Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Ann and I stayed at the lounge until 8pm when we decided to go home. Since I did not have a car, she offered to drive me home.

While we were on our way, I asked her about her situation with Mike. The last time Fred and I went by her house, it was obvious they were having issues. We could hear them all the way from the car park to the balcony where they were standing.

"What was the issue?" I asked her while checking for my phone in my bag.

"He has been hiding some stuff from me." She replied

"Which stuff?" I asked back.

"Over the past few weeks he has been acting so dodgy. I came to find out that he has been having an affair. I tried confronting him but he kept avoiding the issue. "

"An affair? Gosh!!" I exclaimed.

"Yea. I could not believe it too."

"So after the confrontation, so what did you guys resolve?"

"He has been avoiding talking about it so I have also backed off. You know you cannot force one to talk to you." She replied diverting to the left turn towards my home.

"I am so sorry Ann. I did not have an idea of what you are going through."

"Its okay. It has happened so now it is looking for a way forward."

You can try counselling...." I started.

"If he cannot talk at home about it, then the counselling session will be in vain." She replied.

"So what will you do?"

"Nothing. I will concentrate with my baby."

As we came to a stop near the main gate, I picked my bag and placed it on my laps. I then unfastened the seat belt.

"Will you still stay with him?" I asked.

"I am not moving out. He can move out but not me."

I laughed.

"Don't laugh. Its true. He brought all this to himself."

"Do you know the lady he has been having an affair with?"

"Not sure who exactly but I know her name and she works with him. It has been going on for like four months."

I gave her a few words to encourage her to be strong in the difficult situation she was going through and also make a decision which will be good for herself and the baby. I gave her a hug then stepped out of the car and walked to my house. I found Fred in the house playing with Chloe. The music was on high volume that they could not hear me walk in.

As I moved closer to them, they stopped playing and looked at me then smiled. Chloe came running and hugged me. I also hugged Fred then went to the bedroom. I placed my handbag on the table cabinet and immediately went to the bathroom. I peed then undressed before stepping to the shower. The warm water was so relaxing.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Girl Time

I opened up my diary and looked at the schedules for the day. I had no meetings planned. All I had to do at around five o'clock, was to meet up with Ann. The venue was to be decided once I call her. I went back to last week's posting on the diary and realized that I had not called the candidate that we had decided on for the Accounts department.  I requested the receptionist to call him immediately so that I can pass the good news to him. 

"Hi Dennis." I started.

"Hello." He answered back.

"Dennis, this is Catherine from BDM Services Limited."


"I am calling to inform you that you emerged the best from the interview for the position of Assistant Accountant in our organisation." I continued. "Congratulations!"

He went silent for a few seconds.

"Thank you so much." He said. "This is an opportunity I have been waiting for."

"Congratulations again." I repeated.

He exhaled. "So what next?"

"Ill prepare your contract then once ready, Ill inform you when you can come over so that you can be able to sign it."

"That's okay."

"Quick question, on your interview, you said you are okay with starting work on the 9th of January. Is that still okay with you?"

"Yes it is."

"Good." I replied. "Ill talk to you later then. Thank you."

"Thank you too."

I then got back to work. I was to update the staff files, record the leave days and also organize the end year party. The boss had requested we do it in the office, so this offered an easier way out. No more booking of space in a hotel. I was to come up with ways also to make it interesting. I talked to my assistant and she gave me some tips on how to go about it.

At lunch hour, I called Ann. She answered almost immediately and we got to discuss where and the time we can meet later in the day. We choose a quiet, uptown lounge that had been opened nearby. 

The time dragged on the course of the day. I spent most of the time online. At exactly five o'clock, I left the office and met Ann downstairs where she was waiting for me. We drove to the venue and immediately, we ordered Martini's. The cold drink was so relaxing to my body that I ordered another one just minutes after arriving.

"Are you okay?" Ann asked.

"Very okay. I had missed this drink!" I replied looking at the drink again.

"You stopped drinking?" 

"Not at all. I have been taking wine for a while."

"Okay. It must be the vodka."

We laughed.

"I had missed you girl." I said.

"Me too."

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


After the sex, I went to the bathroom and wiped myself up. I have never been comfortable with the aftermath of the action. The sticky feeling on my thigh was not my cup of tea. As I rubbed the warm cotton cloth against my thigh, I kept thinking about how our sex life has been on top despite the challenges we face each day.

After I was done, I went back to the bed and covered myself. Fred was already asleep, as usual. His body was facing up just as I left him. I extended the duvet and covered him too.

I took my phone which was on the night stand and set the alarm. I did not want to be late for work. I had several meetings lined up for the day. I then switched off the light and slept. I don't think I had slept for long as I was woken up from my sleep. Fred was trying to part my legs. I felt him touch my lady parts and I quickly asked him what he was doing. He laughed and continued to arouse me. He licked me up. As I was busy moaning, He lifted my body up, placed my legs on his shoulders then inserted his manhood inside me. The thrust was so strong that it shook the bed side to side. I was so sure the neighbors could hear the noise. Slowly at first, then faster. When we were done, I was completely done. The rapid short breaths that I took could not let me go to the bathroom again to clean up. I just covered myself with the sheet. In the darkness, we lay side by side listening to each other breath from the outcome of pleasure.

The alarm rang at exactly six thirty. I woke up still sleepy and went to check on Chloe. She was sleeping on her left side sucking her thumb. I walked back to the bedroom, opened the curtains then stepped to the bathroom. 

After I was done, I went to the kitchen and warmed some milk and served myself cereals. The night escapades had left me feeling so tired. I could not even prepare pancakes. As I was eating, Fred came to the kitchen and kissed my cheek.

"Hello Beautiful!" He shouted as he sat on the chair.

"Hello." I said slowly looking at him trying to see where he got the high spirits from.

"Why are you so down?" 

"I am so sleepy." I replied taking another bite of the cereal.

"I hope I did not keep you awake at night." He smiled at me.

"Yes you did. You are the cause of this issue." I smirked back.

"Nah. You just enjoyed too much of it." He said pouring himself coffee.

I just looked at him and smiled. Clearly, he was enjoying this. I finished my cereals, cleaned up then prepared myself and waited for Fred to drop me at work.

