Saturday, February 26, 2011


We left with Frank to his place just to avoid the tension that was in my house with Mike. Frank wasn’t saying much. I guessed he was caught in the middle of all of this drama considering he was best friends with Mike and I was his girlfriend at the moment. He just didn’t know which side to lean on.

We decided to watch a movie. Although the movie was awesome, I found myself dozing a little bit. When I couldn’t take it anymore so leaned in on Frank and took a nap.

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing on the table. I looked around but I was alone. I was still lying on the sofa and the room was so quiet. I looked at my phone but could not recognize the number but I decided to answer it. The lady on the line introduced herself as Rose and she asked if I had applied a job at their firm. Truth be told, I had sent so many applications I couldn’t remember the name so I just said yes. She asked me to go for an interview on Monday at 11a.m. She gave me directions then hang up.

Excitedly I decided to tell Frank about this. I went to his bedroom but he wasn’t in. I shouted his name and he responded from the kitchen. He was preparing some food when I entered. I told him about the call and he hugged me. He congratulated me and asked me to taste his food.

“Wow, that’s nice.” I said after licking the spoon.

“Thanks. I didn’t think you would mind some meat stew with white rice. I bet you hungry.”

“Damn I am. I can’t wait.”

“Okay. Please go set the table while I wait for the stew to be ready.”

After a few minutes, we were on the dining table feasting on the meal. With a few laughs in between, I couldn’t help wish life was this good. I was enjoying the good food, a good man by my side and a job that may be mine!

Monday, February 21, 2011


“What are you doing here?” I asked Mike while moving close to Fred.

“Hello Kate. I wanted to come and apologize personally about the little incident that happened.” He responded.

“Little incident? Was that ‘little’ to you?”

“I’m so sorry. I…”

“You what? You almost raped me was it not for Fred coming into the house.”

“I was drunk Kate.”

“Certainly you were.” I said while looking at Ann. She could have at least told me they were coming over together.

“Kate, am so sorry on what happened the other day. Would you please forgive me.”

I didn’t know how to respond. It wasn’t easy to forgive him. How did one start the journey to forgive such a man? 

I excused myself and went to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of water and I was about to drink when Ann came into the room.

“Ann, why didn’t you tell me you were coming over with him? Where you guys together yesterday evening?” I asked.

“I knew if I told you he wanted to come over, you would not let him. Yes, were together last night.”

I was caught unawares with that.

“Are you guys back together?”

“Kinda. We sorted things out but enough about us, what do you think of his request?”

“What request?” I asked knowing too well what she was asking.

“To forgive him. He is really sorry Kate.”

I looked at Ann then went back to the living room. I didn’t have an answer.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Surprises come in the morning

I woke up the next morning at around 8 o’clock. As I dragged myself to the washroom, I passed by Ann’s bed and she was not in. I looked over the living room and the balcony but there was no one. That was weird. Yesterday as we came back together with Frank, I didn’t find her in the house so I assumed she decided to go have some fun but will be back in the morning. I returned to the bedroom to check on Frank but he was still sleeping.

I went to the kitchen and started preparing some breakfast for Frank incase he will need something to eat. I didn’t like having breakfast but I was really hungry so I decided to cook some pancakes.

“Hey Cutie.” Frank said while standing at the kitchen door with his briefs.

“Hey.” I replied and gave him a hug.

“You sure know how to treat a man!” He said while looking at the plate of pancakes that I had already made.

“I thought you might be hungry.” I replied.

“I’m really hungry. Let me wash up and come feast on them.” He said and disappeared into the bedroom.

Half an hour later, we indulged the morning treats while watching cartoon on the telly. Just then, the door opened and Ann appeared accompanied by Mike! Ann was with Mike? 

"Hey guys." Ann asked as she walked in.

"We good."  Frank replied.

"Hi Kate, how are you doing?" Mike asked when he noticed i had freaked out.

"Good i guess." I replied.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Naughty Girl

