Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Office Meeting

It’s about 6.30 in the morning when I receive a text. I check it up and notice it’s my boss, Mrs. Wright. I quickly open it and see what is written.

                “Please come to the office by 7.30am. We have an early meeting. Be Punctual.”

I gasp! Which meeting is this that was set up and I didn’t know about it? I quickly dress up; have cereals then kiss Fred before driving to the office. There was no traffic. Seems it was a good time to get out of the house.

When I arrive in the office, I walk to the boardroom but get the room already full. At the center of the room, Mrs. Wright was seated on the middle of the table surrounded by the board members. On the left side of the room, there were chairs that were set up that other head of the departments that had sat on.  I quietly walk over and sit beside them. I remove my notepad and have my hand ready.

After about two or so hours, we emerge from the room tired. Tea and some snacks had been served near the entrance but I was a bit tired to take it at that time. The impromptu meeting was about the new upgrading system that was supposed to take effect immediately after complains of fraud emerging in the market. It would secure the company and make work even faster. We, the head of departments, were informed of this as it would affect our work at one point or the other.

I went to my desk and organized my desk. I later called the extension to Fred’s desk to check up on him.

“Hey, sorry for speeding out of the house in the morning.” I asked.

“Yea, what was that all about?” he asked.

“I was called to come attend a meeting in the office on upgrading the system.”

“Oh, so you done with it?”

“Just finished it.” I said. “I want to go have the tea and snacks that were handed out.”

“Cool, talk to you later. Can we catch up during lunch hour?”

“Definitely.” I responded.

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