The ride to the office was smooth. There was no traffic at all. He parked next to our building and kissed me goodbye. As  I was walking to the office, my thighs ached in pain. I was so sure it was not because of the heels. It had to be because of sex. Cursing silently, I got to my station and started working. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

So stiff

Why would he have a password on his phone? I think he was afraid of making me more insecure and avoiding more arguments. I left it at that

Just then, he came out of the shower, dropped the towel and wore his black briefs. He sat on the bed, held the laptop on his lap and started working on it. Since I did not want to disrupt him, I walked back to the living room and sat with the nanny. She was watching the news. 

"I have to go now." She said packing her handbag. "It is getting pretty late."

"Oh, already?" I responded looking at the wall clock.


"It is okay. You can leave." I responded. "Thank you."

"I'll see you tomorrow."

I stood up and walked her to the door. Chloe followed closely by and waved at the nanny until she crossed the gate. We went back to the house back to the siting positions we were in. I took out my phone and started looking at the Facebook timeline. One of the famous groups that I had joined were discussing the cheating issue that keeps arising on relationships. I followed the conversation for a while until Chloe hit me.

I looked up at her only to see her crying. Apparently, she had been calling me but I did not hear a thing as I was so engrossed on the comments. 

"What is it baby?" I asked placing down the phone.

"Eat! I want milk." She said kicking me with her doll.

"Okay. Lets go to the kitchen and warm some milk for you." 

I poured milk into her sippy cup, warmed it up then gave it to her. As she was drinking it, I went to the bedroom and asked Fred if I could serve him dinner. He said yes. I heated it up for him then took it to him in the bedroom. I could see the laptop being configured. Fred said thanks and Chloe and I walked back to the living room. I put on cartoon on and we watched together. It has always had an effect on her. Soon enough, she started falling asleep.

I carried her to her bed and covered her. She was so peaceful. I went back and changed the channel. I started watching the news on E! to keep up on what was happening with the celebrities. Then I shifted to Discovery channel where I watched the competition on Chefs on Masterchef Australia. It was so interesting to see how they competed but still were humble enough to learn from each other.

Fred walked to the living room and sat besides me. He was still dressed on his briefs. He put his left arms across my waist and held me close. I smelt his bodily scent. As we watched the show until its end, the warmth between us was a bit too much. I did not want to move or change my sitting position least he lets go off me. So I sat still. As the show credits were going up, he moved his head towards me and kissed me at my temple. I looked at him. He smiled. I looked down feeling a bit shy. Then, I noticed his manhood. It was so stiff. I looked up at him again and found him smiling. He had noticed that I was looking at him. 

"You want it?" He whispered to me.

I want it so much but then again I was still mad at him for having the conversations with the other woman. I did not reply.

He moved closer that I could feel his breath on my neck and his manhood touching my back. He then started caressing me on my back. I could not resist anymore.

Friday, November 25, 2016


"So do all your clients send suggestive chats?" I asked.

"No. That was not even suggestive."

"Fred, I am not as stupid as you might think I am. She was obviously trying to get your attention. Why did you not even ask her to stop?" 

"I called her and asked her to stop but she continued." Fred started. 

"You called?"

"Yes. What was I supposed to do?" He replied. "And why were you snooping on my phone? You have never been the curious type."

"Maybe I should have been curious from the start."

"Kate, stop this. Nothing is going on between us. I have been so busy with work that I cannot have time to go and start affairs."

"Can I go back to work?" I asked walking back to the office entrance.

"Yes. Ill see you later on."

I walked back in the office reflecting on how the situation had turned up. Maybe I was too quick to judge Fred. What if I was wrong? I should have weighed about everything before I came with a conclusion. He really looked so apologetic and full of regret. Why did I even think of snooping on his cell? I should have just let it to be as I have since we started dating. We have never had this issues before.

I started working on what I had to do and before I knew it, time was up. I packed my stuff and asked Fred if he was done for the day to come pick me up. Unfortunately, he was still busy so I had to use other means back home. I dialed an Uber.

I arrived in the house after about fifteen minutes. There was a bit of traffic on the way. I found Chloe seated on the carpet with the nanny playing with the rubber balls she got a few months ago. She was so excited to see me that she literally ran to give me a hug calling "Mama".

I picked her up, said hey to the nanny then went to the bedroom still holding her. She was giggling all the way. She then started talking very quickly that I could not make out the words well but I guessed she was trying to tell me how her day is.

"Mama has to take a shower. Go and stay with the nanny."

She nodded and left the room.

I went to the bathroom where I took a long shower. It was like I was trying to erase away the memories of the day. After I was through, I wore a short with a vest top and went back to the living room.

The nanny asked if she would take the weekend off and I said okay. Just then, Fred walked in carrying his laptop bag. He waved to us then went straight to the bedroom. I got up and followed him.

"How did you come home?" He asked taking off his clothes.

"I used an Uber." I replied sitting on the bed's edge.

"Oh okay. Sorry for the inconvenience of not picking you up."

"Its okay."

"Let me have a shower first." He said while going to the bathroom.


After he left, I sat there for a few seconds then stood up. As I was walking to the door, his phone vibrated. I wanted to know if he had contact with the chic again. I went over and checked it. The phone had a password!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


I tossed and turned in bed trying to ignore the urge but I could not do it anymore. So I woke up, picked up my phone and checked the time. It was half past three in the morning. At least I have time to come back and sleep before I wake up. I dragged my body to the bathroom. As soon as I sat on the toilet seat, the urine gushed out. I immediately felt the relief from the pressure that I had. After I was done, I wiped myself and walked back to the bedroom in darkness. 

As I was passing where Fred was sleeping, I noticed his phone on the bed stand. It was flashing a blue light on the top most left corner. I bent over, picked it and looked at it. It was a 'whatsup' notification. Since he never locks his phone, I immediately opened the chat.

It was from a lady called Grace. Grace? I tried remembering who she might be but I did not get anything. Curiously, I checked the profile picture. I have not seen or met her. This was getting interesting. So I climbed back to bed, covered myself then continued to snoop on the chat. It was a long thread of conversation. I started from the initial contact and was surprised it was the lady who started this. Usual greetings and asking if they could meet over drinks. Fred had not responded. Wierd!

The chats started around three weeks ago. Although it was always the lady sending the messages, Fred did not reply nor stop her from sending more. He always read them but did not reply. At this point, I was not so sure of what to do. I looked over to Fred and he was sleeping so peacefully. I was so mad. I could feel my blood boiling. I decided to screenshot the texts and send them over to my phone. As soon as they were received, I deleted the evidence of the sent chats and returned the phone on his side. I covered myself and tried to go back to sleep. Eventually, sleep came to me.

