Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The following morning, I woke up in pain! I had a sharp pain on my lower back and a headache which made me feel nauseas. I stretched my arms and felt my forehead and I was hot. I shouted my mum’s name but I was so weak that the voice didn’t go far. I had spent the night in our house so that I could return to the city the following day.
I tried calling her via the cell phone and she was really surprised. She came running into the room. Like the mum I knew her, she really panicked. She tried her best to load me into the car and then drove me to the nearest hospital. Fortunately for me, there weren’t many patients at that time so I got to see the doctor as soon as possible.
He felt my forehead before asking a million questions.  He was concerned when he asked if he pain was a bit like cramps and I said yes. He was surprised and asked I take more tests to be able to rule out any issues. The nurse directed me to the other room where my blood and urine sample was taken for the tests. Meanwhile, my mother and I sat on the waiting room waiting. We didn’t speak much. We made a lot of eye contacts to each other and it spoke so many words without even opening our mouths. I could see she was trying to assure me that I will be okay.
My phone vibrated and indicated that I had a message. I looked at i and saw it was from Fred. He was asking what time I would be getting home. Oh my Lord, I had even forgotten to let him know that I wasn’t feeling well!  I decided to call him back after the lab results are out.
I was called in into the doctor’s office after about an hour and a half. We sat down and face him. It was really hard trying to read the doctor’s face to know if there was anything wrong. He took the folder that was on his desk and started.
“We did some tests on your blood and urine but could not get any immediate issue. Your body is definitely trying to communicate that there is something going on. So the nurse went ahead and did further test on your blood but it came positive for pregnancy. Congratulations, you are pregnant!” he said.
“What?” I replied a little bit shocked.
“Yes, you are pregnant.”                                                     
My mother was now trying to grab my body for a hug but my mind was really trying to recollect. Yes, I wanted a baby but this was all strange. The symptoms that I had were really suggesting that I was ill.
“How far along is she?” my mum asked.
“We cant be really 100% sure not until further tests but am guessing three weeks.” The doctor said.
“Wow!” mum exclaimed.
“But what about the pain? What is causing that?” I asked holding my lower back.
“That is why I called you back here; we need to perform further tests to get the analysis.

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