Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Of Hunger Pangs

The funny thing with plans is most of them don't see the light of the day. We never went out to buy food at the kiosk. I thought i should change my outfit into something more relaxing before we head out. As i finished changing, I rested on the bed and fell asleep. Apparently Ann had taken one too at the couch.

I woke up and looked at my mobile to check the time. It was eight thirty four! Oh my! I slept for almost three hours and so damn hungry. After checking up on Ann, I woke her up and asked if she would mind a pizza for dinner. I was too tired to cook today. She accepted and called a local food eatery that was located nearby. They didn't have the regular sized pizza so we had to order the family size.

"Hey, you have to add me more money. They only have the family size pizza." I said to Ann.

"Okay, no problem." She said while waking up from the couch and to the bedroom where she came back with a few more cash. "I'm bored. wanna watch a movie?"

"Nah, I think ill go and iron clothes for tomorrow." I said while I returned to the bedroom.

"Can i add you some of mine?" Ann shouted.


As i was ironing my shirt, some thoughts came to me. Ann is really behaving weird these days. It is as if she had given up on life in general. Whatever the issue is with Mike, it was to be resolved as quickly as possible. On Fred, he had promised me earlier to call after the game was up. The game should have been over ages ago and I haven't got his call. I should call him.

It was on voicemail.

I decided not to leave a message for him but rather cal him later. I heard the doorbell ring and quickly went for it. It was the pizza. Mmmhh...nothing smells as good a hot barbecued pizza. I paid the guy and he left.

Now, I can indulge.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

All in a day

"I told you it wasn't going to be that hard." Ann said.

We had met up with her after work as Fred had decided to pass through his pals place so that they could catch a rugby match later in the day. Ann was so excited for me to tell her more information regarding work. For her, she had found a perfect partner to be discussing work related stuff with.

"It was so tiring." I answered.

"You will get over it." she said.

"Okay. So how are you and Mike doing?"

"Why do you ask?"

"You guys seem so distance. When was the last time you guys spoke to each other?" I asked.

"Not long ago." she answered quickly while jumping over a pothole on the side of the road.

"Ann, don't lie to me."

"Okay!" she said lowering her voice. "We are just not close as we used to be."

"So what are you guys doing about it?"

"Guess we are afraid of facing the issues."

I was not sure of what to say. So we walked in silence all the way to the house. Shit! No lights. It is going to be a long day! I walked to the kitchen and directly to the refrigerator. I need food.

"Hey, come with a glass of milk for me." Ann shouted from the other room.

"There is no milk."


"Nope. There is food if you want?"


"Yea. It is even tricky as the food is cold and no lights to heat it up with the microwave." I said while walking back to the sitting room. "I'm hungry!"

"Me too. Lets go and get food at the hotel downstairs." Ann said.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


"So just friends?" I asked again just to be sure.


"I think they will definitely come to find out about it soon."

"They will get ideas but we will not confirm it. I'm just a friend of yours. You know, the company is against the employees dating so it wil really bring a lot of issues. Just trust me on this. You have just started working and I wouldn't want to cut it short." he said. I looked up his eyes and could tell he was really serious with this.

"Okay. We better get back to the office. Time is almost up!" I said trying to cut short the conversation.

"Okay. Are you sure you okay with the plan?" he asked again.

I nodded.

"Alright then. Just give me a few seconds." Fred said. He rose up and went to the sink where he cleaned his hands and motioned me to go with him out of the door.

Back to the office, I continued looking at the files and updating some of the information to the computer. Man, this was actually tiring than I had anticipated. The HR came and added me more data to be checked up and this kind of doubled up the work. I was really counting up the hours to the end of the day. I felt worn out already and it was only the first day.

I checked the watch again. One hour to go.

Gosh, this is really going more slowly than I thought. I decided to text Ann asking if we can meet in town then go home together. She replied a second later saying she was okay with it. Good, at least ill have someone to bug.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Friends

I received a text from Fred. He was asking me out for lunch.

I quickly looked at my watch. I couldn't believe it was already twelve thirty o'clock. I replied the text and told him we can meet at the reception in about five minutes. Meanwhile, I returned the files to the cabinet in the HR office and locked them up. I could not leave them lying on my desk as they were so sensitive. I picked up my bag and headed to the reception.

Fred was at the reception reading up the days newspaper. I tapped him on his shoulder and he turned around.

"You ready?" he asked.


We took the elevator to the basement of the building. The passed through the car park and came to a restaurant. I would have never guessed this. The restaurant was brilliant. The decor from outside was so splendid. There was three tables set up outside the venue with round center pieces placed on it. We choose to have the outside table. Fred placed an order and we sat waiting for it.

"So, how has the first hours been for you?"
"It was okay. I was getting to know to all the things in the office."

"Oh, hope it is not much." he asked taking a bit at his lunch that had just arrived.

I was just about to answer when a guy came and interrupted me. He was grinning ear to ear.

"Hey dude." He shouted.

Fred stood up and gave him a side hug. Wierd!

"You lost man. How are you doing." Fred asked.

"I'm good. Sorry, this is Kate. Kate this is Max. He works on the third floor. He is a really good friend of mine."

"Hi Max." I said extending my hand to him.

"Pleasure to meet you." Max replied while taking my arm. "Fred, have to go and sort myself up. I'm hungry!"

"Okay. Holla at me soon." Fred replied.

After Max went inside to grab something to eat, I turned to Fred and asked him about an issue that has been bugging me since morning. It was of us dating at the workplace.

"Don't you think it might bring issues?"

"Have you told anyone about it?" he asked.


"Then don't let it out. We are just friends here."

Peeing Tom

A few hours pass and am still flipping on the files that the HR had passed onto me this morning. I was to read through the files and get to know on what I was to deal with as my job in the firm. The files were mostly on the salary and deductions records. It became complicated as it was divided according to different departments in the office.

I took my time with the IT file. Fred's file was the one I was so curious for. Ever since we started dating, the topic of his salary has never come up. I thought it would be a breech of privacy if i knew it. Right now, I got my chance and I wasn't going to lose it.

What! My head is going to flip. Fred was earning a huge salary not to mention the allowances. Why the hell was he living the way he did? The cash for the month could sustain me for at least three months in advance!

The phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hi, its Mrs. Wright. Mind to step into my office?"

"Ill be there in a second." I said replacing down the receiver.

I quickly closed down the files and walked out of the office.My heart could not stop beating fast as I strode through the corridors to her office. It was kind of a deja vu. It all brought back the memories of the first day I came to her office during the interview. I knocked on the door and stepped in.

"Have a seat." She said without lifting her head up.

"Thank you." I said sitting down on the chair opposite her.

"So, has the HR given you a brief of what to expect?" She asked.

"Yes she did. I was currently reading through some of the files that she handed to me."

"That is good. There will be more work ahead so be ready to work on them."

"Yes. I'm ready for it."

"Good. Incase of anything, let the HR know and you will be assisted. Ill leave you to get back to your office while I attend a meeting."

"Thank you for the opportunity." I said standing up.

"Don't thank me yet. Just work hard."

"I will."