In the morning, I woke up early, prepared myself and then started making breakfast. All we were having today was cereals and bananas. Soon after, Fred joined me and ate his portion. I managed to hold my anger in although it was really hard. I also did not show that anything was wrong. I would do it in another way.

After we were done, we took his car to work. Mine had refused to start. He dropped me off at the office and he continued to his. I settled in, and made a few calls to the staff that were a bit urgent. After I was done, I went to my whatsup, sent the chats to Fred's phone and thereafter, wished him a goodnight.

He called immediately he received the chat.

I did not pick the call. I changed the setting to silent and continued to do my work. I cannot explain why I did that but I felt bad. He should have stopped the chats from the lady. Since I am not so good in confrontation, I decided the cold treatment would work. The guilt will kill him.

At around ten, I received a call from the receptionist. I had a visitor. I walked to the lobby only to see Fred standing waiting for me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked leading him out of the office.

"I came to see you. Why are you ignoring my calls?" He asked angrily.

"I think you know why!"

"Is it become of the chats? I never replied anything to that lady!"

"But why did you not tell her to stop?" 

"Because....she is my client." He said putting his hands on his pockets.

"Oh really?"  

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


"What a surprise!" I shouted when I entered the house waving the bouquet of flowers he had bought and delivered to me at the office.

Fred smiled, stood up and gave me a hug. "You liked it?"

"Yes. It definitely made my day." I replied. "Thank you. I had a busy day and this really was a good way to end it."

"You are welcome." He said and gave me a kiss.

"Mama! Mama!" Chloe shouted as she walked in on us. She was carrying her doll named Lisa.

"Hey baby." I said and picked her up. "What were you doing?"

"Wash Lisa." She replied laying back the doll's hair.

"Is she clean?" 

Chloe nodded.

"Have you eaten your fruits?"

She replied "Yes."

I put her down gently and she continued to pamper her baby Lisa.

I sat down next to Fred and looked what he was upto. He was installing a program on the laptop in front of him. 

"Did the nanny cook before she left?"

"Yes. She has prepared some chicken stew with rice." He replied.

"Wow. That is interesting. I can't wait to taste it." I replied while removing my shoes.

I stood up to go to the bedroom but I accidentally stepped on Lisa's feet. I swear I thought I broke it.

"Mum!" Chloe shouted trying to raise my feet up. 

I stepped aside to look at the damage. I had cracked it. I looked at Chloe's face and I knew I was in deep trouble. She had tears on her eyes. One blink and all the tears would stream down her face. I knelt down slowly, picked up Lisa and tried to make her leg all straight up. The dent was still visible though. 

"I'm so sorry Chloe. Lisa will be all good." 

"No. You hurt her." She said amidst sobbing. She rose up and went to her dad for comfort.

I looked at her and knew I had messed up. As I was still trying to figure out how to calm the situation, Fred whispered to me what to do. What a brilliant idea! I went to the kitchen, removed the first aid box which was on top of the fridge, removed a band aid and went back to the couch.

"Chloe, Lisa is hurt. We have to make her better. Come help me." I pleaded with her.

She moved slowly towards me and stood upright. I took the doll, laid it on my thighs then placed the band aid on the leg where there was a crack. It looked funny but Chloe suddenly stopped crying. She picked up the doll, inspected it then placed it on her chest and went back to her dad. I looked at Fred and he nodded while smiling. We had managed to calm the situation.

I went to the bedroom, placed my handbag on the rack and went to the bathroom for a quick shower. The warm water was so soothing. After I was done, I slowly walked back to the living room. Fred had already finished the installation of the program.  I turned back, went to the kitchen and heated food for the baby. I fed her and soon after, she fell asleep. Since Fred had already served himself food as I was feeding the baby, I served myself and we watched a series on Netflix before we retired to bed.

Friday, November 4, 2016


On Friday morning, I finished on the payroll planning and sent over the data to the accounts department for salary processing for the staff. Hopefully, we will get our salaries as the weekend checks in.

At exactly ten o'clock, the secretary called and informed me that the first candidate had already arrived in the office. I went to the scheduled meeting room where the interview would be conducted and found the rest of the panel already seated. I joined them then we called our first candidate.

We grilled her for about thirty minutes. It was a long one. She had all the necessary attributes but I did not feel like she expressed herself well. She was a bit hesitant and she stammered. When we finished her session, we rested for about fifteen minutes before we called the next one. He was good. He answered questions well and did not find it hard to ask us questions too. 

After we were done with the second candidate, we had a break for about an hour. It was lunch hour. I went down the stairs, to the streets then took the first left corner then walked about two blocks. There was this new restaurant that had opened a few days ago that I had been wishing to try it out. The place was a bit full. The ambiance was beautiful. I had never seen something like this before. The lights were strategically put to brighten up the area and the bog windows gave a sense of space. I took a seat on the table next to wide windows overlooking the street. A smiling waiter dressed in black trousers and a blue shirt came and gave me a menu. I choose steak. Well done. He was back after about six minutes with my order. Sizzling hot. The steak came accompanied with a few fries on the side. I also ordered a large glass of orange juice. I took my sweet time to enjoy the meal. It was heavenly! A must place to come back again.

I went back to the office and started the interview again for the next two candidates. I think all two of them were good but ill have to discuss with the panel. We finished the interviews at exactly three o'clock and we discussed how it was. The panel was to give points depending on various factors as presentation, posture, questions answered, and the overall 'wow factor.

We came to the conclusion that the second interviewee was the best. The male candidate. He scored an average of eighty nine points. I was to call him on Monday morning to inform him of the good news. The meeting was adjourned.

I returned back to my desk only to find a bouquet of flowers neatly placed on the desk. They were pink roses. I took the card and read it. They were from Fred. Sweet!! I could not wait to get home and give him a big hug. This was a nice surprise. I closed my computer, packed my stuff and carried my flowers to the house.

Friday, October 28, 2016


The bedside alarm rang at exactly 6am. I stretched my hands and put it off. Slowly, I turned to the other side of the bed only to find Fred missing. I sat up and saw a beam of light under the door so I walked to check on what he was upto.

I found him in the living room with one of his friend's laptop. He seemed so distracted. 

"Good morning." 

