Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Past

That was the longest shower I ever had. I stayed under the shower for almost an hour and a half. The warm water seemed to erase away the pain. For the time I was there, I cried a lot. How could something like this happen to me? Was Fred already having an affair just few months since we got married? I found it hard to believe but the evidence of his calls and texts could not be ignored. How do you bring something like this out and accuse him? You would have to also admit that you snooped on his phone.
From the showers, I changed then went and joined the family outside the house. They were having a barbeque. My brother was handling the cooking so I poured myself a glass of juice and sat down on one of the plastic chairs.
 “Glad you finally joined us Kate.” My sister in law shouted.
I smiled.                                                                       
“Where is Fred?” She asked.                              
“He is still in bed.” I replied and took a gulp of juice.
“Too bad he is missing all of this.”                     
We continue chatting up while having the meat. I was so hungry. Fred later joined us and had his share. I think he noticed something was up by the way I was looking at him. He came and asked if I was alright and I replied yes. I didn’t want to mess things here. My family was having so much fun and our argument would upset them all.
My phone vibrated from my pocket in my shorts. It was a text from Sam. My heart skipped a beat! If you can remember, he was my college boyfriend but he had been hanging around for a while. I opened it up and read it.
                               “Happy New Year Catherine! Wishing you the best as we start over 2013.
                                  May your wishes and dreams come true. Cheers!

At least it wasn’t awkward as I thought it would be. I wonder what he was upto. I texted Ann and told her that I had received a text from Sam. She quickly replied.
                             “lol, and the past keeps haunting you.”
I checked my messages and discovered that I had received some texts yesterday night. Most of them were from my collegues from work, Mike, some friends from college and extended family. They were all wishing me a happy new year. I quickly responded to all of them and wished them the best in the New Year. I took a quick glance on my twitter page then returned my attention to what was being discussed at the barbeque. As usual, the topic was politics. My brother always seemed to find a way to bring this up. He was putting across on how the economy was not doing well at the moment and was blaming some officials. Fred on the other side was criticizing his view. I just watched as the two grown men argued. It seemed so stupid and yet entertaining to the rest of us. My mum was laughing her heart out.  

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