Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Am I....?

“Baby, do you think am fat?” I posed this question to Fred when I returned home that day. His parents had already left the house to their place.

He looked at me and continued watching football on the television.

“Fred, I am talking to you.” I said.

“Catherine, I am not answering that question.”


“You women don’t always want to know the real answer.”

“What? And what do you mean with ‘you women’?” I asked getting a little bit mad.

“The question is always a trick question. I am not answering that.”

“Fred, please. Just tell me.” I told him touching his shoulder.

“Okay.” Fred said. “It’s true. You have gained weight a bit.”

My stomach sunk in. It was not what I was waiting to hear.

“Where in particular?”

“You have started getting some love handles. Your ass on the other hand…”

“Okay, okay. You have made your point.” I said trying to shut him off.

“You look good dear, don’t let it worry you so much.” He assured me.

“Thank you.” I said. “Let me organize something for dinner.”

I walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was some fish fillet in the freezer. I took them up and placed them in the sink under running water. I then walked to the bedroom. The ceiling to floor mirror caught my attention. I moved closer to it and removed all my clothes. Standing there naked was a bit scary. I was looking at myself in a whole new way. I looked at my mid section and noticed what Ann and Fred had initially seen. I was bigger. No wonder my outfits to work were always a bit tight.

I turned around and looked at my behind and let out a loud laugh. It’s big. How comes I have never noticed this before? I look like I have undergone some kind of butt injections. But there was something else going on. I was glowing. I stood on my side so that I could see the side view of myself. My tummy was big, yes, but it was kind protruding in front. Could I be…..?

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