Sunday, July 27, 2014


I was afraid of the reality hence was not ready yet to answer that question yet. I returned to the kitchen and prepared the fish fillet that had defrosted under the running water.
I took out two eggs from the fridge, some bread crumbs and flour and placed them on the kitchen table. I cracked the eggs in a bowl and whisked them up well. I took flour and placed it on a flat plate, placed the fillets flat then pat it down evenly to coat the meat then dipped it on the egg mixture. I later placed the fillets on a plate of crumbs, covered it evenly before placing it on a pan which was hot under medium heat after adding a little vegetable oil. I cooked the fillet for about three minutes for each side before removing them. I then prepared rice and green beans which I later served with the fish. The food was delicious.
The next morning, I woke up and directly went to a pharmacy just down the street and got myself three pregnancy tests. I wanted to be sure and confirm it the weight gain was because of it. I went to the bathroom, and tested on all of the sticks. As I was leaving the bathroom, I almost knocked over Fred who was walking while on his mobile.
“What the hell?” He said.
“I’m sorry.” I replied. “I didn't see you over there.”
“Okay.” He said and tried to open the bathroom door.
“No, no. You can’t go in there now.” I said while held the door tight.
“Why?” he sounded angry.
“I’m still using it.” I said remembering the pregnancy sticks were still on top of the sink. I was waiting for five minutes to be up before I go check up on them.
“Kate, you are really acting up today. How are you using it and you are outside?”
“Just five minutes, please.” I begged.
“No, my bladder can’t wait.” He pushed me aside and went in.
A second later, he came out slowly and looked at me puzzled.
“What are these?” he said pointing to the sticks.
“They are pregnancy sticks. I’m waiting for the results.”
“Are we pregnant?”
“I don’t know yet.”
“How can we tell? All I’m seeing are two blue lines.”
“What?” I rushed and took all of them. I looked and saw it was indicating two lines on all of them!
“Kate, what does it say?”
“I think am pregnant.”