"Morning dear. You are up already." He replied not raising his head up.

"Yes. What time did you wake up?" I asked.

"At around 4am." He replied placing the laptop on the table.

"So any progress?" 

"I have managed to work on the two laptops. Only this one remaining." He said then stood up.

"That is nice. Let me prepare something for breakfast." I said.

I walked to the bedroom, made the bed then took a shower. After I was done dressing up, I went to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast. I tried removing sausages from the freezer but they were stuck. I decided to boil two eggs. Next, I made some coffee, then boiled some milk and put aside since I was not sure if he will have cereals or just coffee. I put all the items on a tray then added four bananas and took it to the living room. I found him already dressed up and was watching CNN.

"Thank you." He said.

In silence, we had our breakfast while watching news. After we were done, I washed the used utensils then went to check on Chloe. She was still sleeping.

"What time will you leave the house?" I asked Fred. 

"At around 8.30am." He answered. "I am to be in the office by 9am since other staff went for training."

"Okay. Ill be leaving to the office now. When the nanny comes, please ask her to give Chloe the cereals set out on the kitchen counter. Milk is still in the fridge."


"See you later." I said then leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

I drove to the office and started looking at the applications that had been sent in. I narrowed it all down to the best five candidates then asked the receptionist to call them for me. I asked them to each come a particular time from 10am on Friday for the interviews. I selected the best in terms of experience. Most times, experience outweighs a degree.

I followed with an email with different heads of departments to inform them of the interviews. I also invited the Accounts Department manager, Mrs. Wright, and my assistant to be avail themselves as panelists for the interviews.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Fred arrived like an hour after I had arrived. He looked so wasted. His laptop bag hang loose on his shoulder. He had already removed his tie. His shirt was unbuttoned to the second hole. 

"Hellos." He said while walking past us to the bedroom. 

I placed Chloe on the floor so that she could continue playing with the toys while I went to check on him.

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked standing on the doorway.

"I'm so tired." He replied lifting his left leg then removed his socks.

"Sorry about that." 


"We were about to eat. Can I serve you as well?"

"No, I think I will take a shower first. Ill eat thereafter."

"Okay. We will be in the living room."

I walked back to find Chloe trying to eat her foot. Time for food! I warmed her food and went back to feed her. She ate her food well and in a few minutes, she was done. I served myself then we watched TV together. Today, we were watching Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon.

Fred joined us wearing a white t-shirt and black boxers. He had warmed his food already. 

"Please give me the remote." He asked.

I passed him the remote and he changed the channel to a news station. Immediately, Chloe started to cry. 

"Daddy, daddy. I want Courage." Chloe started crying. Tears were streaming down her face.

Fred looked at me then changed the channel back to cartoon network. Chloe stopped crying and sat down on the carpet to continue watching it.

I laughed.

"So how was your day?" He asked.

"It was good. Busy but okay." 

"I decided to take on some other part time jobs but it is really weighing me down." Fred started.

"Since when?"


"So what were you to do?"

"I thought I should do some maintenance and consultancy work. When I spread word around, I got lots of work but crazy deadlines. I do not know how I will manage."

"Maybe you should only take one job first until you finish before you start another."

"Good idea but I already have some pending work. I was to check three laptops for my pals."

"Just try to clear it then start small." I assured him. "Just be careful that this should not distract you from your main job. It will cost you a lot."


After he was done, we washed the utensils and called it a night. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016


I got down to my work as soon as I sat down. I was to conduct a staff recruitment process for the Accounting department as they needed two accounting assistants. After checking the exact descriptions needed, I sent the advert to few employment agencies.

I had a meeting at ten o'clock with the managers thereafter I was to finish my reports which were due today. Work got so busy that I even forgot to go for lunch. I only realized I was hungry at around 2.15pm. I quickly dashed to the restaurant nearby and had a quick lunch.

Back to the office, my email was all full. I had almost ten resumes from different applicants regarding the job. That was fast! I looked at each of them and noticed that they were all qualified for the position. I rang Mrs. Wright and gave her the update.

"I did not expect that much response especially on the first day." I said.

"So what do you think we should do?" She asked.

"I had put the deadline as two days after today."

"Then just go through the applications we have received then do the selection. I think it will be easier for you in the end." She said.

"Yes, that would be easier."

"Then we can start the interviews either on Friday or early next week. The department really needs people urgently."

"I'll do that."

"Please keep me in the loop on the interview date. You also have to inform George of the date as he will also be present." 

I walked back to my desk and started critically looking at the CVs. Since they were many, I figured I can eliminate first those with grammatical errors, the spacing and formatting. I came to a conclusion that most candidates do not take time to read what they before sending. One had done everything so perfectly but had not indicated her phone number. How was one supposed to contact her? The other one had not formatted his work well. One had sent his resume without the cover letter!

At the end of the day, I drove back to the house. I was tired. Chloe and the nanny were sitted at the balcony looking over the street. She smiled when she saw me and ran to me. I gave her a hug and went to the house. They followed me inside.

"How have you been?" I asked.

"We have been okay. Chloe ate her food well but has not finished the fruits." The nanny started. "She is picky in eating water melons."

"What about other fruits?"

"She still loves pineapples and bananas."

"Okay. We will not force the melons on her." I said. "Did she drink water?"

"Yes she did."

Chloe walked in from of us and picked my phone. She went to the games sections and opened it. As she was busy playing, I could not help but be thankful for how far she had come.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Someone please explain to me. Do kids sense when their parents are having sex? Or are they just jealous? As soon as we got down to business of satisfying each other, Chloe let out a cry. This could not be happening. When I was almost about to reach the seventh heaven, there goes the disruption!

Fred was surprised at first but he continued with what we were doing. Chloe at the background screaming her heart out while we were busy finishing up the last few seconds to climax. As we continued, the thrusting become more harder and a bit rough, but Chloe would not shut up. My mummy instincts was not settled but I wanted to get over this. So I started swaying my hips to the rhythmic movement of Fred on top and together, we managed to finally breath. We did it. The gash of his warmth spread inside me mixing with my own fluids.

I got out of bed quickly leaving Fred still frail and went to pick up Chloe. As I picked her up, she started smiling. What the heck? Was she not the one who was screaming her lungs out? Now there she was looking at me mischievously as if she knew what were were up-to.  

I went back to the bedroom and put her next to her dad who by then had at least covered himself up. 

"Ill be back." I said as I walked to the shower.

