Friday, February 19, 2016

Come Here Cutie

Ann was discharged from the hospital after two days. Mike was already back from his work assignment so he was able to take care of her before she recovered.

This past weekend was hectic. I had to go back to work on Saturday since I had work pending and the deadline was Monday. My mind was so focused on work that I didn't notice that time had flew by until when a text came through.

           "I think you ought to come home now."

It was from Fred. I looked at my wrist watch. It was 2pm. Six hours had already gone by and yet I had not even managed to finish what I had to do.

        "I have tonnes of work to do. I may be here for a while. Hope everything is okay."

I replied the text and got back to work. Another text came in. Fred insisted that I go home and it was urgent. My heart skipped a beat! What could be wrong? Is Chloe okay? I wrapped everything, picked the laptop and drove home.

The front door was unlocked so I pushed in hurriedly looking for any sign of trouble but there was none. I walked over to the other side of the house and found Fred on the bed with Chloe. The baby was asleep while Fred was lying next to her.

I signaled him to come out of the room and waited for him along the kitchen. He was smiling as he was approaching me.

"What was so urgent? Is everything okay?" I asked as I put down the laptop bag.

"Everything is okay." He replied still smiling.

I felt like I could smack him across the face. Why was he smiling?

"Fred, this is no time to joke." I said. "And where is the nanny?"

"I released her."

"What?" I asked looking around the kitchen. "Why?"

"Because you work so damn hard and I wanted you." He said as he moved closer to me. 

He held my waist and kissed me.

"Really?" I asked amid the kiss.

He didn't reply but rather kissed me again this time so passionately. Although I was protesting a bit, I relaxed and gave in. His left hand touched my neck, slowly moving along my breasts. I shivered.

"Kate, the baby is asleep. Lets take this to the living room."

"Was this what was so urgent?"


I laughed, held his hands and led him to the living room. I closed the front door which was still wide open when I came in and joined him in the sofa where he was eagerly waiting for me like a kid who wants candy.

"Come here cutie!"

Friday, February 5, 2016

Visiting Ann

After work, I drove to Fred's office and parked at the front area. I was to pick him up then we go and visit Ann at the hospital. I looked at my wrist watch. It was 5.27pm. 

I heard a knock on the passenger's seat. I looked over and saw that it was Fred. I opened the door for him, reduced the volume of the radio and gave him a hug. He smelt so good.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yes, let's go."

We arrived at the hospital after about ten minutes. A crowd of people zoomed by us at the entrance as we entered. We walked straight on, took a left turn then entered the first door. Ann was sleeping peacefully. Her left arm was holding the metal part of the bed.

"Maybe we should wait outside." Fred whispered. "She is still sleeping."

"Don't go." 

We looked at each other surprised that Ann had heard us walking in. She opened her eyes and repeated the same words.

"Don't go."

We went near her bed excitedly and asked her how she was doing. She was feeling much better and was even scheduled to be released the next day. She stretched her hands above her head and laughed.

"Oh God! I know I look bad. Look at my hair." She said touching the tips of her jet black hair.

"No you don't." Fred answered.

"You look beautiful." I added.

"Who has my baby?" Ann asked looking concerned.

"The baby is at my place. My nanny picked him up when we left for hospital." I replied.

"Oh, that's good. I was worried about him." She said. "He is good?"

"Yes he is."

"Fred, I hope you have not called Mike."

"Not yet. Kate adviced we do not tell him anything."

"Thanks. I need him to concentrate on his work. What has happened has already happened."

We sat with her for about 30 minutes before we excused ourselves to go home. I was to come back again tomorrow at ten and help her get discharged. 

Back home, the nanny was still playing with the kids. Chloe was on her baby walker while Ann's baby was running around in circles. The look on the nanny's face was priceless. She was exhausted and just watching them do their thing. She did not even move when she saw us. 

After having a quick shower, I prepared dinner while Fred looked after the kids. The nanny had already left. It was hectic as Chloe kept on crying for me. Since I could not hold her as I was cooking, Fred took over the duties until I was done.