Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Of Men...

As Ann was giving us more information on the god-parent topic, I munched on the crisps that were on the table. The cheese and vinegar flavor gave them a great taste. I later realized that I was a bit on my own zone when Ann slapped my hand. Mike had asked me a question and they were all waiting for my answer.

“What?” I asked.

“So can we go out tonight?” Mike repeated the question again.


“We go to a club, like a whole nighter!” Mike said.

I laughed. “Seriously?”

Everyone nodded.                         

“Mike, Ann is pregnant. You think it’s good for her to go party it up all night?” I asked.

“It was her suggestion and I think it will be good for us to do this before the kid comes.” Mike replied.

“But …..” I started before I was cut short.

“Kate, we will just go have fun. When we are tired, we will all come home and rest.” Fred said trying to put the matter down.


I finished the rest of the crisps on our way home with Fred. Our apartment was not that far from Ann and Mike’s house. I wanted to go to the salon since I had an appointment and also get time to finish some chores in the house before we went out.

I spent approximately two hours in the salon parlor as I had my hair washed, relaxed and had manicure and pedicure treatments. One thing I have never understood about salons in how you walk in without knowing much but leaving its doors with much information. The ladies I found were speaking about the recent scandal that had hit the political scene. One of the senior officers in the Government was caught by the paparazzi cheating on his wife. The pictures were racy. For the past two days, the local stations had been giving the story much spotlight although they seemed to have missed a few details as I got to find out. One of the ladies told us that the lady who was caught with the Officer was an escort. She had already gotten a book deal from a local publisher for a tell-all.

I returned to the house later to find Fred on the couch reading the newspaper with his legs resting up on the coffee table. The house was still in a sorry state as I left it earlier. These are the few times I never understand men. How could he be sitting comfortably in the house some chores waiting to be done! He hadn’t even emptied the bin so there was a smell in the kitchen.

“Fred, couldn’t you help with the cleaning?” I asked him.

“I already did that.” He answered without even looking up from the newspaper.


“I arranged the CD’s.”

I felt like slapping him hard on his face. I looked at him for a few minutes trying to see what to do with him. Men!!

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