Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"By the way, did you know Shareefa is married?" Sam asked. Shareefa was his girlfriend who he hooked up with after we broke up.

"What?  What happened to you guys?"

"We broke up a couple of months ago. It wasn't working."

"Sorry about that. So where is she now?"

"She stays along Mountain View with her husband. She is expecting." Sam said with remorse on his face. It was clear he was still in love with her.

"Enough about her. What about you? Are you dating?"

"No." he replied quickly. "And you?"

"I'm dating. You remember Fred?"

"Fred? From our class?"

"Yea, we are dating."

"Wow. Things really change."

"Why do you say that?"

"It just that I couldn't have imagined you and him."

"Are you jealous?" I said shocked by his statement.

"Kind of."

We both laughed out loud. I couldn't have imagined that too but he is was a good guy for me.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bump Ins

Three hours later on my way back home, I alighted at the bus stop and headed to the grocery to buy some few tomatoes and onions. As I was waiting for the change, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I quickly turned and there stood Sam.
Samuel McGraw or Sam as we used to call him, was my ex-boyfriend whom we dated for about two years while in college. Although we parted off mutually, both of us knew it would not last. I was bored for one and tired of trying to live in the expectations as he came from a very rich family. He was used to doing things in ways that i was not used to that. It was really hard keeping up.

"Hi kate." He started stretching his hands towards me.

"Hi Sam." I replied and handed my hands to him. He responded and followed with a hug. It was awkward.

"Long time Kate. You really looking good." He said.

"Thanks. You look good too. What are you doing these sides?" I asked.

"I was here to see my cousin who has moved here. What about you?"

"I live here Sam."


"Yea, the same place i was."

"You mean the same apartment?"


"Wow. How is Ann?"

"She is cool. We still live together."

I got my change and we both started walking to the directions of my house. We continued to catch up but as we approached the gate, I was not sure if I should let him in or not but went ahead with it. As he was settling in on the couch, I went to the kitchen and placed the groceries on the counter.

"Would you like something to eat?" I shouted from the kitchen.

"No thanks. I just had a late lunch and it was kind of heavy."

I was rather grateful for that response as I wasn't ready to cook.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Change of Plans

The silence wasn't helping so I decided to change the topic.

"Tina, I got a job."

"What? When?"

"Early this week. It was actually kind of easy. Fred told me about it."

"That's good. Congratulations."

"Thanks. It was about time."

"Yea, ill drink to that." Tina raised her glass and took a gulp. She then smiled.

Mum walked towards the table and sat down.

"So Tina, where would you like us to go?" Mum asked.

"We can go to my place. I'm alone." Tina answered.

"Okay. Kate, ill see you later. I have to go and talk to Tina about something."

"I thought you guys were talking here?" I asked confused.

"We were just waiting for you to arrive and inform you that the plans we had made earlier could not be possible." Mum said picking up the tab.

"Its okay then. You will inform me when you are through." I said.

As we were finishing up the drinks, mum told us that dad was doing well. He had been under medication on his blood sugar but he was doing okay. My brother had also got a prmomotion at work and treated his family to a vacation in Zanzibar. Guess everything was working out for all of us.

Tina took mum along with her on her car after we left the restaurant. I had no other plans for the day so I decided to go and have my nails and hair done at a beauty salon near the bus stop. I was starting work on Monday and had no other time to do this.

'Perfect Couple'

Mum stood up to go answer a call after a few minutes. This gave me a perfect opportunity to ask Tina a few questions.

"Tina, whats up?"

"I'm good."

"Really? what about those bruises on your face?"

"I bumped into something Kate." She answered and sipped some tea.

"Tina, please don't lie to me. Those are bruises you got from being attacked."

She was silent for a while then answered softly.

"My marriage is not working Kate. That is why I called your mum."

"Does it include the attack?"


"When did this start?"

"Several weeks ago."

"Several weeks? And you didn't even tell me?"

"Kate, marriage ain't what you are thinking. At first I thought it was because of the argument we were having. You don't go telling people about the arguments in a marriage?"

"But he hit you?"

"Yes. But i have a child with him."


"I can't just leave like that with a child on mind. Have you forgotten that I don't have a job?"

"Yea, thats true."

The waiter came and poured us more juice as we silently looked at each other. I couldn't believe this. Tina was going through much and it was too soon. They had been married just less than a year ago. Since business was doing so well, they had even moved to the suburbs and seemed like the perfect couple.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Odds

The alarm went off at exactly eight o'clock.

Damn! I hated alarms. It was already Friday and remembered that my mother was coming to town today. I dragged myself out of bed, I walked up to the bathroom and showered. I spent almost thirty minutes in the shower alone and another hour preparing myself. By the time I reached town, it was already eleven o'clock. I called her up to know where she was exactly.

"Hey mum, I'm in town already. Where are you?" I asked.

"Hey dear, we are at the Plaza Hotel." She replied.

What did she mean by saying 'we'? Who was she with?

"You have company?" I asked inquisively.

"Yes. You wont believe who I bumped into while coming over."

"Who is it?"

"Just come over and see for yourself. My meeting is about to start soon." she replied and hung up.

As I walked over to the hotel, my phone rang. It was Ann on the phone.

"Hey, where are you?"

"I'm in town meeting with mum."

"Okay. Anyway, was wondering if you can manage to pass by my office later?"

"I can. Whats up?"

"Its something small you might be interested in."

"Ill call you after I finish with mum."

"Okay. See you soon. Say hi to your mum."

I entered the hotel, I noticed mum next to my cousin Tina. She was a close cousin of mine who was recently married and lived a very posh life. I hurried toward them almost running into the waiter. As I was about to hug her, I noticed bruises on her face. I started asking question but she quickly cut me down, gave me a hug then she looked down. I looked across to my mum and she  motioned me to have a seat.

I have a feeling something is not right.