Saturday, November 17, 2012

Final Respects

On the burial date, we woke up early. We got to the burial site and found dad already on the grounds. His coffin was all black as he has so wished with selection of flowers on top. A viewing session started the service and together with friends and family, we said goodbye to dad. The priest said the prayers to dad and one for us asking God to keep us strong. My heart was broken up and the tears were not helping. Two of my nieces didn’t really understand what was going on and kept interrupting the session asking why their grandpa was being lowered into the ground. The priest came to our rescue by telling them a story to keep their minds from wondering so much.

About two hours later, the funeral came to a close. As people were scattering to go home, I saw Sam. He was behind my auntie’s and waved to me. Sam was one of my ex-boyfriends and things were a little complicated between us.

'Kate' he started.

'Hi Sam.' I responded. 'I didn’t know you were around.'

‘Kate I am so sorry about your dad.' he said. 'I thought I should come to pay my last respects to him.'

'Thank you so much.' I replied.

There was an awkward moment of silence for a few minutes before I broke it up by suggesting he should come home to share with us a few drinks and food. He hesitated for a while before finally saying yes. We parted ways and I went and joined Fred who was waiting for me in the car.

At my parents’ house, we found two of my cousins giving out drinks to the people who showed up. I sat down and had some coffee. I felt sleepy. I hadn't slept very well in the past few days. Ten minutes later, Sam showed up and joined me at the couch. We got talking in no time as he asked about what happened to dad. I narrated to him before Fred came and joined us. He was always suspicious of Sam and this time was no exceptional. Good thing is nothing happened between them and we had some sensible conversation.  

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