Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A month to..

The rest of the weekend went on smoothly without any hitches. My parents agreed with most of the propositions we had given them regarding the wedding. Fred and I had wished to have a small wedding preferably a garden wedding with a few of our friends and families. The date we saw as suitable was Saturday, September 1st at Fred’s parents’ home. The big compound and lawn would be efficient to both Fred and I as we were on a budget. So far, we had only a month to the wedding.

Dad and mum offered to chip in on the budget by contributing on the wedding budget. One of my aunts owned a catering business so they offered to pay for the services to be rendered on that day. This was great as food was really expensive these days and we were afraid we might fall short in that department. With that sorted, we only had a few other things to sort out i.e. booking the preacher (we decided on the one from Fred’s home church), identity the type of food we needed, send out invitations to our friends and family etc.

On Sunday afternoon, we left to head back to the city. I was glad that the trip went on well and my parents helped make it comfortable. Now we were faced with the whole bit of arranging a wedding. Although I was excited with the plans, weddings have never been my cup of tea.  

As soon as we reached the flat, I went straight to the bathroom. I was tired. Thereafter, I decided to call Ann. She didn’t pick up on my first try but she called me back after a few minutes.

“Hey girl?” Ann said.                                                                                                                

“Hey dear, how are you?” I asked.

“I have been good, spent the whole weekend watching some movies. How was the trip?”

“It was splendid! Everything went on as expected. Mum said hi to you.”

“Awww, thanks. So how did the family react to Fred?”

“It went on well. Actually, I think dad really likes him. They spent almost the whole weekend together.”

“That’s cool!”

“Yea, but I have a question to ask you.”

“Okay, just ask...”

“Would you do me the honor of being my best maid?”


“Hallo? Ann, are you still there?” I asked.

“Yea, yea.”


“Yes, I’ll be the best maid.” She said.

“Thank you. I’ll call you later and organize a hook up so that I can tell you everything.”

“Ok dear, lovely evening.”

I hang up the phone and joined Fred in the bedroom. He was already lying across the bed with his eyes closed. It appeared both of us were tired so I just dialed the pizza guy and ordered a large one. I rested my head on Fred’s chest while waiting for the meal.

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