drank until the bottle was finished. We stood up and started dancing all over the room which was funny by itself. We then kissed for a while. The kissing got so intense until we forgot we were dancing. He pulled me over to his bedroom. I was a little tipsy by then so he carried me over to the bed.

"Why are you laughing?" he asked.

"I love this. I love you getting all romantic." I replied still smilling at him.

"I'm your man,so let me do that." He said and winked.

He got down to business.

Toast to Me

Mike and Ann were the first to arrive at around seven. Mike was wearing a dark grey suit. I have never seen him in one. He was looking great. Ann didn't disappoint as she was in a black short skirt, ruffled white blouse and black shoes.

"So tell us about the job." Ann asked as she sat down on the couch.

"I got the job at Fred's place. He knew the company was hiring so he told me about it." I said.

"Wow. Thats nice. Speaking of him, where is Fred?" Mike asked.

"He will be here in a few minutes. In the meantime, would you guys want some juice?" I asked.

Both of them nodded.

I went to the kitchen and poured juice for them in the glasses. While walking back, I heard Fred's voice. He had already arrived! So I made a quick turn and filled another glass with juice. I took to them and placed them on the table.

"Hey cutie, congratulations!" Fred said while handing me the red wine.

"Thanks dear." I said while receiving the bottle. I placed it on the table and hugged him.

"Dont forget the kiss." Fred said while pinching my arm.

I leaned in and gave him one.

After handing them the juice, we talked about my work. It was going to be challenging as it was my 'real' job after the internship that i had a few months ago. Mike was very encouring as he kept telling me how all will be too well.

We all felt hungry and proceeded to the kitchen and filled ourselves with food. We went back to the sitting room and talked a little more. Then Fred poured us the wine which he proceeded to give a funny speech accompanying it.

"To my cutie, all the best in your new job. I know you will succeed at the new job because you are a go getter. I hope ill be getting more kisses from you at the office." Fred said winking at me.

We all laughed. Ann was next.

"To my best friend. All the best. Keep walking with your head high and I love you."

"I love you too." I said and hugged her.

Mike rose and smiled. Was he shy?

"To Kate, congratulations. You deserve this and may your career be extensive."

"Oh Thanks a lot Mike." I hugged him too.

Fred poured us more wine and shouted. "To Kate!"

The glass clicked and all three of them shouted back. "To Kate!"

Friday, June 17, 2011

Over the Moon

Guys, I got the job!

Yes I did.

I got a call at around three in the afternoon from Mrs. Wright informing me of the news. Although I still had to go and sign several documents regarding the work, I was over the moon. I was to report on the first of the other month which was a week away. I know Fred and Ann would be delighted too. I decided to call them both informing them of the new progress.

I dialed Fred first. It was around four in the afternoon and was sure he won’t be too busy.

“Hey, buy some wine when you come home.” I told him.

“Wine? What for?” He asked.

“I got the job. We got to celebrate.”

“What? She called?”

“Yea, she called a while back. Will you bring some wine?”

“Congrats. Yes, the wine will be brought to you lucky one.”

“Thank you. Come early.”

“I will. Make sure there is good food.”

“I’m on it already.” I replied smiling.

“See yah! Congratulations.”

“See you.”

Ann was next on the list. I called and she wasn’t picking. What was going on with this woman? She had developed a habit of not picking calls these days. She better get over it as soon as possible. I left a text message for her to call me.

I got started with the cooking right away. First of all, I needed meat so I had to go all the way to the butchery and pass by the grocery shop to buy some foodstuffs. I started by tenderizing the meat as I cut up some onions as soon as I got back in the house.  I know it may sound cheesy but I cooked rice and meat stew. I didn’t want anything heavy. Since it was midweek, Fred and Ann would be dead tired and had to sleep early because of work. By the time the food was almost cooked, Ann called.

“You got a job?”

“Yes I did. Tried calling you earlier but you weren’t picking.”

“Sorry about that. I was in a meeting with some officials. Congratulations girl.”

“Thank you. Where are you?”

“I’m on my way back home. Ill be there in about twenty minutes.”

“Good. I was preparing some food for my party.”

“You have a party?”

“Kind of. Thought it will be fun to catch up with all of you. You guys have been so supportive of me.”

“Okay. It’s a nice idea.”

“You can bring Mike around .There is enough food to feed us all.” I said.

“Ill ask him but I know he will be glad to.” Ann said.

“Okay. See you later in a few minutes.”

“See you.”

Monday, June 13, 2011

of instincts..

As I was walking to the bus stop, I heard my phone vibrate. At first, I thought it was Fred calling but later found out it was my mum on the other end. After the usual greetings, I got the feeling that she knew something was up.

“Katey, are you sure you are okay?”

“Yes mum. I’m doing fine.”

“Don’t try to lie to me dear. What is happening with you? Are you and Fred okay?”

“Mum, everything is fine. Why do you think that something is wrong?”

“I’m sorry dear. When you will become a mother, you will get to understand why am asking all this. You will know when your child is not doing alright. I’m pretty sure at the moment I’m right.”

“Well, maybe it’s because I’m just from a job interview.”

“How was it?”

“It was tough mum but I’m sure ill get it.”

“That’s the spirit dear.”

“Thank you. How is dad doing?”

