Sunday, July 29, 2012


I woke up early the next morning and prepared to go to work. We left the house together with Fred and by eight o’clock; we were already on our desk. As usual, I logged into the web. I had the habit of checking news and other stuff to keep me informed on what was happening in the country and around the world.

Work went on as usual but by eleven thirty, I excused myself and took an early break. I was to hook up with Ann on her first clinic appointment since she discovered she was pregnant. We met up at the hospital at around noon and waited for her to be called. Her body had adapted well with the hormonal changes and it was hard to tell that she was paged. At only two months, her tummy was not showing yet but her skin glowed. It was radiant and beautiful and she seemed more cheerful than usual.

Her name was called shortly afterwards and she disappeared through the corridors to the doctor’s office. I stayed behind the waiting area. There were three other ladies in the room with me all pregnant.  One of them looked like she was about to pop out soon. One thing that always impressed me with pregnant women was how they usually stroked their tummies. It was so lovingly. The room was painted white with some blue hue on the corners. The reception was right near the entrance and just beside it on the right hand corner was a television. I kept myself busy by reading some of the magazines placed on the table. Most of them were about pregnancy and kid care but two magazines stood out for me. One of them showed a list of different ailments affecting people across the world depending on the climatic regions. There were also preventive measures one could take to prevent the diseases from attacking the body.

The second magazine was about eating healthy and shedding weight. Good! I had earlier thought of losing a few pounds before the wedding but had not got the correct way of doing it. Simple recipes were mentioned. I quickly took out my notebook and scribbled the recipes and advices given.

I finished just on time as Ann came out of the doctor’s office. She was carrying a white sheet of paper which she handed over to the receptionist before motioning me it was time to go. We walked along the corridors and finally got outside the hospital. We then started walking towards the city.

“How was it?” I asked.

“It went better than I had earlier thought. The doctor checked me up and said that everything was fine. He just advised me to eat more fruits to enable the baby get more vitamins.” She replied.

“Okay, did he check out your weight too?”

“Yea, that was the first thing he looked at. My current weight is alright though it’s going to change soon with the different changes in the body.” She said. “I going back for a second checkup next month.”

“Good for you.” I said. “Want to grab lunch before you go to the office?”


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