Friday, November 25, 2016


"So do all your clients send suggestive chats?" I asked.

"No. That was not even suggestive."

"Fred, I am not as stupid as you might think I am. She was obviously trying to get your attention. Why did you not even ask her to stop?" 

"I called her and asked her to stop but she continued." Fred started. 

"You called?"

"Yes. What was I supposed to do?" He replied. "And why were you snooping on my phone? You have never been the curious type."

"Maybe I should have been curious from the start."

"Kate, stop this. Nothing is going on between us. I have been so busy with work that I cannot have time to go and start affairs."

"Can I go back to work?" I asked walking back to the office entrance.

"Yes. Ill see you later on."

I walked back in the office reflecting on how the situation had turned up. Maybe I was too quick to judge Fred. What if I was wrong? I should have weighed about everything before I came with a conclusion. He really looked so apologetic and full of regret. Why did I even think of snooping on his cell? I should have just let it to be as I have since we started dating. We have never had this issues before.

I started working on what I had to do and before I knew it, time was up. I packed my stuff and asked Fred if he was done for the day to come pick me up. Unfortunately, he was still busy so I had to use other means back home. I dialed an Uber.

I arrived in the house after about fifteen minutes. There was a bit of traffic on the way. I found Chloe seated on the carpet with the nanny playing with the rubber balls she got a few months ago. She was so excited to see me that she literally ran to give me a hug calling "Mama".

I picked her up, said hey to the nanny then went to the bedroom still holding her. She was giggling all the way. She then started talking very quickly that I could not make out the words well but I guessed she was trying to tell me how her day is.

"Mama has to take a shower. Go and stay with the nanny."

She nodded and left the room.

I went to the bathroom where I took a long shower. It was like I was trying to erase away the memories of the day. After I was through, I wore a short with a vest top and went back to the living room.

The nanny asked if she would take the weekend off and I said okay. Just then, Fred walked in carrying his laptop bag. He waved to us then went straight to the bedroom. I got up and followed him.

"How did you come home?" He asked taking off his clothes.

"I used an Uber." I replied sitting on the bed's edge.

"Oh okay. Sorry for the inconvenience of not picking you up."

"Its okay."

"Let me have a shower first." He said while going to the bathroom.


After he left, I sat there for a few seconds then stood up. As I was walking to the door, his phone vibrated. I wanted to know if he had contact with the chic again. I went over and checked it. The phone had a password!

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