“He is okay. His business is not doing very well but he will manage.”

“I know. He has such a strong spirit.”

“And you took after him. Kate, I have to go. I can smell the food burning.”


“I had food in the oven and forgot all about it. Talk to you tomorrow and fill me in on the work situation.”

“Okay mum, bye.”


Even though it was nice hearing from her, she spooked me a little bit. Her questions regarding how I was doing were so damn right on point. I couldn’t tell her of what I did or maybe she knows I had an abortion? I haven’t been feeling okay since the abortion and guess it all comes to the guilt conscience that I have been having. She is freaking me out!

As the bus came into the final stop near the bus stop, I wished I could had opened up to her. She wouldn’t have liked the decision but could have supported me no matter what. Maybe just a little.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Its a tough world out here

With each small step I took while walking to Mrs. Wright office, the more my heart was pounding. I swear I could feel a drip of sweat up my forehead! I had been called in after waiting for approximately twelve minutes. Through the glass door, I could see Mrs. Wright sitting on her chair reading a document.

I knocked. She let me in.

I walked to where she was and greeted her. She smiled back and asked me to take a seat next to her mahogany executive table.

"So, let get this done with. I have only a few minutes." she started.

I nodded and said. "Okay."

Still reading the documents, which I came to realize later was my resume, she asked if I could give her more time to finish what she was doing. This gave me the time to check her out. She was beautiful. She was about thirty five years of age, light skinned with curly hair draping her face. Her low cut black dress enhanced her features well. She was wearing a small silver earring which matched her bracelet. I noticed a picture of a little girl of which i immediately concluded was her daughter. The girl looked very similar to her. Files also took the most part of the table with the laptop sitting adorably at the middle of it all. She rose her head and started.

For the following half an hour or so, I was grilled regarding the job. It was so tough that by the time I left the office, I was exhausted despite it being only ten o'clock. Fred wasn't lying when he told me the lady was tough! It was a matter of waiting for the response regarding the interview. As I was leaving, I tried to peep at Fred but couldn't see him so I texted him to tell him of the interview and had left the building.

"Haven't done that bad, have I?" I found myself asking aloud while taking the lift out of the office.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crossing my fingers...

Early the next morning. I got a call from Fred waking me up. Damn, it was five thirty in the morning. I took a warm shower, dressed and prepared myself while waiting for him to pick me up at my house as i was situated near the bus stop than him. At exactly six twenty he showed up. We walked for a little while to the bus stop speaking generally about the news making headlines. I guessed he avoided the topic of what had happened the day before.

We arrived to his office and found three of his workmates already on their desks. The office design was superb. The reception desk was the first thing i noticed when i walked inside. It was designed in a circular motion with a black base and a mirror on top of it. The monitor was placed on top of the desk and a miniature waterfall beside it. I loved it. The walls in the office were painted bright blue with red contrast designs on it. It was an open spaced office with desks being shared between two of the staff. We moved on a little bit to Fred's workplace. It was on the corner of the office. I sat down on the adjacent chair started to read a magazine that was on the table.

Meanwhile, Fred went and picked out some application forms that one had to fill for the vacancy. He brought them after like five minutes and i started filling them up. He asked me later to wait at the reception for the Human Resources Manager to come. The vacancy was for an administrator officer to fill up for the one who had just left. The company wanted to fill it up as soon as possible for the smooth running of the office. The company was a well known design company and Fred was working as an IT consultants. He wasn't paid that much but it helped him with the bills and other needs.

A while later, a lady came in through the door dressed in a black dress,brown belt and brown heels. She strode to an open office near where Fred was. A minute passed and Fred went in. I could see them talking and i got the feeling that they were talking about me as they were gesturing at my direction. Fred came out and walked towards my direction.

"Kate, the HR has come in. She is called Mrs. Ross Wright and she is about to call you in." he started.

I breathed in then said. "Okay. How is she like?"

"She is a no nonsense woman but just tell her the truth regarding what she asks you." he responded.


"You will be called in maybe in five minutes. Go in with your papers just incase its an interview."

Thank God i was dressed officially!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


After a while, Fred, Ann and Mike left me and went to the sitting room. I was overcome by sleep and slept.

I woke up after an hour or so and decided to take a shower. I still smelt like the medicines in the clinic. I felt dirty, guilty and a sinner. Oh God, please forgive me! I dressed up and went to join the crew in the sitting room. As i sat down, Ann rose up and offered me some milk.

"How you feeling?"

"I'm much better Ann."

"Thats good. I was thinking i go buy dinner before it becomes dark. Would you like anything in particular?"

"I'm okay with anything."

Mike and Ann left the house afterwards and i was left alone with Fred. I felt like Ann and Mike were using the excuse of food to give Fred and I some space to talk. A huge silence followed after. No one was sure what to say to the other. I decided to start.

"I'm really sorry for not telling you before i went ahead with the procedure."

"Its okay. At least you are safe but it would have been better you let me know incase something didnt go according to plan."

"Guess it was because i was terrified of the whole thing. I'm sorry."

"Now, we better focus on the future. I was to tell you earlier that a vacancy has come up in the office before the whole hospital matter came up. Will you be feeling okay to check it out tomorrow?"

 "Yea. That's good."

"Okay. We will go together in the morning. Ill pass by and pick you up."