Tuesday, July 23, 2013


“Baby, we need to go for a holiday.” I said.

“What?” Fred asked.

“I think we can do a holiday. I need a break from all these stuff, from the ‘normal’ life.” I said trying to make the quotes from my hand in the air.

“Where is this coming from?” he asked confused.

“I don’t know. I just feel like we need to get away and go somewhere where and relax.” I said.

“Kate, are you trying to make yourself forget what happened? And we went for vacation just a few months ago during our honeymoon.”

“I know.”                                

“We are a bit short on cash especially since we used some of our cash on your hospital expenses. I hope you remember that the insurance didn’t cover all the bills at the hospital.”

“I remember.” I said slowly feeling defeated.

“Don’t worry dear, we will plan one soon.” He said kissing my forehead.

We then prepared ourselves then drove over to Ann’s and Mike’s house. While I was in hospital, the baby, Brad, had been baptized in one of the local churches around our area. Today, we were invited for a Sunday brunch to celebrate. I was dressed in a white dress that reached just above the knee. Fred was on dressed in white shorts, black t-shirt and a basketball cap. The weather was just too hot!

Ann was really excited to see us. She was at the front door ready to welcome us into the house. We were ushered in with a glass of chilled red wine which seemed too perfect for the weather. Mike was on the couch holding the little precious one. He was fast asleep but didn’t seem disturbed with the commotion. I was about to sit down but Ann grabbed my hand and directed me into the kitchen.

“How are you?” she asked.

“I’m okay, what about you?”

“We are all doing well. I am really glad that you are okay. I’m really sorry I couldn’t come visit you at the hospital or at home.”

“I understand, besides I was the one who asked Fred not to tell you guys.” I replied. “It was unfortunate but glad we are okay.”

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