Friday, October 31, 2014

End Month duties

"Oh shit!" Ann shouted looking at her wrist watch.

"What?" I asked a bit shocked.

"It's almost ten. I am almost getting late to a meeting that I had with some of my colleagues. I have to go."

"Okay, you run but make sure we catch up." I said hugging her.

"Yes I will." She said picking her handbag up. "By the way we were to go for a manicure. Can we schedule it for today in the evening?"

"Yes please. I really need that. I am having a hard time scrubbing my feet." I said.

Ann laughed. "Bye girl."

"I sat there waving to her until she disappeared on her way to the reception. Motherhood was really looking doing her well. Although she had regained her body back, she had a glow on her face and one could notice how happy she was.

I stood up slowly. These days even the simplest tasks were really hard for me to do. I picked up my bag, removed my packet of pocket tissues and walked to the washroom. I was feeling a bit pressed. As I waited to do my business, only a drop of urine came out. Have I told you that being pregnant sucks? It does, let no one cheat you! As I was about to leave, my went back to check myself on the mirror. I was leaning a bit on my back. My tummy was really sharp kind of. I touched it and left the washroom.

I got back to my desk and started checking my emails. Just then, a text came through my phone. It was Fred. He was asking where the marmalade was. I re-read the text again not sure if it was a joke. I called him up.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"On what?"

"The marmalade?"

"Yes. Where do we usually keep it?"

I shook my head slowly then told him to look at the kitchen cabinet above the kitchen counter. I could still hear him search for it then finally told me he found it.

Back to my desk, I proceed to start the remuneration process. It was already end month and I had only few hours to complete the duty. I checked for the lowest staff first, then proceeded to the rest of the office. It was a lot of work considering I was alone in the office. I miss my immediate supervisor! Anyway, work had to be done. I was done at around two in the afternoon. I then sent the complied list to the Accounts Department for them to proceed with the payments.

I made a quick call to the hotel downstairs and ordered a glass of fresh juice and some muffins. I received them in about ten minutes. As I continued to eat them, I continued to do my work. I had to finish on my deadline on the preparation of a training for the staff which was to happen mid November. I sent the details to all my contacts and hopefully be able to get enough information by next week.

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