Friday, April 27, 2012

Who is the Guest?

What I thought was going to be a smooth day didn’t turn out the way I expected. The work that I was to handle was a lot and didn’t have much time to it. So I turned all my attention to the paperwork and tried as much as I could to finish it up. The downside of this was I didn’t even notice how time flew. When the receptionist came to the office and asked if I could close the door after I finish, it is when I noticed it was already six o’clock in the evening! I was tired already so I helped her close and headed home.

I arrived in the house a few minutes to seven. I was feeling hungry so I went directly to the kitchen to get something to eat. Near the dustbin, there was a box of the pizza that I took the day before. Then it hit me, I was to meet Fred today at his place for dinner!

I rushed over to the bathroom and had a quick shower. I grabbed my coat and started walking towards his apartment.

I could see his lights on and wondered if Mike was around. It was a while since I saw him and missed his company too. I took the stairs to the second floor when they resided and outside the door, there were a couple of shoes left at the doorstep. It was really muddy outside as it had rained so I understood why they chose to leave the shoes outside. Two of the shoes were male and I could recognize the black ones as those of Fred. The other pair belonged to a female. I wondered who the guest could be.

I knocked and pushed in the door.

Imagine to my surprise when I walked in and saw Ann at the couch with Mike! When did she return? I ran over to her and gave her a hug. I had missed her so much. She was like a sister to me and I was already getting bored being in the apartment all by myself. I noticed later on that I had created an awkward moment on Mike and Fred since I didn’t greet them when I came in. I stood up and gave them a hug.

“Oh, I see you have remembered us.” Mike joked.

“Sorry about that.” I said feeling embarrassed.

“It’s all good. Would you like a glass of juice?”  Fred asked while holding my waist.

“Yes, yes.”

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Responsibility

Waking into the office the next day, I really felt lazy. As usual we have to pass by the receptionist desk before our adjoining offices but today, the receptionist grabbed my hand.  She informed me that the boss had scheduled an appointment with me at nine o’clock at her office.

I walked to my desk slowly with my heart almost skipping a beat. I was nervous on what we would discuss together with Mrs. Wright. Most of the time when she called someone in her office, it was either to fire them or offer them suspension on what someone has done. She never minced words with anyone. Her work ethics were so high that anything below what she expects would lead one her bad side.

I switched on the computer. I decided to go to the internet and not stress myself so much on the issue. I checked up on some emails, went to some twitter and updated myself with the issues at hand then read two newspapers online. These days I am so addicted to social media that it takes up most of the time in the office.

I was so indulged in the computer that I didn’t notice that the HR Manager had not come to the office and yet it was already eight thirty. I lifted up my head and looked towards her desk. She wasn’t in. Since I was employed at this organization, she always has been on her desk even before I arrived.  Word in the office was she always came in at seven o’clock.  What could have happened to her today? I checked on my phone to see if I had any messages from her. I didn’t.

At exactly nine o’clock, I proceeded to the main office. I knocked and heard Mrs. Wright’s strong voice letting me in. I opened the door slowly and walked in to her desk.

“Good Morning.” I said still standing.

“Morning Catherine, do have a seat.” She said.

I sat down slowly, adjusted my skirt and clasped my hands on my lap. I was almost trembling.

“The reason I called you today is to inform you that The HR will not be coming in today. So you have to take both of her and your tasks today until I relieve you of them. She was involved in an accident yesterday evening and lost her husband. “

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I said.

“Yes, it very sad but work has to continue this week. It will be challenging to you especially since this is the last week of the month so ensure that the salaries are paid on time. You can also organize with a few employees on who will attend the funeral. I’ll pass to you the date later on.” She said.

“I’ll do that.”

“Okay. You can go back to your work station and get on to it.” Mrs. Wright said.

“Thank you.” I said and left the office. Phew!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We Good

While watching some series that I had bought the other day, I indulged in the food I just bought. Man, it was really tasty. The chicken was grilled really good! I was really preoccupied with the television that I didn’t notice or hear my phone ring. I noticed this when I was preparing to go to sleep. I had five missed calls and two messages. All of them were from Fred.

The first text was basically asking me where I was while the second tried to explain why he went MIA on me during our meeting. Apparently he was called back in the office to fix up some computer systems that had gone down.  He spent most of the evening in the office and only left an hour ago.  Seriously, he couldn’t just call to say he was going to be late? I called him up.

He answered almost immediately when I called.

“Hello?” he called out.

“Hey, Sorry I didn’t hear the phone ring.”

“It’s okay. I’m really sorry for making you wait the whole evening. I hope you got the text explaining what happened.” he said.

“Yea, I got it but you couldn’t call to let me know you were called back to the office?”

“That’s the blunder I made. I thought the work was just going to take a few minutes, thirty minutes tops, but time seemed to move a little bit faster than I realized. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. You had dinner?” I asked.

“Yea, I grabbed some snacks on my way home.”

“I’m sorry about what happened earlier in the day on seeing Sam and I. He was just apologizing for the many mistakes he made back then. Nothing more.” I said.

“Sorry I flipped out. Guess I am not yet completely comfortable with him around.”

“So we good?” I asked.


“Thank you so much. Glad we ended that on a smooth note.”

“Me too. So we catch up tomorrow? Ill cook dinner at my place.” He said


Bouncing Dates

I got a text from Fred in the evening before I left work. He was asking me to meet him at his apartment at around seven. I knew that Sam was going to be the subject of the evening. As I stepped out of the office, I headed home and did some ironing for some work clothes for the rest of the week. As Seven O’clock drew near, I took a shower and changed into some casual clothes and headed to Fred’s apartment.

Since I had the keys to his apartment I let myself in. The living room area was empty so I went and knocked to his bedroom door.

“Fred?” I called out.                                                               

No answer.                                                             

“Fred? Where are you?” I called again but all I got was dead silence.

I went to him bedroom and pushed the door. It opened. The room was so dark that I had to switch on the lights. There was no one so I left and went back to the living room and waited for him while catching up with some news. Fifteen minutes passed but he didn’t show up.  Where the hell could he be? I tried to call him but the calls went unanswered.  After three more tries, I gave up. I tried Mike at least to check up with him if he was with Fred.

“You guys together?” I asked.

“No. We saw each other in the morning before we left for work. Is there a problem?” he asked sounding really concerned.

“Not really. We were to meet at your apartment at seven but he hasn’t shown up. His calls are not going through.”

“I’m sorry about that but am sure he will show up soon. I’ll try making calls and let you know.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I decided to leave for my apartment. Besides, I was already feeling hungry and I wasn’t sure on what time Fred was going to show up. I passed by the cafeteria near my house and bought some takeaway fries and a piece of chicken. Walking back home alone in the dark really gave me time to ask myself questions regarding Fred. How can he promise to hook up with me at his house and not avail himself? I didn’t want to assume anything bad had happened because the other time I waited for him at my place, he ended up in hospital after an accident. So I kept my hopes alive.