Thursday, October 4, 2012

Destination Kenya

That evening, we drove off to a hotel just two miles after the beautiful ceremony. The room was to be our comfort zone for the night before jetting off the next day to our honeymoon.  As soon we entered the room, I quickly removed the gown and showed. Fred was busy catching up with sports on the television in the room when I finished with the bathroom. After the news segment was over, he too had a shower before joining me in bed.

Whoever came up with the statement that nothing is as good as a wedding night of a newlywed couple lied! We were so tired to even have sex so we just looked at each other for a few minutes before we drifted off to sleep. I couldn’t imagine myself doing crazy workouts in bed with Fred. Even the thought of it was so tiresome.

We got up at six, packed our staff and left the hotel. I noticed Fred carrying both our passports so I knew we were going out of the country. I tried seducing him to tell me where we were going but he only smiled. Arrggg!

We arrived at the airport and checked in. Our flights were scheduled at ten in the morning so boarded our flight to Amsterdam before we took connection flight to Kenya. The flight was long but worth every moment.  I knew we were headed to Africa after I saw the tickets in Europe mid-air. We were going to Kenya, a country located in East Africa. I had heard about the country before especially with its splendid scenery and wildlife. Movies like ’Out of Africa’ and part of ‘Tomb raider’ were shot from here.  We arrived at the main airport at around six in the evening. The airport was located in the capital city, Nairobi, but we didn’t get a chance to go explore it since we were guided to one of the local charter flights heading to Malindi in a few minutes. The trip took another forty five minutes. I almost dropped my jaw when I saw the resort that was going to host us. The entry gate to the hotel was by itself magnificent. The hotel, Lion in the sun, was so beautiful. The guide showed us the reception where we checked in and we were shown our room. It was a big room with a view of the never ending Indian Ocean. What I liked most was the small pool just outside the room. This was essential as it ensured much need privacy since our mission here was to eat, have sex and sleep!

“How did we afford this hotel?” I asked Fred. We were sitted next to the pool.

“My parents gave us the trip as presents. They said we should use the cash we had saved up for the trip to start or life together.” He replied “My dad was the one who booked the hotel.”

“Wow! Your dad really knows how to spoil us.”           

We laughed.                                                                             

“By the way, guess who the owner of the hotel is.”

“Is the owner a celebrity?” I asked.


“Bill Gates?” I replied.

“No. The owner is Briatore Flavio. He is an Italian Billionaire.”

“I don’t think I have heard of him.” I said.

“I think you have. He is the guy who gave Heidi Klum her first kid.” Fred said.

“Yea, I remember. This is his hotel?”

“All of it.”

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  1. very nice read; i like. pure creative; thank me later :) Magical Kenya have read it and i think they like it.