Thursday, September 27, 2012


“Oh, maybe we should give you time to get done?” Dad said as they entered the room and noticed I was getting prepared.

“It’s okay. It’s rather too early for me to get all pampered up!” I replied.

“Alright, we will stay for a few minutes.” My brother added. “Sorry we showed up late.”

“No need to apologize, I’m glad you were able to come. I missed you.”

“I missed you too. By the way, congratulations! I’m so happy that my little girl is getting married.”

“Thanks dad.” I replied and hugged them both.

After they left, my cousin started to work her magic on me. My hair was the first one to be done and she styled it in a bun at the back of my head. She then applied my makeup after which I wore my gown. The veil was then fixed at the bun with the help of hair pins. I took time to check myself in the mirror after Ann helped me put the jewelry on. I couldn’t believe it! I looked good! The gown framed my body well. The veil reached my waistline and beautifully draped over my ivory gown. My makeup was well done and I looked flawless. I added a little bit of pink lip-gloss and I was ready to go.

“Catherine, are you ready?” I heard my mom shout outside the room.”

“Yes mom, you can come in.”                    

“Oh my God!” my mum exclaimed “You look marvelous baby.”

“Thanks mom.” I replied hugging her.

“Baby, you look beautiful.” She said. “And stop crying, you are going to ruin your makeup.”

I tried holding my tears back but emotions were high so I let them flow.

“You have made me proud Catherine.” Mum said. “Now wipe the tears away and go meet your husband to be.”

At exactly two o’clock in the afternoon, I walked down from my room accompanied by my parents to the grounds. My mom was in a peach dress and my dad wore a black suit. My two lovely maids were in their coral dresses. I smiled and nodded to them to start walking up the made up aisle which was adorned with white flower petals. I could see my relatives on one side cheering and taking pictures of me. Fred’s family was on the other side and they kept on glancing at me. Fred was standing with Mike at the altar with the priest. He looked so handsome with his black suit waiting for me. I could tell he was a bit nervous but trying his best not to show it.

I started walking up the aisle with my parents just when the music changed. Every step I took, my heart was both anxious and nervous at the same time. I could see the guests trying to take pictures of me. The veil did nothing to hide my fear so I kept pressing hard my dad’s hand.

The priest welcomed us all to the service and started presiding over our vows. It didn’t take long and soon we were pronounced man and wife. A brief kiss followed after we exchanged the rings before the church service ended. The guests were then moved to the reception area where they were served drinks and food while Fred and I took some pictures at the end of the grounds. My parents joined us for some pictures then we joined the guest for the reception. Truthfully, I never could have imagined that this day would come. Everything flowed smoothly and turned out great. The guest seemed to be enjoying themselves as they danced the afternoon away after Fred and I had our first dance.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Upon our arrival at Fred’s place, Ann, my niece Molly and I met up with Fred and went over to inspect the grounds while my mom and aunties were busy catching up. The trees that were planted over at the garden had been trimmed a little bit so the canopy it formed was superb. The lawn itself was trimmed too and all that remained was arranging the chairs tomorrow.

Afterwards, we all went inside the house and had some drinks while we waited for our mothers to finish up before we left. My mom, Ann, my cousin, niece and I were to spend the night at a hotel nearby while my aunties had been booked to sleep at the guestroom. My dad and other members were come over in the morning.

I was wide awake when daylight came and the sun rays shown in through the curtains in my room. I rolled over and checked my phone that was on the table. It was almost seven oclock. I didn’t sleep well through the night. Maybe it was just me being nervous or the excitement of the day ahead. I walked over to the window and took a look on the street down below. The street was almost empty except few cars that passed by every few minutes. My mom had booked for us a suite that housed all of us. I went to the next room where Ann and my niece were resting. They had both waken up and were watching the television in the room.

“You guys slept well?” I asked as I sat at the end of the bed.

“Yes.” Ann replied. “You?”

“Not really. I couldn’t get any sleep.”

 “Don’t worry; you will get much deserved sleep after all this is over.”

“Kate, when will you wear your dress?” Molly asked. She was so excited with the whole wedding hullaboo and couldn’t stop asking me when it would start.

“It will be soon. But first, you have to go and wash up.” I replied.

While Molly took her bath, Ann and I continued watching some cartoons on the telly. In between the programs, we talked over her pregnancy. The nightdress that she was wearing was showing how big her tummy was. Her tiny frame could not hide the growth of the baby inside it.

