Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Fred walked into the bedroom holding Chloe on his left hand and came to where I was.

"How was your day?" He asked sitting on the bed.

"It was good. Just preparing to close for the year." I replied. "By the way, I was with Ann today. She said hi."

"Oh, how is she?"

"She is good. She is a bit busy with work though. She is having major issues with Mike." I responded.

"What issues?" He asked.

"There are infidelity issues." 

"Is Mike responsible?" Fred asked.

I nodded.

We did not say anything for a few minutes. It was too shocking.

"So what plans have you come with for the Christmas holiday?" He asked.

"I got an invite from my dad asking us to go home on the 26th for lunch." I said.

"You said 26th?" He asked. "Will it be on the weekend?"

"No, it will be on a Monday."

"Oh, then that's good. We will go."

"Did you have any other plans?" I asked.

"I was thinking we go somewhere but figuring there will be many people and probably booked out, we can go to my parents home on Christmas day. We can spend the night then drive over to your place."

"I am okay with it."

I went to the kitchen to warm up some milk for Chloe. I feed her but she was too sleepy to finish the bottle. She fell asleep. I carried her to her bedroom and placed her on the crib. She seemed so peaceful. She had a smile on her face. She had to be dreaming. I left her and went to the kitchen to wash the utensils. 

I went back to my bedroom and found Fred already in bed. He was on his phone. As I joined him, he switched it off and turned towards me. I asked him about his work and he seems so excited. He had managed to finish all his work before the deadline and submitted the report to his supervisor and he was impressed with it. I congratulated him and wished him the best in the future. 

He also told me that he had decided to go slow on his part time work. He will be taking only one job at a time. He was scared of messing up his work at the office. 

We were so tired that we dozed off mid conversation.  

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