Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pre-Wedding Issues

This week was hectic to say the least. I spent most of the time running up and down trying to get what was required for the wedding while still multitasking with office work.  I met up with a florist who was referred to me by my sister in law. He showed me some beautiful samples of flowers that he had done before. True to the word I was given, he was so talented on what he did. I booked him on the spot. He was to do six flower centerpieces, three bouquet and some flowers to line up the aisle. My bouquet was white lilies tied around with some white silk material with sparkles in it. This would match the dress that I had bought. He was to deliver the flowers on the wedding day at least two hours before start of the ceremony.  We signed a contract together to bind the agreement.

Ann and I got together and decided on what the bridesmaids were to wear. I had two maids; Ann and my niece. We wanted something practical-which can be worn again and is affordable. So we went up to a bridal shop in town and looked around. There had some of the best dresses I had seen in a while and it was really difficult to settle on one type. This was because, until now, I had not settled on a wedding color scheme. I have always found myself buying red clothes so I guess it was my favourite color but would it be practical for a wedding? I wasn’t so sure. The sales lady noticed our frustrations and came to our aid. After I told her, she brought out a huge magazine and showed us some maid dresses with the color red. They were of a different shapes, sizes and styles. They were too bold! I looked at some other pictures and some coral dresses caught my eye. They were simply splendid and would look great with the summer season!

While I was busy with all the planning, Fred on the other hand was helping me organize the honeymoon plans. I wanted to be surprised so I gave him the task.  He was also to write down the names of the people he was inviting from his side so that I could send them invitations. He was to only invite forty people as we wished for a small celebration. Fred was to also get the rings and hire a photographer for that day. His dad had promised to help him with the tasks so everything was going great. Mike was also a great help to him as he organized suit fittings with the other guy who was part of the lineup. The men were to wear black suits, white shirts and bow ties.

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