Friday, August 31, 2012

The morning after

My knees felt weak. Why the hell did Tina have to go all the way and book a stripper? My mom and aunties were in the party! As drunk as I was, the surprise thing actually made me become sober again.

“Hey, come over here.” Tina shouted from where she was.

I didn’t move step from the door. I couldn’t face my mother.

One of my cousins, Lily, came over and dragged me to the center of the room where they had placed a chair. I sat down on the cushions next to Ann and looked down. Oh Lord,save me!

The stripper put on the music and started doing his moves besides the chair. The girls cheered with every cloth that he removed from his well-toned body. He looked like God had actually taken time and sculpted his body. I drooled. The action became more intense when he remained with his black briefs on. I could see his manhood well enough to make me want some. The funny thing about this was seeing my mother shouting on top of her voice asking the dude to remove it and show her the ‘goods’. I could have never imagined my mother doing this but guess alcohol has a way of making people show their true colors.

I woke up the next morning with a banging headache. I opened my eyes and tried to lift my head up but it felt like someone had been banging me with a hammer the whole night. So I kept still and tried to figure out where I was. I looked over the room and it came to me…I was still in the hotel room. I was lying on the floor and next to me was Ann with her boobs right in front of my face. What did we have after the party? I tried to remember what happened after the stripper but I couldn’t recall anything. I tried to wake Ann up by poking her with my hand.

“What?” she shouted clearly annoyed to be woken up.            

“Ann, what time is it?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Why?”

“I think its daytime…”

“Daytime?” I heard Auntie Tina ask.


Tina quickly rose up and went towards the door and opened up her bag. She checked her phone and shouted.

“Kate is right. It is noon.” Tina said. “I think we should wake up and take a shower.”

I stood up and went to the washroom. On my way back, i noticed my mother had set herself to sleep on the couch. She was still asleep.  Auntie Tina was on the phone ordering some food for us. Good idea, I needed the food. I felt so weak and hungry.

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