Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back Home..

On our way home, we stopped at a food joint to get some french fries. I was so hungry. I knew there was nothing I could eat in the house so it was better I took a take away. When we arrived in the house, we all sat down together and started eating.

"Mike, do you have Fred's parents number?" I asked.

"Yea..for his mother." he answered taking a bite.

"After you finish eating, please give me the number so that I can inform them of what has happened to Fred." I said.


We continued to eat in silence. I went and picked a pack of juice and started serving Mike and Ann but Mike's phone rang. As he was gearing up to answer it, his facial expressions changed.

"Who is that?" Ann asked. She had noticed it too.

"Its Fred's mom!" Mike answered.

"Just talk to her Mike. You never know what she wants to talk to you about." Ann responded while taking the plates to the kitchen.

Mike took the call but went to the balcony to answer it so we couldn't hear the rest of the conversation. Ann came back and sat on the couch and changed the channel that was showing.

"Do you think she knows?" Ann asked.


"Fred's mom. Do you think she knows that Fred was involved in the accident?"

"I really don't know. I guess we have to wait and see."

Friday, October 21, 2011

A prayer

"Fred, are you okay?" I asked moving closer to him. I managed to grab his under which was under the sheets.

"He can't hear you. He is asleep." The doctor told me when he saw the concerned look on my face. "He is under drugs to reduce the pain he is in."

"Okay. Was he brought alone?" I asked.

"No, but he was the only one who suffered most injuries. The others were discharged after a few hours.I suggest you give him time to rest so that he can heal quickly. You should all go home."

"But.." I started.

"You should understand the situation. He is under drugs and this can take hours. You can pop in tomorrow morning as he will be in a better condition to talk to you all." The doctor said.

I looked at Mike then Ann. All of them nodded to what the doctor was saying. I had no choice.

"We will come back tomorrow." I said.

"Okay. Be sure to check the visiting hours before you leave. You will only be allowed in during that period." he added.

Ann and I walked towards the carpark while waiting for Mike to join us. He had gone to confirm the time that we can be able to come see Fred in the hospital. I entered the car to have a seat as I felt too drained to stand anymore. Ann joined a second later.

"The visiting hours are from seven o'clock to nine in the morning. I think if we arrange ourselves by waking up early, we can be here on time before going to work." Mike said when he entered the car.

"I think that is okay." I answered him. "Ill have to wake up an hour early in order to make it."

"I'm fine with it. Mike, you can come for a sleepover today so that it won't be a hustle for you tomorrow." Ann said.

"It is fine with me." Mike said.

"I think we also need to pray." I said when Mike started driving.

"Huh?" Mike asked.

"We should all say a prayer for Fred."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shock Part 2

We went to a nearby block at a restaurant but I could not eat as I was so worried my tummy hurt. Ann and Mike took a glass of milkshakes each. After a few minutes, I returned to the office as it was already two o'clock.

Minute by minute, I kept checking the clock. Time was not just moving and this made me more anxious. We had agreed to meet with Mike and Ann after work then head to the hospital. Five o'clock on the dot, I was on the stairs running out of the building. Mike was in a white Prius along the road. I hoped in and went to the upper side of town to pick Ann. The drive was ten minutes away but it seemed like an hour. We were silent on our way to the hospital. No one knew what to say or what we would expect.

At the hospital, it was chaos. The nurses, sick people all over and our anxiousness made things complicated. Mike went and asked a nurse on the room number that Fred was in. We were told to wait a few minuted while she checked the registry.

"You can come in this way." The nurse said.

We followed her through the corridors to the room number 11A. She opened the door for us and Mike entered first. I waited for Ann to enter too so that I could be the last one. My heart was pounding so hard it scared me. I looked across the room as I entered and focused on the bed. I saw Fred's legs covered in a sheet. His upper part of the body was a little bit covered by Mike and Ann bodies. I stepped a little close.

"Oh my God!" I shouted.

"Kate, you need to be strong for him." Mike held me on the shoulders.

"I can't believe this." I said in between sobs.

Fred's face was horrifying. He was not the same man I knew. His face was so bruised he looked like he was part of a horror movie. Patches of blood was still plastered across his face. He was so swollen that you could easily mistake him for someone else. His left arm was in bandages and held up by some metal things.

"Are you family?" A voice behind me asked.

I turned around and saw the doctor. He was an older fellow with thick spectacles.

"Yes she is." Mike answered. "She is the fiance'.

"I'm so sorry madam. He has suffered a lot of internal injuries and a broken arm." The doctor started. "We tried to stabilize him and he is doing okay."

"What about his face?" I asked.

"Those are just bruises which will go away soon." He replied. "The police brought him yesterday evening. He was involved in an accident when two cars collided with each other along the highway."


‎"What?" I asked.

"Yes Kate. He was involved in an accident on the way to watch the rugby game." Mike answered slowly as if to make sure I heard it properly.

I couldn't believe it. I left him just fine when we went home! I was about to ask Mike more questions but I saw Ann from the corner of my left eye. She was walking in our direction with a worried expression. I was surprised as she worked from the other side of town and had not called to let me know she was coming over. 

"Hi Kate, how are you?" Ann asked.

"Not good." I replied.

"Yea, thought so too. You know about what happened to Fred?" She asked.

"You mean you knew? Was I the only out missing the info?

"No. Mike was the one who told me a couple of hours ago."

"Couple of hours ago? Is that going to make me feel better Ann?" I shouted.

"I'm sorry. I just didn't know how to break to you."

"Where is he now?" I asked Mike.

"He is at the General Hospital. You can go visit him in the evening."

"Why not now?" I asked.

"Because you will not be allowed to. And you have to ask permission to leave work." Mike replied scratching his head.

He was right. I had forgotten I was working now. Oh my God! Why did this happen to him? My boss could not just let me leave at this time.
"Kate, are you alright?" Ann asked. I hadn't realized I had started sobbing infront of them. I just could not hold it anymore. I loved Fred so much and was afraid I was going to loose him.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Around Ten o'clock, I decided to retire to bed and get some sleep. I was so damn sleepy even though I had taken a nap a few minutes ago. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sense of urge to call Fred. I didn't understand why at first but the events that followed gave me a definite answer. I gave him a call just to check up on him again. It rang but no one was picking. I tried again but still, no one picked it. I thought he was already asleep so I gave up and returned to bed.

I woke up the following morning and prepared myself for work. It was a really beautiful morning with the sun appearing as if it was peeping at the horizon. I arrived at the office on time and quickly went to the office to start my work on the way. The hours seemed to move as quickly as I wished. Just before noon, I texted Fred if we could catch up for lunch in around forty minutes. I didn't get a reply.

What was wrong with him?  Why was he not picking up or replying my calls and texts? I decided to call him again. Still there was no answer.

Around fifteen minutes to one o'clock, I received a call from Mike.

"Hey Kate?"

"How you doing?" I replied.

"Not really good. Are you at work?"


"Would you mind meeting me infront of your building in five minutes? I have something to tell you."

"Ahh, okay. Hope it is nothing serious?" I said.

"Ill be near the entrance." He said and hang up.

I took my bag and headed downstairs. We could even have lunch with him as he tells me on the matter, so I thought. I saw him on the entrance and approached him. I gave him a hug but the look on his eyes made me worried.

"So what is this you want to say?" I asked.

"Sorry Kate for coming without saying before but its about Fred."

"What about Fred?"

"He got into an accident yesterday night."