Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby blues

The following days were a little busy with us. Fred and I helped out Ann and Mike by doing small things here and there like cooking food and taking it to them. Ann was still not really strong. I didn’t want her to do chores that would strain her so much. She was also receiving many visitors who came to share with her the joy of the newborn. Most of her pals from work were among them who paid a visit.
By this time, Ann’s parents had come and gone although they contacted them often. Mike’s parents came after a week and met with the new baby. They came with a lot of presents for Brad. It’s a good thing they bought a crib for him since Mike had not purchased one for the baby. The premature birth changed all of their plans. Some diapers were brought along and they did the most precious thing a grandparent could do to his grandkid – they opened a savings account for Brad and deposited a good sum of cash with a promise of paying a little every month to be able to sustain his education and well-being.
Back to us, Fred and I had discussed our option on starting a family. Seeing baby Brad kicked our instincts right up. Now I want a baby too. We have been trying since Ann came out of the hospital and it hasn’t happened yet. Fred keeps on telling me to be patient but have you ever tried being patient when you want something real bad? Everyday seems like a month! I pray to God that it happens soon.
My mother called me today morning and asked if I could go home and see her. That phone call really disturbed me. I wasn’t sure if I was to expect some sad news or not. Ever since dad passed on, I can’t help but feel that I would get some bad news at the other end of the line. I told Fred about this and he suggested I go see her as soon as possible. Maybe she just wants someone to talk to. Or she is really lonely. I’ll go see her this coming weekend. I couldn’t leave during the week since I was the one incharge of the department. The HR had gone out of town with Mrs. Wright for a national meeting held for emerging companies. So I had to keep watch of the office.

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