"No. Please don't leave her with me. I need to rest." Fred shouted.

"And I need to go to work." I replied as I turned on the shower.

After I prepared myself, I picked my phone to try and call the nanny but I got a message.

                         "Please open the door."

I tiptoed to the main door and opened the locks. She was standing right outside the door carrying a brown bag.

"I am so sorry. I was in the shower." I started apologizing.

"It's okay. I have not been here for long." She assured me.

"Please come in." 

She removed her shoes and sat on the couch. 

"I think I need to apologize. I left you without any notice." She started.

"What was wrong?" I asked.

"I got a call from home. My mum was rushed to the hospital after a neighbor found her unconscious on her front pouch. I went to check on her."

"Oh my, is she okay?" I asked.

"Yes she is. Her blood sugar had gone way too low as she had not taken her medicine. She has Diabetes Type 1."

"I'm so sorry."

Thank you. She was checked and even released to go home. She has to take her medicines though as advised by the Doctor."

"So who is looking after her?" 

"My elder sister. She was a bit free and took time off to be with her for a couple of days." She replied.

"Fantastic." I responded. "I would love to chat more but I have to dash to the office. Fred is around though. Please prepare his breakfast before he leaves then look after Chloe. She is already up."

"Yes I will."

"Oh, we bought more cereals for her. You can also give her some bananas that I have left on top of the kitchen counter."

"Alright. See you in the evening." 


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Morning Dose

I woke up from a short nap that I took. As I tried to wake myself up, my thighs felt sticky! Then I remembered that I had not wiped myself after the love making. I really hated this part. Why does something so beautiful end up being so disgusting! Slowly, I walked to the bathroom and took a shower. 

Fred was still sleeping, naked, with his left leg twisted across his other leg. I took the bed spread and covered him. I dressed into my night gown again and went to check on Chloe. She was still sleeping peacefully on her bed. I switched off the lights and went to the living room. The TV was still on. I went through the stations and landed on The Talk show. I watched the show and after it ended, I left for bed.

In the morning, I woke up and prepared breakfast for the family. I cooked pancakes which would be taken with white coffee. Chloe will have her cereals as usual. As I was almost finishing up, my phone buzzed. My nanny was calling.

"Good morning." I answered.

"Good morning."

"How are you?" I asked getting concerned.

"I'm well. Thank you. I wanted to inform you that I will be coming to work today."

"Oh, that's great. The usual time?"

"Yes. Ill be there." She replied laughing.

"Okay, ill be in the house. It will be good to catch up too."

I ended the call and poured myself a cup of coffee. As I was checking my Facebook page on my phone, Fred walked into the kitchen in his briefs. He yawned and stretched. He walked towards me and gave me a kiss. 

"Morning." He said.

"Good morning." I responded and stretched my hands to get him a cup.

Instead, he held my hand and turned me around.

"Why are you so bored?" He asked.

"Really? I am not bored." I replied.

"Or the kiss was not enough?" He asked then proceeded to give me another one. I smiled and kissed him again.

"What time did you wake up?" He asked scratching his jet black hair.

"Like an hour ago." I responded. "I had to make you breakfast."

He laughed. "Is the nanny coming in today?"

"She has just called actually. She will be here at her usual time."

"So does that mean we have little more time to get cozy?"


"Yes. Come I show you."

I placed my cup of coffee on the marble top and followed him to the bedroom. He pushed me to the bed and started kissing me. I was confused. So getting cozy was having his morning glory session? Okay then! I pushed him off me then rose to be on top of him. He looked at me smiling because this was his favorite style. As we continued with the kissing, he pushed my gown off my body and the thrusting began.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


"Do you know I only have five weeks to go?" Ann said pointing to her bulging tummy.

"No way!" I shouted.

"How come? The days have gone so fast?" I asked laughing at myself.

"I am glad I'm almost due. I wasn't sure that I would be able to carry it all along."

"But at least you had a smooth pregnancy."

"Yes I did. I thank God for that." She said rubbing her belly.

The boys shouted suddenly. We looked at them only to realize that they were celebrating a goal!

"So where were you guys from at this hour?" Ann asked looking at the wrist watch.

"We went to the park earlier then passed by the market." I replied.

"How was it?" She asked. "It has been a while since I last visited the park."

"I love it. It is still the most serene place as it was."

"That's nice. Let me grab something small for you guys." She said going to the kitchen.

She came back with a tray. It had four glasses of fresh juice and some crisps on a side plate. She served us then went back to the kitchen only to emerge a second later with food for her baby. As we enjoyed the snacks, she was busy multitasking between feeding the baby and eating herself.

When the match ended, Fred suggested that we should head home. I was tired. We said our goodbyes then left towards our home. Chloe was already asleep. I knew she would wake up after a few hours as she slept hungry. As soon as we were in the house, I took her to bed. I removed the extra clothes she had and left her with the diaper, socks and t-shirt. I went to the kitchen and prepared her food. I kept it ready for her.

I took a shower then joined Fred in bed. He smiled as he saw me changing to the night gown. 

"Maybe you should sleep naked tonight." He said laughing.

"I would but you are dressed up." I said pointing to his dark blue briefs.

"No problem, I will remove them." He replied and stood up. He then removed it exposing his manhood on his naked body. He was so ready to make his move.

He walked closer to me and held me by my waist. He then lowered me to the bed and started caressing me. His kisses were warm and moist. His lips moved all over my body making me anticipate for more. The more he did it, the more I moaned with pleasure. Finally, he spread my legs apart, lowered himself to me and pushed his manhood into my wet opening. His breathing is heavy. Together, our bodies moved up and down at every thrust. I held his shoulders as the rhythm increased. The intense pleasure is intense in every second. My body tingled. He pushed further and further until we both gasped! He let out a sudden cry then held himself tight. I felt his warmth spreading inside me.  

Friday, September 9, 2016


Fred and Chloe were busy taking pictures of themselves. I decided to call the Nanny and see if everything was okay. Her phone rang but she did not pick. I tried again. It was not answered. I decided to send her a text informing her that we were worried about her and she should call back as soon as possible.

We left the park after about five hours and we went to the market. It was already dark. It was almost seven o'clock. We purchased chicken, spices and other bathroom items that we needed. I bought myself a bottle of Martini Rosso. Fred gave me a side look, smiled and he went ahead and bought himself a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka.

