Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One More day

Friday morning finds me busy packing our stuff in a small suitcase which we will use at both Fred’s parents place and the honeymoon. Since the trip was still a secret to me, I decided to pack for warmer conditions mostly but still manage to throw bits of warm clothes. Ann is helping me pack but she stopped for a moment to checking out Fred’s suit for the wedding.

“This looks nice. He will be really sexy in it.” She comments and spreads it on the bed.

“I was worried on what he would choose but it is one hell of a suit!” I add.

We laugh but our laughter is overshadowed with one from the other room. My mom, niece and two of my aunties are in the sitting room. Mom came over yesterday and spent the night at Aunt Tina’s place. My other two aunts came today in the morning. It was nice having them over as it helped calm my nerves a bit.

“Hurry up. We still have to go to town and pick up the remaining stuff!” Ann says.

True. Time was running out and I hadn’t picked up the bridesmaids dresses from the shop and also get jewelry for them. I looked at the clock on my phone and was shocked to realize it was heading to eleven o’clock! I stuffed the clothes in the suitcase and placed in it in the closet before we ran out with Ann to catch a cab to town.

My phone buzzed on our way to town. I looked at the screen to see who it was. It was Fred.

“Kate, are you done with the packing clothes?” He asks.

“Not yet but I’ll be done with it as soon as I finish picking up some clothes from the town.”

“Okay. I arrived home about twenty minutes ago. The décor guys have already set up the venue and it is looking good. Chairs and flowers are the only things remaining but it will be done tomorrow.”

“Thank God! I was so worried about that.”                  

“Don’t worry. My mom is handling the planning so just finish with what you are up to and then come over.”

“Thanks dear. I’ll be there in a few hours. Bye.”


We found the maid dresses already packed for us. I paid the remainder of the balance and picked them up.  We bought the jewelry from the same shop before we took the road to my cousin’s salon where we picked her up and returned to the house. She was the one who would do my hair and makeup tomorrow.

My mom was waiting for us in the house when we arrived. I quickly ran to the bedroom and finished packing up the clothes. After I was through, I dragged the suitcase to the living room and asked Ann to take it to the car. I returned to pick Fred’s suit and my gown. On my way out, I locked the door and entered the car. Inside my mom’s car, there were seven of us; my mother, two aunties, Ann, my cousin, my niece and I. The trip was an interesting as my aunties engaged us in conversation until we arrived to our destination.
I can’t believe tomorrow is my wedding day! Yay!

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