Thursday, September 1, 2016


I took some bananas, sliced them into thin slices then put them in the freezer for sometime. Then I prepared fresh fruit juice and bottled it for Chloe. Together with some snacks and wine, I placed them in the picnic basket and off we went to the park.

The park was located around thirty minutes from the house. It is a large area occupying the northern part of the town. It also had a man made dam, kid's play area, running track and it also offered a meeting area. We parked the car at the car park, then walked around the park slowly. Fred was carrying the picnic basket while I was holding Chloe by her left arm as she was also walking. We then settled at the eastern side of the park. I spread the rug on the grass and we sat on it. Chloe was hopping around us with her ball.

"This is beautiful." I commented looking at the beautiful landscape of the city.

"Yes it is." Fred added. "You know, I used to come here often while we were young."

"I did too. We had lots of fun."

Chloe kicked the ball and it landed on Fred's legs. She laughed and picked it up. 

"I need your advice." Fred started.

"On what?" I asked.

"Since I got employed, I have not received my confirmation letter from the company."

"I thought you had signed your contract when you started. Which other letter are you talking about?"

"When I started, I was to work for three months then get a confirmation from the company on my performance. This letter would confirm me as a permanent employee. But now, five months later and I have not received it." 

"This is strange. Have you talked to the HR?" I asked.

"Yes I did but it was a while ago." He replied scratching his head.

"You should go back. Ask about your performance. If it is in line with the company's standard, you should be given the letter."

"Okay, Ill do that." He said.

"Would you like some wine?" I asked opening he picnic basket.

"Yes please. Is it chilled?" He asked.

"It was when we left the house. I hope it is still cold." 

I served us some wine on the plastic tumblers. We made  toast and took a sip. Chloe noticed and stretched her hand to us. 

"Give juice." She said.

I smiled. She has never differentiated between her juice and wine. I took out her juice and poured some to her sippy cup and gave it to her. She sat down and down it all in one gulp!

"Would you like some more?" I asked.

She nodded. I gave her another serving.

"Why is she drinking like that?" Fred asked looking concerned.

"Its pretty hot and she has been playing. She is thirsty." I replied.

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