Our drive back home was interrupted when Fred took a detour to Mike and Ann's house. I was a bit surprised on the new developments but I was okay with it.

Ann and Mike were talking to each other at their front balcony. They were standing facing each other but Ann had her hands on her waist. It looked like they were having a disagreement. This awkward. I wanted to tell Fred we walk back to the car and head home but nope. He was not having it.

Since I also did not want an argument, I followed him carrying my pretty baby on my left side. She was looking upwards following the beautiful ceiling decorations that dotted the apartment. Mike saw us first and he smiled. Definitely he was happy that we came just at the right time. Ann did not even smile. Too bad.

We hugged them all and they ushered us to the house. Their kid was playing on the carpet with the nanny watching over him. As soon as we sat down, they moved to the other room. 

"This is a pleasant surprise." Mike asked changing the channel to one of the Super Sport channels. It was showing highlights of the previous football game.

"I thought we should come say hi since it has been a while since we last saw each other. I'm sorry for not calling earlier." Fred answered.

"It's okay. You are welcome anytime." Ann replied handing us a glass if juice.

Chloe started fussing around so I let her sit on the carpet. Immediately, she started walking towards the toys that were left lying around.

I followed Ann to the kitchen.

"Do you need any help?" I asked.

"No, everything is sorted. The nanny offered to cook for us today" She replied pointing to a pan of rice boiling over on medium heat on the cooker. It smelt fantastic.

"Are you guys okay?" I asked.

"Yes. We are just arguing financial duties around the house. I'm sure we will solve it." She replied.

"Yea, just give yourself time to talk."

We walked back to the living room and found the boys concentrating on the game. We looked at each other and decided it was time to give each other the 411.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


I took some bananas, sliced them into thin slices then put them in the freezer for sometime. Then I prepared fresh fruit juice and bottled it for Chloe. Together with some snacks and wine, I placed them in the picnic basket and off we went to the park.

The park was located around thirty minutes from the house. It is a large area occupying the northern part of the town. It also had a man made dam, kid's play area, running track and it also offered a meeting area. We parked the car at the car park, then walked around the park slowly. Fred was carrying the picnic basket while I was holding Chloe by her left arm as she was also walking. We then settled at the eastern side of the park. I spread the rug on the grass and we sat on it. Chloe was hopping around us with her ball.

"This is beautiful." I commented looking at the beautiful landscape of the city.

"Yes it is." Fred added. "You know, I used to come here often while we were young."

"I did too. We had lots of fun."

Chloe kicked the ball and it landed on Fred's legs. She laughed and picked it up. 

"I need your advice." Fred started.

"On what?" I asked.

"Since I got employed, I have not received my confirmation letter from the company."

"I thought you had signed your contract when you started. Which other letter are you talking about?"

"When I started, I was to work for three months then get a confirmation from the company on my performance. This letter would confirm me as a permanent employee. But now, five months later and I have not received it." 

"This is strange. Have you talked to the HR?" I asked.

"Yes I did but it was a while ago." He replied scratching his head.

"You should go back. Ask about your performance. If it is in line with the company's standard, you should be given the letter."

"Okay, Ill do that." He said.

"Would you like some wine?" I asked opening he picnic basket.

"Yes please. Is it chilled?" He asked.

"It was when we left the house. I hope it is still cold." 

I served us some wine on the plastic tumblers. We made  toast and took a sip. Chloe noticed and stretched her hand to us. 

"Give juice." She said.

I smiled. She has never differentiated between her juice and wine. I took out her juice and poured some to her sippy cup and gave it to her. She sat down and down it all in one gulp!

"Would you like some more?" I asked.

She nodded. I gave her another serving.

"Why is she drinking like that?" Fred asked looking concerned.

"Its pretty hot and she has been playing. She is thirsty." I replied.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do Not Lie!

I heard footsteps leading to the door. After a few seconds, Fred walked in holding his phone on his right hand. He stopped again for a second then walked in. 

"I thought the nanny would be here." He asked sitting next to me.

"She called." I replied. "She has an emergency so she won't be coming."

"What kind of emergency?"

"She did not give me the details but I hope its nothing serious."

"Yea." He said stretching his legs on the couch.

"You dropped her at home?" I asked.


"Your sister?" 

"Oh yea. I did." He said. "By the way, what happened between you two?"

"Nothing happened." 

"Kate, do not lie to me."

"Okay, we just had a disagreement. That's it." I replied trying to avoid the issue. "What did she tell you?"

"She told me everything." Fred replied. "You should have told me. That was not the best way to go about it."

"I'm sorry but I did not think it was a big deal." 

"She is my sister and what she said was not right. This house belongs to both you and I. She should have respected what goes on here without raising her voice at you."

I did not respond.

"Kate, I am so sorry for what happened. I promise that it would never happen again. I had a lengthy chat with her."

"Okay, thanks." I said.

"And next time, if something like this happens, let me be the first to know." He added. "Are we clear?"

I nodded.

Suddenly, Chloe suddenly let a loud scream. We rushed to her room where she was sleeping only to find her caught between the bed and the wall. It looked like she was trying to climb down the bed. Fred and I laughed. He picked the baby up and together, we went to the living room.

"How did she even think of doing that?" I asked still laughing.

"She is at that stage. Terrible two!" Fred replied.

Chloe had stopped crying and was rubbing her eyes. She looked so innocent! I checked her diapers to see if it was messed up. Thankfully, it wasn't. I noticed some red marks on her thigh. I asked Fred about it and said it seemed it was from her getting stuck. Her thigh was the one holding her on the bed. I then went to the kitchen to warm her milk. After a few minutes, I returned and fed her.

"Can we go to the park today?" Fred asked.

"Yea, good idea." I replied. "Chloe will be so thrilled."

"The weather is also good." Fred added. 

"Yes. Ill prepare then we head out."

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Next Day...

I think I have outgrown petty issues. I decided to assume her and continue doing what I had planned to do.

I heated some water and then rinsed out Chloe's utensils. I proceeded to then cook her breakfast. She has always liked warm milk, cereals and bacon. 

After I was done, I went to check on her and found her already up. She was playing with her dolls in her crib. I picked her up, tickled her then together, we went to the living room where I fed her as we were watching cartoons. The dad later joined us still wearing last nights outfit. He took the usual; a glass of juice and two slices of bread.

"There are sausages in a bowl next to the microwave." I said to him. "There are eggs too."

