Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Antenatal Clinic

“I’ll have to send you to the Gynecologist. Do you currently have one?” The Doctor asked.


He scribbled something on a printed paper and gave it to me. “Take his and go to nurse at the reception. She will direct you to his office. He will be able to advice you more on the pregnancy.”

“Thank you.” I said while I took the paper and we walked out.

We talked down the corridor hand in hand to the nurses’ station at the receptionist. I handed one of them the piece of paper. She smiled, congratulated me and offered to walk me to the office of the Gynecologist. It was located on the East Wing of the hospital five doors away.

She knocked the door and let us in. Apparently, we were the only patient at the moment so the doctor saw us immediately. He greeted us and asked us to sit. The nurse gave him the paper.

“Congratulations to you two.” He started.

“Thank you.” We both replied in unison.

“From the tests, I see you are about ten weeks. You need to start antenatal immediately. The purpose of antenatal care is to monitor your health, your baby’s health and be able to advice you on the way forward until full time.  I’ll have to open a file for you so that it will be easier for us to access the pregnancy.”

He reached to his desk, opened a drawer and picked a blue folder. He wrote my names on the slip on top of the folder. He opened it and inside there was a few papers which was to be filled.

“Okay, I’ll start by asking you questions just to know about you.” He said.

I nodded. Fred squeezed my hand. "How old are you?"


"Have you had any previous births, miscarriages or an abortion."

I was silent for a while before answering. That question caught me off guard.


"Which one in particular?"

"An abortion."

"How long ago?"

"About two years ago."

"Do you take alcohol?"

"Yes, occasionally."

"Do you smoke?" 


"Any family history I should know about?"

"Heart issues. My dad had a heart attack."

"Alright, I will have to take your blood pressure. I will also ask you take a urine test which will assist us in checking for gestational diabetes and pre-eclapsia. I will also advice you to stay off alcohol until the baby is born."


He checked my blood pressure and recorded the results in the new file he had opened for me. Out of curiosity, I asked if it was okay and he replied smiling that all was well. I later went to the lab where I left my urine sample. I will get the results in my second visit.


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