My mom and cousins woke up a few minutes later and we ordered breakfast before we all went and had a shower. Time was running out already. It was around eleven when my cousin started doing our makeup. My mom was the first one to be done then followed by the girls. In the meanwhile, I called Fred and checked up on him. He sounded a little bit nervous but he assured me that he would be fine. Next I called up my dad. He was already supposed to have arrived already! He didn’t answer his phone the first time so I tried again. He didn’t pick up. As I was about to hang up, I heard a knock on the door. I walked over to open it and couldn’t believe who stood outside the door. My dad and brother! I hugged them tightly before asking them a load of questions.

“I tried calling you ….” I asked.

“I know. I was already in the hotel when you called.” Dad replied.

“How did you know which room we were in?”

“We had talked with your mother in the morning and she told me everything.”

“What? I dint know. Come in. I was just about to get my makeup done.” 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One More day

Friday morning finds me busy packing our stuff in a small suitcase which we will use at both Fred’s parents place and the honeymoon. Since the trip was still a secret to me, I decided to pack for warmer conditions mostly but still manage to throw bits of warm clothes. Ann is helping me pack but she stopped for a moment to checking out Fred’s suit for the wedding.

“This looks nice. He will be really sexy in it.” She comments and spreads it on the bed.

“I was worried on what he would choose but it is one hell of a suit!” I add.

We laugh but our laughter is overshadowed with one from the other room. My mom, niece and two of my aunties are in the sitting room. Mom came over yesterday and spent the night at Aunt Tina’s place. My other two aunts came today in the morning. It was nice having them over as it helped calm my nerves a bit.

“Hurry up. We still have to go to town and pick up the remaining stuff!” Ann says.

True. Time was running out and I hadn’t picked up the bridesmaids dresses from the shop and also get jewelry for them. I looked at the clock on my phone and was shocked to realize it was heading to eleven o’clock! I stuffed the clothes in the suitcase and placed in it in the closet before we ran out with Ann to catch a cab to town.

My phone buzzed on our way to town. I looked at the screen to see who it was. It was Fred.

“Kate, are you done with the packing clothes?” He asks.

“Not yet but I’ll be done with it as soon as I finish picking up some clothes from the town.”

“Okay. I arrived home about twenty minutes ago. The décor guys have already set up the venue and it is looking good. Chairs and flowers are the only things remaining but it will be done tomorrow.”

“Thank God! I was so worried about that.”                  

“Don’t worry. My mom is handling the planning so just finish with what you are up to and then come over.”

“Thanks dear. I’ll be there in a few hours. Bye.”


We found the maid dresses already packed for us. I paid the remainder of the balance and picked them up.  We bought the jewelry from the same shop before we took the road to my cousin’s salon where we picked her up and returned to the house. She was the one who would do my hair and makeup tomorrow.

My mom was waiting for us in the house when we arrived. I quickly ran to the bedroom and finished packing up the clothes. After I was through, I dragged the suitcase to the living room and asked Ann to take it to the car. I returned to pick Fred’s suit and my gown. On my way out, I locked the door and entered the car. Inside my mom’s car, there were seven of us; my mother, two aunties, Ann, my cousin, my niece and I. The trip was an interesting as my aunties engaged us in conversation until we arrived to our destination.
I can’t believe tomorrow is my wedding day! Yay!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Gift

Days to the wedding, I traveled to Fred’s home with the décor lady to view the site where we would set up the wedding and how she would arrange the decorations as I had ordered. I had ordered chairs, flowers and some tables from her. Since the compound was lined with trees which almost formed a canopy, I didn’t order a tent but rather we figured out a way on how the chairs would be arranged to keep the guest under a shade. This was really useful as it saved me a great deal in the budget. With all major points noted, we went about the bills and settled half of it with the rest being settled on the wedding day itself after the job was done.

Fred’s mom was inside the house when I went inside. She was with a stylist who was helping her choose what she would wear on the d-day. Money really makes the world go around. She had even her own stylist!

“Catherine, would you be a dear and go to my room and bring me a black box on my night stand?” She requested after the stylist left.

I went up the stairs to her room. I hadn’t stepped in it before so I was surprised to see how big the room was. It was the size of the current apartment that Fred and I lived in. On the table stand, I saw the small black box and took it downstairs.

“Here it is.” I said as I handled over the box.

“Please open it.”

I opened it and saw a shiny necklace. It was beautiful!

“It is yours dear.” Fred’s mom said while trying to put it on my neck.

“Thank you so much.” I said with a big smile on my face.

“I want you to wear on your wedding day. It was a gift from my mother on my wedding day and you would do me an honor to have it.”

“I don’t know what to say….”

“It is alright. You deserve it so much. You are pretty as the diamond itself.”


“Yes, it is a diamond necklace.”                         

“Oh God, but….”

“It’s yours my dear daughter.”

“Thank you so much.”