Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The other Woman

For the next two days, the visit turned out well. By the 30th, I was ready to go see my mum alongside my brother and family. It was a pleasure staying with my in-laws. They usually treated me like a princess. I would provide everything for me when I needed it but I still craved for my family.
So on December 30th, I woke up and started arranging our stuff into the luggage bags that we came with. Fred was still behaving like a child with his phone calls that he was picking up when no one was around. I just wanted this to be over so I carried the stuff to the car that we had drove here with. It was a hired car. The new car that we were given was to be dropped at our place by the driver when we came back to the city.
I looked at my phone to check the time and noticed that we were behind the schedule by twenty minutes. My family stayed a bit far from here and I didn’t want to arrive late. I decided to call on Fred and ask him where he was. His line was busy! This was really pissing me off. I walked all the way to the back of the house and looked for him. He was not there. I walked into the house into our room and found him seated by the bed.
“Can we go?” I asked him.                                   
“Just two minutes baby.” He said while raising his two fingers to indicate the minutes.
“We are going to be late!” I shouted.
He showed me his hand then continued to talk on the phone. I suddenly leaned forward and grabbed his phone and walked out of the room towards where the car was packed. I listened to the other person on the phone as I was walking and heard it was a girl.
“Can you please stop calling my husband?” I said to her then I hang up.
“Kate, you didn’t have to do that.” Fred pleaded with me to give him his phone.
“No. You should have considered where we are going first before spending your time on the phone.” I replied. I shut the car door and waited for him to enter the car.
“Kate, please….” He said.
“Why are you two shouting at each other across the hallway?” Fred mum asked while standing at the door of the house. “What is the problem?”
“It’s nothing mum. We are just on our way.”
“Then drive safely.” She responded and banged the door.
“So are you going to tell me who was the woman on the phone?”  I asked Fred as we drove the car out of the compound.
He kept quiet.         
“Fred?” I called out his name.
“She is just a friend.” He replied.
“Really? Fred, I wasn’t born yesterday.”
“Can we just drive?” He said and kept quiet.
I never thought once ever that we would have this argument. Marriage really brings out the other side of people. I was so angry and also scared. I was scared of the possibility that this was going to come in between us and drive us to the wrong direction. It was so soon to start arguing about stuff like this.
We arrived at my parents place around five o’clock in the evening. Our home was so small compared to my in-laws but I loved it. My mum was waiting for us on the drive way and welcomed us into the house. She looked like she had cut a bit of weight.  My brother, his wife and his kids were inside the house. After quick hugs, I went to the kitchen and poured a fresh juice for Fred. I served him then went and helped with some cooking that was going on. After an hour or so, the food was served. The family sat together by the dining table in the kitchen and we enjoyed the food. The chicken that was prepared by mum was really tasty!

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