"No..maybe later." He answered holding the right side of his head.

"Are you okay?"

"No. I have a bad headache." He replied. "How many drinks did I have last night?"

"A lot." I said laughing. "Just drink the juice then take some painkillers. You will be okay."

As I continued feeding Chloe, I was still thinking about the issue that happened earlier on. Should I tell Fred about the sister or should I just leave the whole thing and pretend it did not happen? What if she twists the story and portray me as the bad one?

I finally decided not to tell Fred. I will just keep quiet about it.

Fred was in the bedroom on his laptop. I left him with the baby as I cleaned the house. I washed the utensils that we used then quickly had a shower. I then bathed the baby and waited for the nanny to come.

We heard a knock on the bedroom door.

"Yes, come in." Fred shouted.

It was his sister. "Can I please talk to you?" 

Fred walked out and joined her in the hallway. I could not hear what they were saying but after a few minutes, Fred came back and told me the sister was leaving. 

"Ill drop her at her place then come back." He told me.

"Okay." I responded. I was glad she was leaving

"Do you need anything from the shops?" 

"Yes. Please buy me some minced meat and some spring onions." I replied.

And off they went. I started trying to plait Chloe's hair as I listened to music booming from the speaker placed on the far corner of the room. My phone rang. It was the nanny. 

"Hello Kate?"

"Hello." I responded.

"I wanted to let you know that I would not be able to come today. I have an emergency at home."

"Is everything okay?" I asked concerned.

"Not sure but Ill let you know as soon as I find out." 

"Yes please." 

As I hanged up the call, I prayed that everything was alright. She has been the best nanny anyone would get. She was so good with the baby and she was not too expensive.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


We reached home in about twenty minutes. It was dark and silent. Fred's sister was already asleep. We tiptoed to our bedroom, then relaxed. I then took a shower, went to Chloe's bedroom and checked on her. She was sleeping in her cot so gracefully. I noticed that she was not changed to her sleeping dress. Odd! I had clearly indicated what was needed to be done.

Anyway, I went back to my bedroom only to find Fred sleeping on top of the bed. He was snoring. No need to wake him up. I joined him.

In the morning, I was awoken by the rich aroma of eggs. Who would be cooking them? I looked at my cellphone and noticed it was 7.30am. Fred was still sleeping besides me. Could Fred's sister be up already? I dragged my body out of the bed, did a quick shower then walked to the living room. She was seated at the couch having breakfast.

"Good morning." I said.

She did not respond. She instead continued eating the scrambled eggs.

I looked at her in disbelief. 

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Yes." She responded looking at the television.

Since she was not willing to talk, I walked to the fridge, poured a glass of apple juice then picked two sausages that had been prepared. I ignored the eggs. I walked back to the bedroom. No need of siting with people who are not keen on having a conversation. Fred was still sleeping. I took my phone and looked up at my social media accounts.

After I was done, I returned the utensils back to the kitchen. Since there was also other items in the sink, I started washing them. I could see Fred's sister behind me but I continued washing. She paced around then finally gave me her cup and saucer.

"If you have a problem with me then just say so!"

"I don't." She replied.

"Then why are you not talking to me?" I asked.

"I just don't get you." She started. "Why on earth would you wear something like that?"

"What?" I asked looking at my clothes. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

"Not that. I have a problem of what you wore yesterday evening." She replied raising her voice.

"What was the issue?"

"The length! How could you be comfortable wearing that?" She asked giving me a full body stare.

"It was okay for me." I replied then turned back to continue washing the utensils.

"No it was not. You are a mother now. How can you wear something that short especially outside the house?"

"I have no problem with the length my dear. It is the same way I can wear a bikini. How comes no one raises an issue with that? Besides, my husband liked it."

She clicked.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Getting The Jiggy On

"Does your sister have a problem with me?" I asked while we were at the parking. We were outside the car on the trunk looking towards the distance.

"What?" He asked.

"I think she might have a problem with me." I continued. "I think maybe I have not done something right or my dressing irked her."

"Nah. I would have known if there was an issue. We are close and she can tell me anything."

"Okay, maybe I got paranoid again." I said placing my hands on his waist.

He stretched his hand to me and pulled me close to him. He then turned, lifted me on top of the trunk and kissed me. Passionately!

"Have you stopped being paranoid?" He asked in between the kisses.

"Yes." I let out a whisper.

"I love you. You should not let another person come between your happiness." He added. "You are perfect to me."

I kissed him back. He held my head towards him and this continued until we heard a noise.

     Cough, cough

The coughing was coming from behind Fred. I stopped kissing then looked behind only to find the guard looking at us. He was not happy. I tried pulling my dress down while Fred adjusted his pants.

"Excuse me, I will have to ask you to leave." He said looking at us suspiciously.

"Why?" Fred asked.

"You cannot do that here." He replied. "You have to take it somewhere else."

"Okay." I said and entered into the car. 

Fred followed and started the engine. As we were driving outside the compound, we started laughing. That was the most awkward thing ever. The guard caught us in a compromising situation. My short dress was pulled all the way up! Oh God! 

"I don't know why but I wanna do that again?" Fred said as we joined the highway.

"What?" I asked not sure where this was heading to.

"The kissing. I feel like am seventeen again." Fred said.

"I feel odd." I said. "What if someone else saw us?"

"What's bad about it? We were just having fun."

"I was terrified."

He laughed. "Lets go finish what we started back in the house.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Time to Party!

"I got a bonus." Fred said excitedly.

"How? I thought you would get by the end of the year." I asked surprised.

"I thought so too but the company posted profits in the first and second quarter of the year. So the management decided to give everyone something small for the efforts." He replied.

"Wow, that's nice." 

"Yea. Can we celebrate by going out tonight?" he asked.

"Tonight? What about the baby?" We cannot leave her alone." I asked.

"I thought about that and asked my sister to come and baby sit." 

"OMG!" I shouted. "How were you able to arrange all that?"

"I am good in surprises." he said laughing.

"Okay, when is she coming?" I asked.

"She will be here in about twenty minutes." He replied checking his wrist watch.

"And where are we going to?" I asked trying to figure out how this will work.

"First, I wanted us to go to the Chinese restaurant near Valley Road then we go out and hit the clubs. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah. I'm so excited. Let me go freshen up." I said and jumped up quickly to go to the bathroom. 