After deliberating for the next thirty minutes, I finally settled on wearing a short brown dress with some heals. I didn’t want to look like I was trying so much so I minimized on the jewellery. Ann was sleeping by the time we were leaving so I locked up and we headed to the clubs.
We went to town as we wanted a different scenario of what we were used to with our local clubs. It was the best choice. Being a Saturday, there were more people in the clubs and the music was awesome. We could hear some of it from the car! Club Silk was our first destination. Frank packed the car and we entered inside. We got a seat in one of the lounge area and ordered some drinks.
Frank started telling me how his work was. They had some changes with the management and it was complicating things. I told him how my short vacation back home was and about the little incident that happened when I came back. Telling it now was funny so we ended up laughing about the situation. He asked how Ann was holding up. He was concerned as she had changed her behavior. I agreed but suggested that we give her time to recover at her own time. We tried to talk some more but the music was just so good I couldn’t resist. I started dancing and he joined me.
After a few rounds of drinks, we went back to the dance floor. We danced a little bit or rather we were forced to reduce our dancing as the dance floor was full to capacity so we decided it was time to go. Frank wanted us to go to another bar but I was tired so called it a night.
As we approached my house, I said something that it took me by surprise also. I invited Frank in. With a surprise look, he agreed. He smiled as we parked his vehicle in the compound and I knew something big was going to happen. I didn’t want to wait so I took a bold step and kissed him. He kissed me back. It was all I needed. I grabbed him and led him inside.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thick Skin

We went through everything in our bedroom while cleaning it up just to check if anything was missing. Everything is still intact so I guess I did run my mind wild.

We cooked rice and beef stew as we were both feeling hungry. Ann updated me on what happened while I was gone. Apparently, Mike had come back two days after I left and apologized to Ann about the incident. He says he had consumed alcohol past his limit and he went on acting funny. Although he tried, Ann wanted nothing but a break on their relationship. I really felt bad for her. She had really worked hard to make the relationship work only to be messed up by a silly mistake. Maybe the break was going to be a good thing for them. Mike hadn’t made an effort to call me and apologize so I wasn’t going to pity him. Ann’s work was going on well for her and she had managed to make a few friends at work.

After taking a rest, I decided to call Frank.

“Hey Frank? How are you?” I asked.

“Hey dear, I’m good. Are you back from hiding?”

“I’m back. Just arrived a few hours ago and thought I should let you know.”


“So what are you planning to do this evening?”

“I don’t know. I hadn’t planned anything yet but we can catch up if you don’t mind.”

“Yea… I wouldn’t mind. Would you mind passing by the house we leave together?”

“Alright but ill take a few more minutes. I’m at Mike’s place so ill have to pass by my house before I come over.”


“Kate, are you okay?”

“Yea, I am. Just didn’t think Mike was around.”

“He came by yesterday. So are you up for the drinks?”


“Okay. Ill be there in an hour.”

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing Frank was that close to Mike after what he did. I thought Mike was at his parent’s place as Ann hadn’t seen him after their breakup. I told Ann about the conversation with Frank regarding Mike and she didn’t even flinch. Was she really over him or just putting a thick skin to show she was okay?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What if's and What not

Finally, after a long journey, I arrive back at my apartment in the city.

Today being a Saturday, I expected to find Ann in the house but she wasn’t. I walked into our room to place my luggage when I stepped on something. I switched on the lights to see what was it was only to find some food on the floor. Weird! Ann doesn’t like eating food in the bedroom. The room itself was in a mess with her clothes all over the bed. What the heck!?

I decided to call her up and find out where she was at the moment but it was going directly to voicemail. I tried again but still on voice mail so I left a message.

After a few minutes cleaning up the food, I went to the bathroom to freshen up before figuring what I would prepare for dinner. As soon as I put on the shower, I heard some noises. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from so I switched off the shower and listened. It was coming from the bedroom.

I grabbed my towel quickly and wrapped myself up and started to tiptoe towards the bedroom. Still in shock, I stood there for a minute deciding if I should scream or go and check it out. I decided on the latter. I opened the door slowly checked it out. There was no one.

Shaken, I tried calling Ann’s number but it was still directing me to the voice mail. I called Fred up just to check if he knew where Ann was but he said he saw her yesterday. I didn’t want to sound so scared so I just cut the conversation short and told him I was back in town.

Just then, Ann walked in. She gave me a puzzled look then hugged me.

“Gal, where had you been? I missed you.” She said.

“I thought I told you I went home. And what’s up with you going to voice mail? I have left you a dozen messages.” I replied.

“Sorry about that. I lost my phone yesterday evening when I was coming back from work.” She responded.

“How? And on that note, I think someone was in the house.” I said.


“I came in about ten minutes ago and decided to take a shower and heard some noises. What if Mike decided to come back?”

“Are you sure? I hope it is not your imagination screwing you up!” She said smiling.

“I’m serious.”

“I didn’t mean in a bad way. I don’t think Mike would dare came back and do that.”

“Are you sure?” I asked fearing the worst.

“I am.” Ann shouted back as she went into the kitchen. “Just check if something is missing from the room.”

“How can I tell something is missing will all your junk spread all over the bedroom?” I said and went to the bathroom.