Monday, November 12, 2012


Later on, Fred and I went home to rest. We were suffering from a serious dose of jetlag.  Dad was doing a bit better by the time we left him. Mom was still there with him.

The next morning, we went to the hospital to see dad and also to give mom a break. My brother had already left to go for work. We found mom at the door to dad's room sobbing.

'Mum, what’s wrong?' I asked getting all concerned.

'Your dad got a complication. The doctors are at the moment working on him.' she replied.

I walked over and peeped at the door of the room where dad was. Two doctors and a nurse were with him. I couldn’t really see what they were doing but it didn’t look good. Fred and I sat on the chair next to mom and waited for the doctors' word.

One of the doctors came out after a few minutes but it felt like hours had flown by. His face was almost hard to tell but I got a feeling that things were not well. He finally broke his silence when mum asked him what was going on. Dad had passed on!

I was silent for a few seconds trying to get what was said. Mom was on the floor crying and Fred was trying his best to console her. I tried to cry but couldn’t. My tears were not coming out. I walked inside the room where dad was to make sure of what the doctors told me was true. He was covered in a white sheet all over. The nurse who was in the room was switching off the machine that had been earlier hooked up on him. When the nurse saw me, she asked if i wanted to view my dad. I nodded and she slowly pulled down the sheet covering him to his waist. Dad looked like he was sleeping. I touched his left hand and he was still warm. I shook him hard maybe to get him to wake up but i was stopped by mom who was behind me. It was then that i lost it; I couldn’t hold my emotions any longer. I cried! My heart felt heavy. It hurt so badly. The pain of losing a loved is too much for one to take but unfortunately we have to go through this at one point in our lives. I never thought that i would be losing one of my parents this early. I had always pictured them being there for me forever.

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