After like fifteen minutes, I was ready and looking spectacular. I found Fred with the sister in the living room seated together in the couch. 

The sister gave me a weird look then looked back at her brother continuing her conversation with him. Did she give me that look because of the short purple dress that I was rocking? I did not let that interfere with my mood. That was her problem. I gave her a brief on what to do and showed her where the baby food was.

We kissed Chloe bye and off we went.

The dinner was so nice. We sat outside the balcony overlooking the entire city as the restaurant was situated on the top most floor of the building. This place was so significant to us as we had so many dinners here while we were still dating in campus. It was "our place."

After we were done, we went to the new club which was recently opened. I think I got shocked on how the scene had changed from when we last went out clubbing. The young girls wore almost nothing. You would literally see everything. The sarcastic bit was the guys were so heavily dressed that it looked comical seeing them together. We sat near the bar. I ordered a mohito while Fred took his usual, a beer. The music was loud and got us in the mood to party.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Loo Issues

"I think you should take the Doctor's advice seriously. Try to relax and avoid stressful conditions." I said to Ann.

I will, hopefully he won't add to the stress." She replied while facing Mike.

"I won't." Mike said.

I took the last sip of the juice and excused myself. I had to go home and look after my small family. Traffic back home was smooth. No hustles. I packed the car at the far end of the compound and went in.

Chloe was crawling alone in the living room. Fred was nowhere to be seen. I dropped my bag, picked the baby up and placed her on my left hip and went to the other rooms to check. He was not in the kitchen. I called him. He didn't respond. I checked the bedroom but it was empty. The bed was messed up. As I was stepping out of the bedroom to go look for him in the back balcony, I heard some noises from the washroom. I went back in. The door was closed. I tried opening but it was locked from the inside. As I was struggling, the toilet was flushed and there came Fred. He had his phone in his hands.

"When did you come?" He asked not surpised on my presence.

"I just entered. Why did you leave the baby alone?"

"I didn't. I just went to the washroom. I was here."

"She was alone!" I insisted.

"No, I had to pee and I cannot go to the toilet with her."

I shook my head.

"Baby, you are getting paranoid. Nothing would have happened to the baby." He assured me while holding to my shoulders. "Okay?"

I nodded.

"Okay, let us go to the other room."

We followed his steps back to the bedroom. I placed Chloe on the bed and she started crawling to the other side. I quickly rushed to her side least she fell.

"Where did you go to?" Fred asked adjusting his blue shorts.

"I passed by Ann's place. She was in the hospital this morning but she is okay."

"Oh, hope nothing serious?"

"No, she is good."

"Was Mike around? It has been a while since we last saw each other."

"Yes he was." I replied.

"Ill give him a shout."

Monday, July 4, 2016

Mummy Problems

After the meeting, I checked my phone and saw a text from Ann. She informed me that she is back home.

I smiled. At least it was nothing serious. Since it was around 5 O'clock, I started packing and decided to go see Ann on my way home. At a quarter past 5pm, I left the office. The highway was too busy. The traffic started a few meters from the office. I took about thirty minutes to drive over to Mike and Ann's house where in the normal traffic free days, one would take 10 minutes. I found Ann sitted on the couch with her legs up. She was big! Her tummy was showing in the white short dress she was wearing. I gave her a hug and asked her how she was feeling. Even before she answered, Brad came running from the bedroom.

"Aunty, Aunty." He shouted.

"Yes Brad. How are you?" I asked moving him closer to my body.


Brad was Ann and Mike son. He is two and a half years. He is the most handsome kid I have ever seen. He was taller now. He had taken both of the parents facial features.

"Mummy, can I watch Lily?" He asked.

"Yes dear. Seat here." Ann said while showing him a cushion on the floor. She then changed the TV channel and put on Cartoon Network. Brad smiled and started watching.

"So? What was the problem?" I asked.

"I woke up with some pain in my belly. It was similar to cramps. I took a glass of water then went back to bed. A few minutes later, I had the urge to go to the washroom only to discover that I was spotting." She started.


"Now, the sad part was Mike saw my reaction and freaked out." She continued.

"No I did not." Mike said while coming out from the kitchen with three glasses of juice.

We laughed.

"Yes you did. You were so worried that something bad will happen. I on the other hand, I was too freaked out that I could not move." She said looking at Mike. "After a few awkward moments, we decided to go to the hospital and get checked out."

"So what did the doctor say?"

"He said it was normal for women to spot especialy if they are seven to thirteen weeks. He however cautioned me to avoid stressful condition and eat healthy food."

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Disclinary Issues

With things back to normal at home, I went back to my work schedule in the office. The workload was too much but I was at peace knowing that my kid was safe.

At around 10am, I called Ann. I had missed my best friend. The phone rang but she didn't pick up. I tried again but I was not lucky. I decided to send an sms to her to call me once she was free.

Then, after a few seconds, Mike called.

"Hey Kate."

"Hey Mike, nice surprise. I was even trying to call Ann."

"That's why I was calling you. She cannot came to the phone at the moment." Mike replied.


"She is with the doctor's now." He responded sounding a bit low. "She experienced some spotting earlier today so we are at the Doctor's to get checked out."

"Oh my.." I said. "Which hospital is she in?"

"At Mercy General." He responded and the line went off.

I tried again calling him but it didn't go through. I decided to try Ann. Her phone went unanswered but I left a voice mail to call me back. I was worried.

Since I had to step in to a meeting, I took my notebook, pen and the tablet and went to the boardroom. Mrs. Wright was already seated facing her laptop. Brian, who is the head of Consulting Department was seated right opposite Mrs. Wright. He was on his phone. The other two in the room were the Head of IT, James and Mary who was the assistant to the Tax Manager. As soon as I sat down, the meeting started. It was to discuss various issues in the departments and way to move forward.

The meeting lasted roughly three hours as there was some confusion on how best to deal with the various disclinary issues that we had face like two months ago. Although Mrs. Wright was for following the rules as stated in the company rules and regulations, it was not accomodating other issues that come up and not stated in the rule book. As a HR, I was faced with a lot of issues on knowing what needs to be addressed in the face to face, warning letter or termination as it stood on the middle. 

James also wanted to know on how best to deal with employees who spend most times on the internet rather than concentrating on the work. This was one of the issues that ws not clearly stated in the rule book and we didnt know what step to take. In the end, we decided to each come up with suitable ways of dealing with such. We scheduled to meet in a week's time.